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Soaps Spoilers has the Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for the Wednesday, October 13, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Thursday, October 14. (Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.) In the previous episode, Gaines went missing again. In this episode, Victoria loves the new wedding gown, Nick doesn’t want to attend the wedding, and everyone’s ready as it’s the Locke/Newman wedding day. Meanwhile, Nick finds Gaines.

Victoria wakes up at the palazzo and tells her husband-to-be it’s a perfect day to marry. He professes his love and then she does and tells him she’s never been so certain of anything in her entire life. “We know how special this is.” They kiss. He tells her he went for a walk around the grounds, which is where he was in the middle of the night when she woke up. She talks about running Newman Locke from there when the kids are on vacation. They kiss. Nikki knocks. She’s there to help Victoria get ready. Ash takes his stuff and goes. Victoria tells her mama she barely slept and neither did Ash since he was walking the grounds. Downstairs, Billy runs into Victor, who thought that Lily would have talked him into leaving. “You’d be bored without me.” Victor glances at him. Billy thought Victor would have known that Ashland stole a dead woman’s money. “You don’t think I know?” Billy asks if he had anything to do with Gaines going missing. Victor blames “Billy boy” for that whole problem and tells the man, “Get lost. You’re not wanted here.”

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Outside, Sally’s in her running gear. She tells Adam she didn’t sleep well. She’s nervous about Victoria liking her dress. Adam tries to relax her. The dress is beautiful and she has to let the plan play out. He tells her to follow the path down the ridge and she’ll see a spectacular view. He’d go with her but he just returned. He jokes that he’d leave her in the dust anyway. Upstairs, Nick is glum. He broods and says he’s determined to gain his sister’s trust back. Phyllis thinks it’s good. She wasn’t suggesting he shouldn’t. Nick apologizes again for last night. Billy heads into his room and tells Lily that Johnny, Katie and Harrison are having fun with the nanny the Newmans hired but Gaines is still missing. Billy thinks he’s either hiding, biding his time or something happened to him. Later, Victor and Adam are dressed up and Victor hopes he’s not working with Sally to ruin the wedding. Adam says she’s not a problem. They should focus on Gaines. He asks what the man’s next move is. Vic says Billy brought him to break up the wedding and he thinks Gaines will cause problems for Locke. Adam offers to help. Victor appreciates that. He wants his daughter’s day to be happy.

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In the living room, Summer, Noah, Tessa and Kyle discuss keeping up with each other in email. Noah talks about some art project that he worked on for six months almost getting entirely ruined. A child saved his artwork. Everyone finds that terribly amusing. Summer calls him the darling of the art world. He shrugs. She’s surprised he’s feeling restless. He thinks there’s something else out there for him. Tessa asks where he’d go. He has no idea. He wants to experience other cultures but there’s no place like home. “Seriously?” Kyle asks. Summer thinks he’s joking. Sally appears and the conversation dies. Kyle rolls his eyes. Sally calls it awkward and knows it’s “because I’m slightly responsible for your move to Italy.” Summer reminds her she worked with Tara to ensure it happened. Kyle asks why she’s there. She reveals she’s Adam’s date.

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She and Adam want today to be perfect for Victoria. She introduces herself to Noah. Nick returns to his room and Phyllis is ready. He pours a drink. He’s not going to the wedding. “What? No. No. No. You have to go.”

He tells her she can go without him and takes off. Downstairs, Ash and Victor wonder where Gaines is. Ashland’s nervous but Victor assures him they’ll deal with it. He should focus on knowing that he’s marrying one of the most powerful beautiful women in the world. When Victor leaves him, he leans on a chair and has a hard time breathing. Nate finds him and he assures the doc that he’s fine. He’s stressed about Billy bringing Gaines there. He tells Nate that nothing will stop him from marrying his bride. Nate advises to rest and conserve his energy. Adam appears and watches as Nate tells him his breathing became steadier as he talked about Victoria. “Don’t forget the rings,” he says and they take off inside. Jack finds Adam. He thought Adam evolved. He thinks he’s trying to get under people’s skin by bringing Sally to the wedding. Adam thinks he should consider the real reason he’s objecting to Sally being his date. Sally walks in and Jack takes off. Sally forgot that she’s the last person any of them want to see. He tells her to go change. She didn’t know how late it was and runs off.

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Back upstairs, Victoria tells her mother Ashland’s still the same man she fell for. She talks up how amazing he is and her mama says it’s time to put the gown on. Victoria gets it from the wardrobe. She unzips the plastic and gasps. “This isn’t my dress!” She talked to Lauren about a few minor adjustments but this is a completely different dress. Nikki’s baffled. Maybe it’s from Summer. Nikki thinks it could be a mix-up. Victoria looks at it and admits it’s breathtaking. “The attention to detail, the bodice it’s all top tier.” But it’s not her dress. Nikki suggests she try it on.

victoria see sally dress young restless soaps spoilers

Outside Nick’s room, Nic stops Billy, who says he’s not going to stop the wedding even though he thinks it’s a mistake. He assumes Nick agrees since he’s not dressed yet. Billy goes. Downstairs, Elena’s dressed and Sally turns up in a gown. Adam says, “Wow,” when he sees her. She hopes he means that in a professional sense. Nikki appears and tells Victor that the bride has the wrong wedding dress. Sally rushes upstairs. Ashland appears and Summer goes to Adam to ask what Sally’s up to since she rushed off. Adam says Sally wants the wedding to go off without a hitch. Summer assumes they’re up to something. Sally runs to Victoria’s room and tells her that she switched wedding dresses with one she designed. Victoria’s shocked. She lets her in and Sally says this is the right dress. She was floored when she saw what Lauren came up with. “It was beautiful,” Victoria says with a gasp. Sally retorts, “For someone else.” Sally knows this was risky but she’s not wrong about this. She designed the dress after studying every detail of who she is. Victoria listens as Sally believes she designed the most important dress for her. Vic asks where the original is. It’s in Sally’s room and she’ll bring it to her if she wants as long as she tries this one on. Nikki returns and Victoria says she’ll explain later. Victoria asks Sally to hang her dress on the door so she can get ready. Sally runs off.

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Phyllis heads outside. She does a Wonder Woman spin for Summer, Noah and Kyle and compliments Summer’s gown. The men want to talk Nick into coming but Phyllis wants to respect his decision. Sally appears as Victor says to Ash that Victoria’s having a dress emergency. Moments later, Nikki appears and tells everyone the wedding is almost ready to begin. Guests take a seat and Harrison walks in with Nate and Ashland. Nikki goes to the men and Victoria turns up. Phyllis says she’s never seen Victoria more beautiful while Summer gasps at the beautiful dress. Victor calls Vitoria stunning and Adam congratulates Sally, who looks as though she’ll cry.

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Upstairs, Gaines watches from Nick’s room. Nick finds him and asks, “Who the hell are you and what are you doing here?”

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