Kyle Choses a Best Person for the Wedding and Jack Wants to Throw Kyle and Summer an Engagement Party

This is the Canadian Y&R day ahead recap from the Wednesday, May 5, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Thursday, May 6. Yesterday’s episode had Victor threatening Chelsea and in today’s episode, Summer talks about having a fall wedding, Kyle picks his best person, and Michael and Amanda discuss Ames’ case.

Jack comes across Summer looking forlorn at Society. She’s worried about Faith and wanted to have her help plan the wedding. He learns that they found a possible donor for Faith and is grateful to hear. Summer talks about wanting a fall wedding. Maybe by then, Nick will be on board. If not, Jack can convince him. Jack smiles and says he wants nothing more than his son and her to be happily married. She starts talking about the wedding plans and Jack’s eyes glaze over. He apologizes. She hopes he isn’t going to bring Sally with him to the wedding. Jack doesn’t give a direct answer. He takes off.

jack and a forlorn summer young and restless

At the ranch, Victor tells Sharon that Nicholas found Adam at AJ’s house. Sharon’s glad. Faith was asleep when Nicholas called last night so she needs to get back. Once she’s gone, Nikki overhears Victor calling Michael to talk to him about Chelsea and the Sutton Ames lawsuit. Why is his name being dragged into it? They disconnect and Victor tells Nikki about finding Chelsea walking around with a limp. He calls her a phony and the DA needs to work faster to point the finger at her so he can clear Adam’s name. Nikki asks about Ames. Sutton was accused of having someone murdered and hired Amanda Sinclair to represent him. Nikki’s shocked that Amanda will say Victor conspired to commit murder. He calls it absurd, which is why he’s not worried, but he plans on finding out how Amanda came to be the representative for Ames.

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Mariah arrives at Jabot. Kyle congratulates her successful meeting yesterday. They talk about how Faith is hanging in there but how Mariah thinks she looked frail. Kyle is optimistic about her transplant. She has to catch up on the Locke debacle. They’re almost over the damage done to the manufacturing plants, she assumes. They’re almost there, he admits. Kyle updates her about Ashland’s heart attack and an about-face. Kyle tells her that he still has no idea he’s the father of Harrison. They agreed to move on. He shows Mariah a photo of the kid and Mariah can see that he hasn’t let him go by the look on his face. Kyle hasn’t fully let go of his son but he will. He’d like to get to know more about him but he won’t inject himself into his life and disrupt his life. talk turns to his engagement. Mariah’s happy for Kyle. He grins and calls her a good friend, and then offers her a promotion. He asks her to be his best person at the wedding. Mariah yells, “Yes, yes of course.” She’ll be as big as a house by the time fall comes around. Later, Summer and Jack are at Jabot with Kyle and Jack tells them there’s something he wants from them. He wants permission to throw them an engagement party. They’re touched.

mariah kyle jabot young and restless

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At Devon’s, Amanda’s grateful that Devon made her dinner and dessert yesterday when she had a twelve-hour day. She talks about her day and talking with Michael Baldwin, the opposing counsel. Amanda takes Michael’s call while Nate arrives to see Moses. Nate looks uncomfortable seeing Amanda there so early in the morning. She takes off for work and Nate asks how it works with Amanda staying overnight. Devon doesn’t flaunt the relationship but he doesn’t hide it. Nate asks if he’s talked to him about it. He hasn’t. “He’s sixteen. I didn’t think he’d care.” Nate talks about Moses visiting Faith and asks for Devon’s take. Devon thinks it’s great. Why the questions? Nate’s not criticizing his judgment. He apologizes. It’s to do with Elena. That Devon had sex with her and didn’t stay with her stings. Devon asks why he doesn’t work things out with Elena. Nate cares for her but they can’t go back. He’s a little jealous of Demanda. They’re stronger than before. Devon hopes Nate finds what he’s looking for. There’s somebody for everyone. Nate agrees. He grins and is glad they can discuss these things. They talk about coming together over Neil’s passing soon. Malcolm and Olivia are out of the country so they can’t come.

nate jealous devon young restless

Sharon is there when Faith wakes up at the hospital. She’s glad she’s feeling better. Faith claims Moses freaked out about nothing last night. Sharon tells her kid that Adam and Nick are on their way back. Faith’s still concerned since Adam’s still on the run. Sharon says not to give up. They’ll all rally behind her. Nate tells Sharon later that Faith is on the national donor list and asks how the search is going for a live donor. She lies that she doesn’t want to jinx it by talking about it just yet. She thanks Nate for everything.

sharon giving faith some faith young restless

Amanda meets Michael at the club. Michael’s surprised to see her working on a murder trial. Amanda says her intention was to get into criminal law. She says Michael wrongfully accused her client. The evidence was pointed toward Billy, he reminds her. He can see she’s prepared but he still doesn’t get why a general counsel is working on Sutton Ames’ case when his whole future is on the line. “How did this particular case fall into your lap?” She won’t say so they talk about the case. She accuses Michael of not wanting to go to court because there is no case. Michael says she can’t win this case. Richard Nealand found payments when working at Newman for Sutton’s campaign for “consulting work,” says Michael. They coincided with Newman real estate projects facing permit issues due to building code violations. After the payments were made, permitting issues disappeared. If Sutton was accepting bribes, that would have sent him to prison. But before they knew it, Richard was dead and his brakes were tampered with. Sutton was coming to his political career and had everything to gain by having Richard silenced. Amanda doesn’t see things that way. “I don’t try my cases in hotel lobbies. I’ll see you in court.” She looks behind Michael and freezes when she sees Victor. He calls this ‘fortuitous timing’. Amanda assures Victor this isn’t personal. It’s about facts. She takes off. Victor calls her ambitious. “She’s posturing,” Michael says. Vic asks if Michael asked Rey to investigate Chelsea. Michael thinks his energy should be spent on Faith. He’s sorry to hear about her. It breaks Victor’s heart but he admits there’s good news. Michael remembers giving Danny Romaloti a kidney donation. It saved his life, giving him a second chance to start over.

michael vs amanda young restless

Victor sees Devon at Society getting food. They talk about Faith’s health and Devon tells him about the special event coming up for Neil’s passing. Victor is happy to hear. His dad would be proud. Victor brings up Amanda’s new case. Devon doesn’t think Victor needs to be concerned about it. Victor fishes for information, wondering why she’s taking on this case and leaving her good job to focus her energy on this case. Devon thinks Vic should ask Amanda. Victor appreciates his discretion. Devon takes off.

victor fishes information devon young restless

Devon goes to Amanda’s and lets her know to keep her guard up since Victor is fishing for information on the case and how she got on it.

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