Victor Threatens Billy, ‘The Gloves are Coming Off’, While Sally & Adam Make Out and Jack and Phyllis are Seen Snuggling in her Bedroom

Soaps Spoilers has the Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for Monday, October 18, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Tuesday, October 19. (Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.) In the previous episode, Billy told Ashland he deleted Gaine’s video. In this episode, Adam and Sally get close, Elena and Nate share romance, Lily and Billy make love, and Noah’s a friendly ear for Tessa.

At the party outside, Noah gives Tessa his handkerchief after she bursts into tears over her relationship issues with Mariah. He tells her, “What are friends for?” She talks about feeling guilty about being upset when Mariah went through all that trauma of being kidnapped and then giving up the baby. What right does she have to be upset? Noah gets it. He doesn’t think a discussion of having kids should be taken lightly. Tessa doesn’t think Mariah really knew what she was asking of her. Noah gets it. He thinks they’ll make the right decision for them both. She wants to hear about London. She wants the goods. “I’m sure you broke a few hearts over there.” He cracks a few jokes and she reminds him it’s her. “You can tell me anything.” He admits he dated a fellow artist and they’d stay up all night talking art. They reminisce about a few of their all-nighters. For him, it felt like that but she met someone else and left him without a second thought. Tessa’s sorry. He deserves better. He hopes he gets it right next time around. Upstairs, Lily’s ready to dance. Billy’s not so sure. She asks Billy if he wants to skip the reception and sulk in private. She brings up him bringing Gaines there but is proud he took the high road. Billy says he’ll dance with her to show her how much he loves her and how grateful he is that she puts up with him. They kiss and start dancing right there.

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Downstairs, Sally congratulates Nate on his speech. She interrupts their kisses and they laugh. Elena heard she designed Victoria’s wedding gown and loves it. Sally’s grateful. Nate asks where her date is. Sally says Adam’s not her date but he’s with his father. She urges them to go for the walk they’ve been talking about. She’ll eat cake and go to bed. She finishes a drink and says, “Your loss, Adam.” She takes off.

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Upstairs, Phyllis tells Jack she knows what it’s like being single at these things. He tries to lie about it but admits it’s been seven days of romance and it’s a bit much. She asks if Adam and Sally annoy him. He doesn’t. She offers to be his wingman. “No, thank you,” he says. He’s tired of talking about his love life, especially with her. She can’t find Nick and admits he’s talking to his dad. “Because it’s not a Newman affair without a bunch of chaos and drama.” She shares that they’re having a tiff over her attempts to give him advice about his family. Jack says there’s a rule about complaining about your significant other’s family. Jack tries to tell her not to pick on his family by giving her an example of how it sounds bad to Nick’s ears. She laughs in understanding. Downstairs in the lounge, Adam leaves Nick with Victor. Nick blasts him for pitting him against Adam by leaving him out of the fold. He thinks it’s a test of loyalty. Victor laughs and admits he was there to mend fences with Victoria. Knowing how he felt about Ashland, he didn’t think that Nick would be eager to protect his brother-in-law. Nick sighs.

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Adam returns to look for Sally, but she’s gone. Meanwhile, Nick tells his dad that nobody in the family seems to care about what Ashland did. Victor’s sorry. Nick talks about letting a “lying, conniving criminal” into the family. He snarks, “Let’s raise  a glass to him.” When Vic tells his son that he took care of Gaines, Nick demands to know what that means. He accuses his dad of fracturing the family and bitches about the whole ordeal. He can’t figure out how to get his sister to forgive him. It’s getting harder to figure out to know what’s considered wrong and right in this family. He stomps off. Adam finds him. Nick asks what happened to Gaines. Adam repeats their father. “It’s handled.” That’s all he says. He offers to mediate between him and Victoria. Nick refuses. He thinks his brother must feel good about infiltrating the family. Adam’s mending fences, not infiltrating. Family means a lot to him. Nick stomps off.

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Back upstairs, Jack tells Phyllis that sometimes people just need others to listen and not give feedback. He knows she can’t help but give him advice. “Back off a little bit. Give him space.” He reminds her of all the work she’s done on herself. They’re in a good place and have been happy. She wonders if she needs issues in a relationship to think it’s working. They’re the most carefree and romantic they’ve ever been. Summer’s happy and the hotel is doing well. But every time she says something, it creates a flare-up. She wonders if she needs to fight, as they sit on her bed together. Jack thinks she is committing self-sabotage and he won’t let her do it. She doesn’t need drama anymore. In their room, Billy and Lily have had sex. He discusses what good could come from this whole mess at Chance-Comm. “We need to flip the story on its end.” Lily questions him. They need to make Jesse the bad guy. “A loser out for vengeance who has made a career out of blackmail.” Lily asks why he can’t let it go. He gave Gaines a duffle bag of money. She’s sure that they’ll be upset about it. She calls him obsessed and thinks some secrets are supposed to be buried. “Maybe,” he says. Sax playing begins. “Are they playing our song?” She asks. He gets into bed and they snuggle. Later, she’s asleep when he dresses and takes off.

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Back downstairs, Nate and Elena return from playing bocce. She brings up a gelato place near the airport. He may be able to buy one in Italian. They trade words that they know in Italian and kiss. Upstairs, Adam goes to his room and drinks. He hears a knock on the door and he barks, “Who is it?” Sally lets herself in. He asks what she’s doing there. She accuses him of abandoning her. He looked for her and assumed she went to bed. She calls him a liar. She assumes he just took off to bed after glancing at the spot she was hanging out at. She gets herself a drink. “Make yourself at home,” he says. He drinks to her passion, talent and determination.” She comments that they got a thousand social media followers. He says it’s as though she willed it to happen. She didn’t win over the Newman family though. He asks what she expected. His sister to toast her after the ceremony? She admits she got compliments about the dress. Maybe people are warming up to her charms. She tells him the only person she’s interested in winning over right now is him. She kisses him and he responds. He takes off his jacket and they sit on his bed. They make out and he kisses her shoulder and then pulls away. He can’t do this with her. She tells him she expects nothing. He doesn’t believe she’ll be satisfied with one night. She wants more than a one-nighter because that’s who she is. He can’t give her what she wants right now. Next time he gets with someone it has to be all or nothing. It’d be wrong and selfish of him to do this and wake up and be cold and distant in the morning. She tells him she can take no for an answer but it only makes him seem thoughtful in addition to sexy. “So jokes on you.” He laughs. She won’t give up hope for the time when he wants more. She hopes it’s with her. He kisses her cheek. Back in Phyllis’ room, she snuggles Jack as Sally walks by and takes a photo.

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Downstairs, Billy finds Victor and asks about Gaines. “Why don’t you tell me what you did with him.” Vic doesn’t know what Billy’s on about. Billy says Gaines sent him an exclusive video tell-all. He deleted it but again asks where Gaines is. Victor says he did a lot of wrong things first, supposedly helping Victoria, who is none of his business. He tells Billy the gloves are coming off. To find another career and another life or he’ll take everything he owns from him.