After Being Faced with the Evidence, Victoria Confronts Ashland and He Walks Out — & a Familiar Face Appears

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Allie meets the woman buying her house, Elena and Nate worry about Victoria, Victoria’s family give her the evidence against her husband, and she confronts him. In the previous episode, Victoria was confronted by her family with the evidence against Ashland and Nate snapped at Devon and Lily.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for Tuesday, March 22, 2022 episode airs in the USA Wednesday, March 23. Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.)

billy traci get coffee YR

Billy finds Traci picking up a box of muffins for Jack at Crimson Lights. She says their brother is dying to tell him about his trip to LA.

All she can say is Jack has found some surprising information about Keemo’s life and she hopes it will eventually help him heal.

As they get coffee, she tells him she listened to his podcast and it was very moving. It was so brave and she’s sure people will respond to it. Hearing that feels good to him.

He owes her half the credit since she encouraged him to meditate.

jack phyllis talk allie YR

Jack and Phyllis are at the Abbott estate talking about the radio silence he’s been treated to since the last text he received. He can’t think of anything else. Whoever is involved has something to do with Allie.

Phyllis thinks there could be more to it. Jack thought it might be Keemo’s sister but he called her and she had nothing to do with it. Red is uneasy with all of the random bread crumbs being dropped for him.

He’d like to reach out to Allie but doesn’t want to be pushy. She’s no doubt leery of a grandfather who came out of nowhere.

Phyllis insists this is probably the best thing that’s ever happened to her. Billy and Traci arrive with pastries.

jack shares allie news family YR

Jack informs his brother that he has a granddaughter. Billy is surprised he didn’t bring her back with him. Jack would have loved to embrace her but doesn’t want to push.

He’s wary of making the same mistakes he made with Allie’s father. To Billy, it sounds like not reaching out to her when she needs someone is a mistake.

Phyllis agrees with Billy. Traci agrees with Jack. She points out that Jack is grieving right now. Phyllis encourages him to reach out.

He and Allie can keep Keemo’s spirit alive. He doesn’t want to pressure her while she’s in pain.

Traci tells him not to push too hard because it could backfire. Billy says it won’t matter if the texter does as they have promised. Jack just hopes that whoever the texter is, they will help bring them together.

allie thanks realtor YR

In LA at Keemo’s house, Allie thanks Tanya the realtor for finding a buyer so fast. She’s spent most of her life in that house and it’s hard to say goodbye to it.

Tanya explains it is a cash offer and the easiest deal she’s ever made. The buyer only had one condition: she insisted on meeting her.

allie home alone YR

After getting a call from the buyer, the realtor goes out to her car to get some paperwork. Allie wanders the house, speaking to her father about how the place was her home, where she felt loved and understood.

Without him, the place doesn’t feel the same. Without him, she doesn’t have a home anymore.

tanya taylor YR

She starts to worry she is going to be stuck having one-sided conversations like this for the rest of her life. This is not how she wanted to remember their house.

Tanya returns and Allie abruptly tells her she needs to leave. The buyer can call her later. “She’s already here,” says Tanya, showing in Taylor Jensen (Susan Walters, AKA Diane Jenkins).

nate bickers ashland YR

When Ashland wanders into Society, he finds Nate scowling at the bar. Locke knows they aren’t in a good place but hopes they can fix that. Nate says they were never friends and accuses him of playing him.

He assumes that Locke has not come clean with Victoria. Ashland insists he was set-up and just needs more time to prove it. “Your time is up,” says the doctor. Locke assumes he went to the Newmans.

They bicker as Elena arrives and Nate accuses him of using him as cover. Ashland tells Elena this is all a misunderstanding. She’s disgusted by his behavior. Locke announces he has somewhere else to be and walks away.

nate feels bad elena YR

Sitting at the bar, Elena says she’s never seen Nate so angry. He’s angry with himself for not seeing through Ashland. Even Billy saw through him. The doctor should have been more skeptical.

She tells him the only thing that counted was he did the right thing when he had to. At least he did it before he quit his job and signed a contract.

He worries that Locke could still come after him. She’s sure the Newmans will have his back. Besides, Lily and Devon want to give him a job.

elena nate rehash ash YR

She’s sure most people in his position would have covered for Locke to protect themselves. Nate feels insulted that someone tried to buy him off. She says this only proves that Ashland was all wrong about him.

The more he thinks about it, the less Nate is concerned about himself. He’s more worried about Victoria. She feels terrible for her too.

It might be impossible for Victoria to trust someone again. The doctor says letting Locke in was a leap of faith… and now this.

Having attended the wedding, Elena wonders if Ashland has genuine feelings for his wife. Nate doesn’t believe anyone who can be this deceptive is capable of love.

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victoria and nick talk evidence YR

In her office at Newman-Locke, Victoria accuses her family of ambushing her. They confirm it. Nick says she needs to know all the facts about her husband.

She suggests they keep digging for new information to fit a theory they have concocted. “To hell with all of you!” she declares.

Before she can storm out, her father asks her to stay and hear them out. Victoria says she’s a strong enough woman to ban them all from her life if they continue trying to bully her.

Adam tells her she’s not being fair to her parents. “Shut up,” she says.

She accuses them of threatening her with smearing her husband to the press. Victor tells her they want to help her.

Ashland took advantage of their big hearts. His daughter thinks this is all about the company and they are using this to take back control. That makes a lot more sense to her than imagining that Ashland never really loved her.

nikki victoria intelligence YR

“No one is questioning your intelligence,” Nikki insists. Victoria feels disrespected. All of them have a reason to want Ashland gone, even Nick.

Her mother says she doesn’t and reminds her she helped plan her wedding. She loved seeing the two of them together and prayed for them to have more time together.

Victoria knows she’s always been on their side but thinks Victor has talked her onto his side. Nikki insists the evidence is overwhelming. Her daughter dismisses all the proof she’s seen and refuses to accept that Michael’s disappearance has nothing to do with her husband.

victor adam have evidence YR

Her father says they have evidence beyond a shadow of a doubt. It’s from someone they all trust: Nate. Nick explains that the doctor looked at Ashland’s medical records. Victor says the records were clear. There was no cancer.

“Obviously Ashland has cancer!” Victoria insists. Nick explains there is no record he underwent chemo. His sister cracks up laughing and says they are out of their minds.

They point out she never went in to watch him have treatment. The only explanation is that he’s faking.

victoria livid YR

Victoria makes excuses. She’s determined to find the answers on her own. She and Ashland are leaving for Tuscany where they will run the company without any of them. When she rushes for the door, Adam bars her exit.

She’s disgusted they dragged Nate into this. Adam knows what she’s going through. Chelsea was also faking a medical condition.

This comparison appalls her. Nick points out Ashland has been lying about his identity for decades.

Adam admits it was almost impossible for him to think that Chelsea was playing him but one day she slipped up. He’s sure the truth will hit her one day. A con artist can’t keep up the charade every second of every day.

victoria ashland answers YR

Ashland arrives. His wife tries to lead him out but her family wants him to stay and explain things. Victoria tells her husband what Nate has claimed about his lack of cancer. She’s sure it’s all a mistake. “Is it?” she asks.

Turning to the family, Ashland realizes this will never end. He can’t believe they have the nerve to claim they care. It doesn’t matter what he says because they won’t believe him. He just spoke with Nate and he is rattled.

Ashland tells his wife that it doesn’t matter what he says because there will always be another attack from her family.

He can’t fight endlessly and wishes it was enough for her that he loves her with all his heart. She has changed his life. But her family is never going to let this work.

victoria cries nikki YR

“I’m done trying,” he says, walking out. “It’s true. He was lying,” Victoria realizes, breaking into tears as her mother holds her.

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