As Victor Quashes Investors, Victoria Seems to be Playing Ashland & Chelsea Hates Billy’s Podcast

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Chelsea tells Billy his podcast is lousy, Sally gives Adam some encouragement, and Michael and Lauren have a romantic afternoon. In the previous episode, Nick rethought working at Newman, Jack told Phyllis off and Tessa had a health problem.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for June 27, 2022 episode airs in the USA June 28. Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.)

michael and lauren are romantic YR

At the Grand Phoenix, Michael is on the phone making a deal with someone when Lauren arrives. She assumes he was doing something “squirrely” for Victor since he was using his “slick” voice.

After they joke about that, she gets back to worrying about the potentially criminal nature of his job. Michael suggests they take a romantic weekend away to somewhere with umbrellas in the cocktails.


She’s tempted but needs to be there for business. He can’t wait for them to get away again. Getting inspired, he suggests they have lunch in their bedroom. She’s got to get back to work, but she has time if they grab a room upstairs.

lauren undresses michael YR

Michael and Lauren dance in a suite. As she undresses him, he promises to respect she’s on a tight schedule but she urges him not to rush. “What the lady wants, the lady gets,” he says.

Lauren and Michael head back downstairs and look forward to seeing each other again tonight. She goes off to work and he gets back to making calls.

chelsea billy talk podcast YR

Billy gets coffee at Crimson Lights as Chelsea walks in. She thanks him for being so kind earlier when she was having a moment. The mood changes when she tells him he didn’t enjoy his podcast at all.

He assumes she doesn’t like podcasts in general. “It was yours, specifically,” she says. Defensive Billy says she’s in a minority but he’s open to constructive criticism.


They sit down and she says the episodes are mired in self-recrimination and it’s too dark. She would rather listen to something uplifting.

Chelsea complains about how emotionally draining her year has been. Billy can be one of the funniest people she knows. All that levity is absent from his podcast. He should be reminding people that life can be joyous.

Grudgingly, Billy claims he can see where she’s coming from. He forgot how well she used to know him and appreciates her candor. Maybe his podcast could use some jokes.


Lily joins them and they talk about how his podcast could use less misery. He thought he was being entertaining but if they tell him that’s not the case, he better listen. Lauren wanders in and leads Chelsea off to a meeting.

Billy asks Lily why she didn’t tell him his podcast was dour. She reminds him people like it.

Lauren and Chelsea go to the patio and talk about how lucky she is to be married to the love of her life. The topic turns to Gloria’s trip to London and all the trends coming out.

lauren concerned about chelsea YR

Lauren tells her that Gloria sensed some tension between her and Chloe. She doesn’t think it was just gossip. Chelsea urges her not to give it a second thought. They get into talking about fabric. As Lauren looks at samples, Chelsea stares at Billy.

adam worries to sally YR

In the Newman office, Sally teases Adam about what she’s supposed to call him now that he’s in charge. She reads an article that refers to him as the company’s “secret weapon.” That’s nice to hear.

He’s worried things might be going to well. Adam can’t shake the feeling there might be another shoe ready to drop. Sally tells him to remember he’s on top of the world and can handle any crisis that crops up.

He knows his father would kick him to the curb if Victoria decided to come back. She can’t see his sister rushing back home, not even just to spite him. “My sister is much more complicated than you know,” he says.

They chat about his sister’s issues, her need for power, and Victor’s approval. Sally remains convinced that her love for Locke will win out. He hopes so. She urges him to enjoy him time in the big chair and can’t wait to watch him prove himself.

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victro tells nick plan YR

Nick meets with Victor at Society. The mustache tells him he’s been thinking ahead. Whatever venture Ashland and Victoria have been thinking of embarking on is about to hit a brick wall.

He went to the investors they were speaking to and advised them not to give a dime. He also sent Michael out to warn potential investors. Nick says that’s pretty cut-throat.

He wonders if this has been a test from Victoria to see if they would try to undermine her again. If it was, they’ve demonstrated they don’t trust her.

Victor informs him that he told investors that Locke is dying, something he has already publicly claimed. No one will invest in a company led by a man about to die.

nick victor talk victoria YR

He’s not sure why Nick isn’t happy he’s keeping him in the loop. Nick feels like he’s betrayed his sister and worries about the blow-back. His father says they need to do whatever it takes to save Victoria.

Nick worries they are only going to push her further away. Victor tells him to sit back and give her some time. They wonder again if she told Nick where she was going to set them up.

As Nick sees it, all of these games don’t seem likely to reunite the family.

adam sally interrupt victor nick YR

Adam and Sally wander in. Nick cooly congratulates them on their promotions. When they talk about the business, Adam assumes that Nick doesn’t care about it. “Things may be changing on that front,” Nick says.

After Adam and Sally walk away, Victor asks his son what he meant by that last remark. Nick claims he was just trying to get under Adam’s skin. His father assumes there is more.

locke turned down YR

In New York, Ashland returns to his suite with Thai food and tells Victoria he has bad news. So does she. He tells her that someone turned down their pitch.

She’s disappointed but understands. They’ve hit another roadblock. The investors they went to already turned them down. Locke assumes something is off. Someone must have reached out to dissuade them, someone like her father. She nods.

victoria locke discuss investors YR

Victoria assumes he’s right and her father is behind this. He complains about how insulting her family is and wonders why she put up with them for so long. She claims she hasn’t mentioned anything of their plans to anyone.

Ashland asks if she really wants to start a whole new life with him. He wants to stand beside her while she stands up for herself. She’s sure her family will eventually realize she knows exactly what she’s doing.

As they eat, she worries her father’s influence may be too much for them. He can’t understand why her father wants to keep such a tight grip on her. However, he won’t let that get in the way of them starting something.


She suggests they just fund themselves. He doesn’t like the idea of facing more rejection either. It might be a bigger thrill in starting something entirely on their own. That would mean the world to him. This would also mean all the profit could be theirs.

“Me and my money are all in,” he says. She smiles. Eager to get the ball rolling, she suggests he find them a building and she’ll open a corporate bank account. He loves the way they both look at the world as something to being devoured.

It feels like they are close to recapturing their magic. “Closer than you can imagine,” she says. He immediately calls a real estate broker. She texts someone, “Everything’s coming together.”


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