Y&R Day Ahead Recap: Sharon Accuses Nick of Interrogating Her and Rants, ‘Stay out of my way’

This is the “day ahead” Y&R episode from the Tuesday, April 6, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Wednesday, April 7. On today’s day ahead, full episode recap of Young and the Restless, Billy and Victor go at it, while Victoria and Lily have some words for each other. Meanwhile, Sharon is tired of Nick and Rey.

Billy tells Lily he has a bad day. Lily has too. He’s about to tell her that he refused Victoria’s proposal when she cancels a meeting and tells him that Victor is poaching their employees. Lily shows him the list of reporters leaving. Billy’s pissed. He wishes he hadn’t turned down Victoria’s offer. Lily doesn’t want to use her to go after Victor. “That’s not what’s on my agenda,” he insists. Lily tells him he has to let this go personally and professionally. He thinks that means she wants to sit back and do nothing but she’s going to talk to their legal team. “I will handle this myself.”

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Sharon arrives home and Rey’s presence scares her. He thinks she looks keyed up. “You wanna tell me what’s wrong?” Sharon says he scared her. Rey thinks it’s more. He thinks she should let her assistant manage the shop for a few weeks until their lives settle down. “No,” Sharon says, weirded out. “It’s not practical.” Rey tells her about a detective who runs and one who meditates. Sharon barks at him to stop. She doesn’t need any of that! She apologizes and says she feels guilty. He asks if there’s more she hasn’t told him. She says there isn’t. “Maybe you need a good night’s sleep.” She has an errand to run and wants to check on Faith. She may stay the night there. He offers to stay home and dig into ice cream. She likes that idea but can’t.

sharon uneasy with rey young and restless

At Crimson Lights, Nick tells his mother about the consequences of Faith’s drinking and driving. Nikki is grateful. Sharon found a therapist and Nick says Faith’s afraid of seeing a therapist. Nikki offers to tell Faith what to expect. It’ll be good for her coming from someone who understands. They gossip about Sharon and Adam’s connection.

nikki offers support faith young and restless

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Moses arrives at Faith’s room to drop off food from Lola. He explains that he’s working there. Faith calls Lola her aunt who owns a restaurant. Moses thinks he should check with the nurses to see if she is allowed to eat it but Faith cons him into eating some with her. She always makes enough for two. He asks why she’s in ICU. She’d rather not say so he tells her he’s there because he wants to be a doctor. She eventually admits she was bullied at school and it was overwhelming and she made some dumb decisions. He’s sorry. He was bullied when he was younger. Later, Nikki arrives. Faith’s trying to write her parents a letter of apology. Nikki thinks that’s fantastic. She calls her granddaughter a  fighter.

moses gets to know faith young and restless

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Nick arrives at Sharon’s. Rey asks how Sharon seemed to him the last time he saw her. Nick shrugs. Rey tells her ex that she seems on guard. Nick can see why. There’s a  lot going on. Rey wishes he could do something about Adam. Nick too. He wants to shake his hand, “You know after he’s in handcuffs.” Rey wishes he lived in a world where Adam never existed.

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Billy finds Victor sitting alone at Society. He wants to order champagne and toast to him and Adam. He says, “Oh that’s right.” Adam’s on the lam for attempted murder. Victor trusts that his son is innocent. Billy says he can’t buy loyalty. He throws Victoria under the bus, telling him that she came to him with a proposition. Victor knows that his daughter’s judgment is clouded when it comes to Billy Boy. Once he’s taken all his employees, he’ll use Cyaxares to crush Chance Comm. “You’re so predictable,” Billy says. “You don’t even know what’s in store for you,” Victor retorts. “Fasten your seatbelt.”

billy rants to victor young and restless

Victoria finds Lily at Crimson Lights. Victoria wishes they would have teamed up against Victor and Adam. Lily tells her to stop playing games. She knows they have kids together but the torturous saga of Billy and her is over. “Permanently.” Victoria calls Lily insecure. She’s been trying to warn her for months about who he really is. A gambler. “He doesn’t do that anymore.” Victoria knows he’s not at the casino but says any minute, he can jeopardize everything.

Nick turns up at the hospital. Faith tells him about her vow to work on herself. He tells her she’s basically grounded on total lockdown and will go to rehab and school only. Faith accepts it. She feels lucky. She knows she screwed up. Nick’s glad to hear. Sharon shows up, laden with packages. Nick fills her in on Nikki’s discussion about ground rules. It would have been good if she was there. Nick lets her know that he and Rey think she’s keeping something from them. She asks if this is an interrogation and asks him to come to her instead of going to her husband behind her back. She tells him to stay out of her way.
“I’ve got enough to worry about without having everybody on my back all the time.”

Victoria arrives at Society to find out if her dad knows where Adam is. He doesn’t but he thinks his son is innocent. She brings up Locke and assumes he’ll find him a liability. Victor asks if she was always planning to form a partnership with Billy Boy to crush his bid? She denies it. She only asked afterward. The Mustache asks if she wants to rekindle her relationship with Billy Boy. She denies it, but her dad is now questioning her judgment.

victor puts vicki on notice young and restless

Billy sees Ashland at the club. Ashland hopes Billy’s not too upset that he lost the bid for Cyaxares. Maybe they can do business in the future. Billy spills that Adam’s wanted for attempted murder. Ashland knows. Billy plants the seed that he’ll only get half the team he wanted and the competitors will run stories about Adam being a criminal. Billy thinks Victor bought the company to use in a war. If Ashland doesn’t want that, he might want to consider not selling to Victor. “I’ll keep that in mind,” Ashland says before he goes.

ashland listens billy idea cyaxares young and restless

Billy sees Lily heading upstairs and goes after her. He knocks on her door and waits for her to respond. he thinks she’s upset but when she opens the door, she’s in a short dress. She found a way to take care of their strife. She kisses him and they make out as his jacket comes off and is tossed to the floor. Lily closes the door.

billy lily kissing young and restless

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