Tucker McCall Crashes Summer and Kyle’s Vow Renewal, and Chelsea Upsets Connor Explaining She’s Johnny’s Mother

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Chelsea turns to Billy for advice, Nikki fills Phyllis in on what she’s learned about Diane, and everyone wonders what’s brought Tucker back now. In the previous episode, Summer and Kyle’s vow renewal began, Audra hit on Nate, and Diane’s mystery man was ready to reveal himself.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for September 30, 2022 episode airs in the USA October 3. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

In his suite, Tucker lays out some shirts. Once he gets dressed, he calls to prepare things on the roof.

Kyle and Summer’s vow renewal ceremony at the Abbott estate continues as the bride and groom make it down the aisle.

summer vow renewal Y&R

After Mariah makes a speech, the couple tell each other how breathtaking they are.

Mariah explains that today is to celebrate their love with their nearest and dearest.

Noah makes a speech about love and trust and how great they are. Tessa can’t sing, but she jotted down some lyrics and recites them.

skyle ceremony Y&R

Summer recites the vow she wrote. She tells him he’s her best friend and surprises her in wonderful ways. He always has a negroni ready for her and believes in her.

He says they have “been through some stuff,” and everything has made them stronger and more devoted. Their journey has brought them back home and he can’t wait for what’s next.

“It will never be boring,” he says. The guests laugh.

He tells his wife he will love he forever.

The family are called on to make statements.

Nick gets up and urges them to always tell their partner how much they value them and will always be on their side. He’s completely awed by his daughter and he’s happy to have Kyle as a son-in-law.

nick wedding speech Y&

Phyllis is next. Choking up, she says how much she admires them. They have a lot of tenacity and share the kind of happiness everyone wants for themselves. They’re living symbols of trust and their connection is profound and inspiring.

phyllis speech Y&R

Jacks stands up to say that the best romance is in a marriage and the best love stories happen after a wedding. Venturing forth with your partner is the greatest adventure in life.

Not every couple could handle the togetherness they have but they handle it so well. It means a lot to them that they chose to have this ceremony on the Abbott estate. It is part of their family history now.

Diane gets up and explains she wasn’t at the Milan wedding. That was her fault and one of her great regrets. But that was yesterday and today is about renewed hope and love.

diane regrets Y&R

She’s gotten to know her son again and the kindness and generosity he and his wife have shown her is a testament to who they are. She’s honored to be part of their world and loves them.

Mariah prompts the couple to make their vows again. They do, vowing to love, honor, and cherish each other. They are pronounced husband and wife again.

As they kiss and people clap, a helicopter flies in.

wedding over Y&R

Tucker pops up. Everyone recognizes him. He wanted to say hello to as many people at once as possible.

Jack tells him he’s not welcome there. Tucker claims he wanted to bring good tidings to the couple.

tucker mccall back Y&R

The guests mill about complaining. Whistling, Tucker strolls over to Diane and tells her he’s glad she’s back from the dead and looking good.

Jack assumes he’s there to see Ashley but she’s not there and he wants him off his property.

Tucker just wants to give the newlyweds a gift. He hands them keys to a Bentley. They turn it down and ask him to leave. He pushes the keys in Kyle’s hand anyway and turns, telling everyone he will be sticking around.

tucker congratulates kids Y&R

On the way out, he asks to speak to Jack. He wants to speak to Ashley and make amends. Jack suggests he fly away before things get a lot uglier.

jack talks ashley Y&R

The guests find the gift creepy. Mariah explains that Tucker is Devon’s dad. They wonder if he is back for Dominick.

As everyone starts dancing, Nikki admires Jack for treating Tucker with so much restraint. He asks about her trip to LA.

She claims it was just about getting Summer’s dress and assumes he’s concerned about what Diane could be hiding.

After she steps off, Diane walks over, and he tells her he’s sure Tucker is up to something.

Nick and Victoria wonder if Tucker showing up had something to do with Chancellor-Winters going public.

The family take photos.

wedding family photo Y&R

Nikki and Phyllis sneak inside the house. Nikki tells her Deacon was very helpful. Diane was being driven around town in a Bentley, the same kind of car that Tucker just gave Kyle and Summer.

phyllis nikki chat Y&R

Phyllis says Tucker and Diane seemed shocked to see each other. Nikki isn’t sure what their relationship is but will keep digging.

They’ve been digging into the company that owned the car. Whatever she is hiding, they will expose.

Nikki brings Harrison back out to the bride and groom with a card he made. It contains coupons for hugs and kisses.

harrison being cute at wedding Y&R

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Zuleyka Silver joins Y&R

Tucker heads back to his suite and sends Diane a text saying her secret is safe. She just needs to let him know the moment Ashley is back.

tucker texting diane about ashley Y&R

Back at the Abbott estate, Phyllis interrupts her reading the message. As Diane walks off to mingle, Phyllis and Nikki raise their glasses to each other.

nikki toasts phyllis Y&R

In the park, Chelsea worries to her son about what’s keeping his dad. She gets a text and sighs. He’s stuck in a meeting.

chelsea tells connor truth gh

Connor doesn’t see the big deal and suggests they just do whatever she planned. She tells him she has something to explain that could change his life… hopefully for the better.

She tells him he’s the greatest joy of her life. “What’s going on?” he asks. This is scaring him.

His mom explains that before he was born, she got pregnant with another child and made sure he went to parents who could give him the life she couldn’t. It’s his cousin Johnny.

Connor isn’t impressed that she handed his cousin over to Billy and Victoria. She explains his parents have told him the truth.

connor pissed mom Y&R

This means they are half-brothers and she hopes they can be closer, like family. She thought he’d see this as a good thing.

“Are you serious right now?” he asks, telling her this is all about her. He doesn’t want to talk about this anymore and orders her to take him home.

Chelsea goes to Crimson Lights and calls Billy in tears, asking if he can meet her. He’s in the middle of the vow renewal but her sobbing encourages him to come by.

Billy soon arrives and she explains she blew things with Connor. It’s like she can’t d anything right and really screwed up.

He tells her this is complicated stuff for adults and letting her emotions make all her decisions might not be a good idea. Maybe she should have talked to a child psychologist first?

She worries that she’s just hurt and alienated both boys and doesn’t know what to do.

Billy takes her onto the roof of the Gran Phoenix. That’s where he goes when the walls are caving in. He thinks she could use some catharsis.

billy chelsea roof Y&R

They need to get all the anxiety out of her. The best way to do that, is scream. He does it and prompts her to try.

Reluctantly, she lets out a scream and then breathes deep and laughs a little.

chelsea screams Y&R


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