Kyle Is Distressed When Tara Takes Off With Harrison

This is the Canadian Y&R day ahead recap from the Tuesday, June 1, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Wednesday, June 2. In the previous episode, Kyle announced he’s the father before he opened the paternity test results to confirm if Harrison’s was his. In today’s episode, Kyle opens up to Mariah, Sumer worries, Phyllis and Jack argue, and Adam and Victor aren’t happy about what Billy’s done.

At Grand Phoenix, Jack tells Phyllis that Kyle’s Harrison’s father and that he’s a great kid. She’s shocked about that and that Jack’s already loving him. Phyllis is pissed because Summer didn’t sign up for this. Phyllis reminds him what it was like when Diane came to town with Kyle. Jack says Tara’s not Diane but Phyllis has concerns about her. She’s even more concerned about “her wolverine husband.” It’ll be a bloody custody battle. Jack argues that it won’t be that bleak but Phyllis tells Jack that a guy like this doesn’t want to be made a fool or lose.

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Summer and Kyle finish having sex. It’s what they needed, he comments. He feels closer to her than ever. He asks how she feels that they’ve confirmed that Harrison’s his son. She wrings her hands and admits it’s overwhelming but it doesn’t change anything. There will be adjustments. He felt connected to his kid and thinks Harrison felt it too. Summer worries he’s getting ahead of himself. Everything is moving so fast. It’s risky forming a bond with him when they don’t know what the outcome of custody will be. Kyle gets it but he refuses to let himself be cut out of Harrison’s life. “When the time is right, I want to introduce him to you.”

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In their office, Lily checks her inbox at Billy’s insistence. Billy wrote the article about Victor almost letting Ashland die before he’d sign over Cyaxares. Lily gets him to send it to legal. He leaves for a while and returns to tell her legal signed off. They’ll go live with the article.

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Nick and Devon visit Adam and Victor’s office. They discuss a possible partnership between companies. Their company will be global and they want to connect to their community. They love how New Hope makes a difference. Victor says they will help with technological needs. Victor expects Nick to be hands-on, which means he wants his sons to be closer. Devon’s impressed by it all. Adam wants to show  Genoa City that he is changing. Nick doesn’t like the name. It makes it sound like it’s cut off from Newman Enterprises. Victor thinks that’s lame and Nick says they’ll consider it. They take off. Adam isn’t counting on the partnership though he thinks it went well.

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Chloe visits Chelsea at the psych ward. She’s glad that her friend didn’t get prison time and wants to celebrate. “Did you bring a cake?” Chloe says it was confiscated at the door along with the hat, streamers and the stripper. Chelsea smirks but gets agitated about Adam being with her son when she’s not allowed to reach out to him. She thinks Adam will poison his mind against her. Chloe doesn’t think he’d do that. It’d upset Connor. Chelsea is finding it hard to keep up the rouse. “I’m sane. I’m fine and perfectly fit to spend time with my son.” She cries.

Nina’s back from Hollywood. Abby thinks it’s glam, but Nina explains that it isn’t in the least. She shopped a little for the baby. Abby gloats that Mariah has a baby bump. Abby heard from Chance who seems to be doing well. Nina’s happy to hear. Abby feels positive that she gets to talk to him and isn’t completely shut out. Plus, they get to see the baby at the ultrasound. They may wait to find out the gender until Chance returns. Summer appears and Abby says hello. She’s cagey and they insist she stays and visit. She sits and tells them she’s worried for her friend. She tells them that her friend found out he’s a father from an affair. She describes what’s going on in her life as though it’s about her friend and Nina asks why the woman kept the child a secret. “That’s a red flag,” Abby says. Nina wonders if she has an ulterior motive. Summer guesses she might be right but Abby doesn’t think she has to be a villain. Her mom lied about her birth and didn’t do it out of cruelty. They forgave her. She had three incredible parents. Maybe Summer’s friend will embrace her new reality. Nina still thinks she should be worried. If the man had feelings for the woman, co-parently could bring up old feelings for the man.

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At Chancellor Park, Chloe and Kevin walk Miles. Chloe tells Kevin that Chelsea’s not doing well. She’s getting worse. Kevin knows it can get bad before it can get better with the therapy. Kevin’s confused. They already know she’s mentally unsound so Kevin can’t help but wonder that she just noticed how bad things were. Chloe says she just realized how bad it was. Kevin worries that Chelsea is unspooling which could mean she stops protecting Chloe. Chloe insists her friend won’t out her as the one who helped her poison Rey. Kevin has an errand to run. He’ll see them later. Adam shows up and tells Chloe he’s willing to forget that she worked with Chelsea. Chloe denies that she did. Adam offers her work with Newman Media with her designs. She’s not interested. Adam thinks it’ll give Chelsea something to look forward to when she gets out. He tells her to consider it and goes.

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Mariah arrives at Crimson Lights. Kyle notices her arm and she brushes it off to clumsy jogging. He reveals Harrison’s his son. “Wow,” she says. It’s hard to believe. Kyle bemoans how this has affected his wedding plans and that Summer put things on hold. Mariah thinks it seems smart but wonders if she’s having second thoughts about getting married. They recall she ran the last time but Kyle swears it’s not like that this time.

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Nick and Devon hang out at Crimson Lights and discuss the possible partnership. Nick’s wary but Devon likes the idea. He reminds Nick that their motto is ‘second chances’.

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Kevin visits Chelsea in the psych ward. HE knows she’s having a rough time. He’s been here. It’s hard. She needs help, but he wonders how much help she really needs. He asks her not to forget that his wife is her friend. Kevin threatens that this had better not be a rouse, that she’d better not out Chloe. Chelsea thinks he’s sweet, but so was Adam, and look how that turned out. Kevin is frustrated and takes off.

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Back at the office, Victor calls “Billy Boy Abbott” predictable, after he and Adam read the article that he wrote about them, to make their company not look credible. Victor agrees to do nothing for now but he’ll retaliate at some point.

In the office, Lily’s thrilled that the page views are doing well for their new article. She and Billy act as though they’re not concerned that Victor will retaliate.

Kyle shows up at the Abbott mansion and calls Tara and Harrison. Nobody’s there so he heads upstairs. He calls Jack to tell him he can’t find Tara. “She’s gone. So is my son.”

Summer winds up at her suite with food and paces, before texting Kyle to call. She deletes her text and worries, staring at her ring.

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