Victor Vows to Make Whoever Killed Chance Pay, Lily Goes Off on Sharon and Nina Doesn’t Want Mariah Moving In

Soaps Spoilers has the Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for Monday, November 8, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Tuesday, November 9. (Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.) In the previous episode, Phyllis worried for Amanda’s safety. In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Abby continued to break down over Chance’s loss, Mariah made Abby an offer she refused, and Jack talked to Phyllis about not being a failure.

At Society, Nick says he’ll leave it up to Phyllis to tell Summer about their breakup. She will, “unless you want to give her other news.” Nick’s confused. Did he hear about Chance? Phyllis explains that he’s thought to have been killed in the line of duty. Nick heaves out a sigh. She’s sorry. She thought he heard. As they talk, Jack appears in the window. Nick’s upset that he wasn’t kept in the loop. Phyllis doesn’t get why they didn’t tell him but she’s not going to touch that.

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She just can’t imagine what Abby’s going through. Nick’s upset and finds it devastating that she never got to introduce their baby to him. Phyllis offers to lend an ear but Nick says, “I gotta go.” Jack walks by and asks if Nick’s okay. He takes off and Phyllis says he couldn’t wait to get away from her. She doesn’t want to talk about that and suggests positive things. She tells him the hotel is going to expand. She wants to put a new patio at the rooftop pool. She starts to cry and Jack tells her to open up. She admits she knows they were doomed from the start. She had reservations but let him talk her into it. “I fell into this trap again!” She bashes Nick’s family and calls them vipers and then cries because she said she wouldn’t talk about all that. Jack gives her a pep talk about it not being a failure. It doesn’t really help Phyllis, she admits. It’s making it worse! Jack only wanted to explain that none of this was a mistake. Phyllis argues that she was a complete failure. “It’s an ending, that’s all it is,” Jack says. It doesn’t make her a failure. “I’m not an idiot?” She asks. He tells her she isn’t and promises she’ll be happy again. She grins.

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At Crimson Lights, Sharon apologizes to Lily about how she came after her the other day about Billy and Adam’s war. Lily can’t tell if she’s siding with Adam or Billy and claims she is still on Billy’s side. Sharon can’t believe Billy sucked her into her vendetta, which gets Lily’s back up. Lily snarks that Adam is the one with the vendetta who seriously needs to be reigned in, not Billy! She takes off. Nick arrives and talks about his relationship with Phyllis being really over. He accepts a lot of the blame. He should have been more cautious and understood the relationship would end like this. He tells her he’s going to see Abby and she gives him a knowing look. He realizes she knows about Chance. He can’t believe everyone knew but him. He’s frustrated in his family. They discuss his break up and she hopes he knows that she’s not feeling smug about it. Maybe he’ll get back on track with his family, now that he’s not around the animosity. He’s not so sure.

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At Adam’s office, Adam asks what evidence Billy has. Billy has Camila Rhodes’ letter that proves he stole her entire empire after her death. Adam reminds him of the statute of limitations. Billy’s aware. The news will hurt Newman Media and Ashland’s life, “Lining his pockets with stolen money.” Billy promises to take it easy. In fact, he’ll ensure the story doesn’t get written if Adam can promise not to go after Chance Comm. Adam says no. He thinks Billy’s bluffing and desperate. Billy thinks Adam should talk to Victor and Ashland before making a stupid decision. Adam says he and his father have a hard copy of the letter and they destroyed it. Billy denies it. He has the original and Jesse Gaines. Adam doesn’t buy any of it. Jesse’s on the beach counting his money and blessings. Billy provides the places that Gaines hid out after his kidnapping. Adam keeps his cards close to his vest. Billy gives him until tonight or the article goes live. He takes off.

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At the ranch, Nikki and Victoria discuss the vendetta and Victoria says that she’s assured that the children won’t be touched. Victor arrives and updates them about how Abby’s doing. They’re rocked to hear that she wants to go to the explosion site. Victoria tells her parents she’s on her way to Peru. She’ll drop by to see her sister before she goes. Victor asks her to deter her from going to Spain. Later, Victor gets a call from Adam about Billy coming by and Nikki’s visit and how she worried about their plan being too taxing on Ashland. Victor thanks his son and disconnects. He confronts Nikki and she explains she was concerned about Ashald having additional stress. Victor understands her concern but they’ll finish the project without Ashland’s support. “There’s no way anything or anyone will stop us.” He declares.

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At the Chancellor estate, Mariah offers to move in and care for Dominic. Abby says there are others who can do that. Nina says they’re not even sure this trip is going to happen. Abby’s angry that Mariah’s the only one on her side. Devon yells about her doing something selfish. It’s not in Dom’s interest. Abby’s tired of arguing. Devon says to trust the state department to know what they’re doing. Nina agrees. Abby’s sick of listening o the state department. They’re who sent Chance into that dangerous operation in the first place! Abby gets why she’d want to go search for Chance. She again offers to move in.

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Victoria arrives and hugs Nina and then Abby, and tells them how sorry she is. Everyone files out of the room at Abbys’ behest. She has a request for her sister. “Let me use the jet.” Her bags are packed and she needs to go now. Victoria refuses to allow it. Abby’s angry, further. She thought her sister would be the one person to understand, “Because you’re also looking at the death of your husband in the face.” That’s what she wants to do is fight for her husband. Victoria thinks she already knows there’s nothing left to fight for. Going there to try to figure out what happened will compound the hurt. Abby cries. That’s why she wants to go. To end the pain. Victoria says she knows when she loses Ashland, her wants will differ from what she needs. She knows she’ll need family there to hold her up. Home is where Abby needs to be right now so they can wrap her up in their arms. Abby runs to her sister and they embrace. In the hall, Devon tells Mariah and Nina that they need to find a way to keep Abby from going to Spain. Mariah wants to check on the baby but Nina asks her not to. He just got to sleep. Mariah tells them to call if they need her. She heads home and to Devon, Nina admits she doesn’t think it’s a good idea to let Mariah move in there. The baby cries and Nina’s heart breaks at what that poor child has lost. She goes upstairs.

mariah wants to stay young restless cbs

At home, Tessa is stunned that Mariah asked Abby if she could move back in to care for Dominic if she goes to Spain. She’s worried about him. Tessa asks Mariah if she really thinks that’s a good idea. She’s still getting over her own trauma. It’s a little soon for her to take on full-time care of Dominic. Mariah sighs. Just when she thought they were in synch. She just wanted to ensure he’s okay.

mariah wants to move into abbys young restless cbs

In the park, Nina tells Devon she wishes she could hug her son one last time and tell him they’ll be alright. Devon knows how it feels not to be able to see someone who passes on. Nina talks about how much Chance was loved. She’s in pain over hurting a child and realizes Devon has lost a lot as well. “I’m sorry. I know you understand.” Devon says what he went through doesn’t compare to being left behind to raise a baby. Nina breaks down in Devon’s arms.

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Billy finds Lily at Chance Comm and relays his conversation with Adam and that he gave him until 6 PM tonight. Time is ticking. He doubts Adam will admit defeat.

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Devon and Nina return to the house with the baby. Abby holds him as he cries and then Nina takes him. Abby sobs into her arms. Nearby, Victoria explains to Devon that she thinks she stopped Abby from going to Spain.

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At Adam’s office, Victor and Adam talk about Victor’s concern about Abby. Adam understands it. Victor and Adam both can tell losing Chance got to them both. Adam always thought the guy was indestructible. Victor promises that whoever is responsible for his death will pay. Adam says while his fleet of PIs are taking care of that, they have pressing things to care for at home. Victor says, “Yeah. Taking care of Billy Boy.

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