Sharon Rips Into Ashland, Diane Taunts Phyllis About a Visit With Summer & Victor Wants Summer to Take Locke to Court

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Phyllis tries convincing Jack to buy Marchetti, Kyle and Summer inform Diane of their plans, Victor asks Summer to push Locke away, and Allie and Noah discuss podcasts. In the previous episode, Jack threatened Diane, and Chelsea began spinning out of control.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for May 27, 2022 episode airs in the USA May 2. Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.)

Phyllis brings Jack to Chancellor Park to try out her new picnic ideas. She knows he’s under a lot of pressure with Jabot and the she-devil so she brought bubbly and donuts.

They can celebrate what could be ahead for their kids. Having them back would answer her “lonely mom dreams.”

He warns that he can’t buy Marchetti just to get the kids to come back home. It has to make financial sense. Jabot just got out of the fashion business; jumping back in could be a mistake.

Phyllis thinks it would be best for the kids to move back to Genoa City. Jack still needs to think this over. She pitches the idea. He understands she would throw her last dime to get them back.

Jack assumes his reluctance is annoying her, but she can understand his position. This is just like he had to consider them getting back together carefully. He’s surprised by the analogy.

After she prompts him to pick up a donut, they toast to the possibility of reuniting.

Summer and Kyle stop by Diane’s new digs at the Athletic Club. She tells Summer how much her mom has it out for her but hopes she’s an independent thinker.

Summer notices the picture of Kyle and Jack by her bed. Diane asks when they are headed back to Milan.

They break the news they could be moving back permanently. That sounds incredible to her. The couple tell her it’s only a conversation right now. It is Summer’s idea and wouldn’t mean giving anything up.

Diane would love to spend time with them no matter how long they are back in town. She is free to be there as long as her son wants her to be. Diane hopes everything works out. They leave her smiling.

Michael and Victor are eating at Society. The lawyer has the paperwork ready to file a civil suit for fraud against Ashland. Victor wants him buried but doesn’t want the company or Victoria hurt.

Michael is sure it will never see the courtroom and Locke will run out of town.

Adam wanders in and asks if they’ve heard from his sister since she took off. His father hopes she’s having a good time and takes as long as she needs. The longer she stays away, the longer they have to chase Locke away.

Adam suggests they just ignore him; it could be in the family’s best interest to stop bothering. He and Michael bicker about that.

Victor still wants Ashland out of town and has a plan to do it.

After the other men are gone, Victor is joined by Summer. He tells her that he and Nikki are throwing a party for her. She informs him they are considering moving back home.

Harrison is excited by the chance of him teaching him to play chess. As far as he’s concerned, the little boy is as much a Newman as an Abbott.

That’s why he wants her to talk to Kyle and convince him to restrict visiting rights with Locke. They need to sever all ties completely.

summer protect boy young restless

She’s not sure what escalating legal actions would accomplish. He tells her it’s of the utmost importance that Locke be driven out of town. Victor worries she and Kyle are too good-hearted to deal with him.

Summer assures him Kyle is furious with Locke and, given his reputation, it shouldn’t be hard to keep him at a distance. He’s impressed she’s been thinking about this. She is determined to talk to Kyle.

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At Crimson Lights, Ashland meets with a lawyer to discuss his legal agreement to see Harrison. She agrees to look it over and let him know if he is on solid ground.

Once she exits, Sharon strides over. He starts telling her how sorry he is about Rey. She tells him to save it.

Sharon confronts him about the donation he made. She is happy that Rey’s name will live on in terms of good works but tells him this grand gesture doesn’t absolve him of his lies.

“I know the depth of your deception,” she says. Locke regrets what he’s done.

Sharon tells him he has no idea what it’s like to deal with cancer and how miserable it is. Luckily, she had lots of people who loved her to get her through it.

To this day, what haunts her the most is the tears it cost her family. He put through his loved ones through that on purpose and it’s disgusting.

Noah interrupts and she walks away with him. She makes Noah a drink and he offers to deal with Locke, but she doesn’t think they should waste any more time on him.

The topic turns to all the honeymoon pictures. Seeing them almost makes him miss Europe. His mom hopes he’s not thinking of leaving. He assures her he’s fine, just a little restless.

Allie arrives and tells them how great the wedding was. She goes out to sit on the patio. Noah thinks she must be overwhelmed by getting an insta-family and takes a drink out to her.

On the patio, Allie thanks Noah for the drink. They discuss Billy’s podcast and how great it is. He says it is very relatable. She finds that hard to believe since he’s very out there.

She wishes she could vent like The Grinning Soul podcast. Noah explains that he does that by sketching. He fills her in about the Locke situation. She admires what a good son Noah is.

Back inside, Ashland tells Sharon he is trying to make amends. She says there isn’t enough time in the world for that. He mopes away. Diane watches them.

Sharon brings Noah and Allie some cookies and brownies on the patio. Allie tells Noah how caring his mom is. He says she had a lot of love for Rey but now has nowhere to put it.

After they have some more banter, she takes off.

diane newest bff in ash young and restless soapsspoilers

Diane tracks Ashland down in the park and hands him a drink. Since he’s one of the few people who will talk to her, she thought they could share a bench.

They bump into Phyllis and Jack and instantly start bickering. Diane gloats about how Summer told her that she and Kyle may be staying in town and she may never leave. Jack warns her not to be premature.

Diane says Harrison will be so spoiled by his “DiDi.” Locke asks about the Harrison situation and says he’s spoken to his lawyer. None of this needs to be acrimonious.

Jack says they are well beyond that and warns Diane that getting palsy with Locke is not going to do her campaign to win back the people of Genoa City any favors.

diane gloats young and restless soapsspoilers

When they are alone, Diane tells Locke he has made his share of enemies in town. He’s noticed she’s not short in that department either. He’s afraid his actions will keep him from seeing his son.

Diane says Harrison is a lucky boy to have two fathers who love him. She just wonders why he’s so hated. They offer to share their dirty laundry.

After they sit down and unpack their misdeeds, she’s impressed that they have come out about equal. She’s in no position to judge him. They are both guilty and searching for redemption.

bffs ash and diane young and restless soapsspoilers

He hates the idea this could turn into a nasty legal battle over Harrison, the only light in his life. She’s been where he is. Knowing the pain she put her son through still guts her.

That’s exactly why Locke wants to fight for the right to see Harrison. His love for him is real and he doesn’t want to turn his back on him. She tells him there is no easy solution for either of them.

She feels for him, but she can’t plead his case for him. He understands. Whatever it costs, his battle for Harrison is worth it.

Kyle meets with Summer at Society and they chat about her meeting with Victor. She tells him he thinks they should be taking legal action to restrict his access to Harrison.

Kyle sees the point, but their son loves the guy, so they need to handle it sensitively. She thinks removing Locke will only cause initial confusion and it will only get harder to do the older he gets.

They need to stop Ashland being in his life now.

jack had nice picnic young and restless soapsspoilers

Jack and Phyllis return to the Grand Phoenix. She rants about DiDi until he stops her and says they should just enjoy their blessings. She just hopes that Locke will be Diane’s undoing.

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