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The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for the Wednesday, September 1, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Thursday, September 2. In the previous episode, Partygoers reacted to Adam with Sally as his date. In this episode, all hell breaks loose at the Newman Media launch.

At Club Phoenix, Adam and Sally chat about how they’ve captured partygoers’ eyes. They say hello to Jack and Phyllis. Adam calls it a win for him and Phyllis thanks him for the “huge amount of cash.” Phyllis finds them an interesting couple and thinks they’ll destroy each other. She suggests they have a good time while it lasts. They go and Jack asks if that was necessary. Nearby, Victor explains to Nikki that he didn’t know Adam would be bringing Sally. Nikki updates her husband on the reason Victoria and Ash aren’t coming. Introductions are made and Nikki purses her lips at Sally, while they try to make awkward small talk. When Billy pokes his head in, Jack tells them both they’ll be on their best behavior. Nearby, Adam listens to Sally admit she wants to design Victoria’s wedding gown. He doesn’t think that’ll happen. He’s glad she’s not coming tonight. Things will be less precarious. He stares at Billy.

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Devon arrives at Amanda’s to pick her up but she forgot about the party. She tells him Michel’s reinstating the charges against Sutton and the court date is being set. She’s overwhelmed with gratuity and admits she and Imani are going on a short family bonding trip. Devon likes that idea. They discuss him bringing a new life into the world and how he’s still wrapping his brain around it. He shows her some photos of Dominic, seeming wistful. He’s happy for Abby and Chance. Amanda says it’s okay to admit it’s more complicated. He gets up and says they need to get to the party. Amanda can tell something’s going on. Devon admits to having a bond with the baby. It’s harder knowing that others will raise him. It also brings up memories of Hilary losing their child. It’s not a loss, it’s an emptiness. He has a son but doesn’t really have a son. He doesn’t regret doing it, and knew what he was getting himself into. He knows the child isn’t his. Amanda points out his biological connection and thinks it’s okay to acknowledge that he’s Devon’s son. Devon looks away. He appreciates her understanding. He’s having a hard time defining the role he’ll have in his life. Amanda knows he’ll figure it out.

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Back at the party, Nathan and Lily chat, wondering how they made the guest list. Nick says everyone’s grateful for what Nate did for his daughter. Nate shares that he let his Ask MD Now post and Lily admits Elena took over. “She’s perfect,” Nick says. Elsewhere, Sally gets to know Adam a little, about Delia’s death and how Billy hates him still. She’s sorry — for everyone involved. He changes his tune. They’re supposed to be having fun. They clink glasses and Victor doubts their daughter would have shown up because he investigated her beau. Mumbles thinks there will be some fireworks tonight since Billy Boy Abbott is there. Jack appears and they discuss Mariah’s rescue and the baby. Victor wants to find Stitch and bring him to justice. Jack’s excited to see their presentation. Victor excuses himself and Nikki hopes that his brother doesn’t try to ruin the event. They drink to it being uneventful. Nearby, Chloe texts Adam. Her kid has a fever so she can’t make it. Sally goes off to try the hors d’oeuvres and Billy walks up. He’s not sure why Adam invited him. Adam says he’ll need to wait, like everyone else. Billy calls himself patient. Adam knows he’ll want to steal his thunder, but that won’t happen. Billy assumes his dad’s coming after ChanceComm but tries to diminish Newman Media. Adam reminds him that it has the backing of Cyaxares, the original company and power.

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Later, Jack and Adam discuss the launch at the party. Jack’s happy for Adam but questions his date. Adam admits he’s not the only one questioning that. Nearby, Lily and Billy talk strategy and what the new company is coming to market with. Billy wants to scoop the story before they’re ready to launch. Billy goes upstairs and Phyllis watches. She tells Nick that something’s going on. She thinks Billy will disrupt the party. He won’t let that happen. She hugs him and he goes to check on Billy, while Sally approaches. “You’re like a monster from a horror film that shows up when you don’t want it.” Sally thinks her and Nick look cozy. Phyllis tried to tell her. Sally thinks Nick won’t be able to ignore her bond with Jack. “You are a sad little girl,” Phyllis explains. She’s not capable of understanding. She alienated Jack and Lauren. What now? “It’s over for you,” she says, telling the other redhead she’ll be alone and sad. She wanders off with Nate and Nikki, wearing a smug look watching. Nikki goes and Phyllis finds Nate and learns Elena had to run to the hospital. “Oh that’s a bummer,” she says. She offers to set up a little romantic night for them. He likes that idea. She asks what they’re into. “Excuse me?” She says she and Nick are into video games. He says they work in a clinic. She calls that sterile. She jokes that she could fill the room with medical textbooks. They could play doctor? He laughs. She’ll set something up. He’ll love it, she vows.

phyllis yell sally young and restless

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Elsewhere, Adam tells Jack that he and Sally aren’t dating. They struck up a friendship. Jack wasn’t prying. He holds no grudges against her. Maybe Adam trying to be a good person will help her. Adam’s not planning on being anyone’s redemption story. He’s focused on work.

jack adam talk sally young and restless

Upstairs, Billy asks Crystal to give him a key to the green room for the party. She can’t do that. Billy doesn’t think Phyllis would mind at all. He convinces her and she unlocks the door and finds boxes and drinks. He opens a laptop and starts a search when Nick catches him in the act. “What are you doing, Billy?” Billy puts the laptop away and Nick asks him to stop his plans and walk away. Downstairs, Lily asks Jack to tell her about Summer and Kyle, while Sally finds Nikki to talk about her take on the evening. Nikki reminds her of their last conversation. She wishes Phyllis would have driven her out of town. Nobody wants her here. Phyllis watches as Nikki says Adam’s using her. He knows she’s nothing but trouble and doubts that he takes her seriously. She goes and Phyllis says, “She doesn’t mince words.” Sally’s still pleased to be there. “And I have a handsome date.” Phyllis says he has an agenda. He’ll tire of her and kick her to the curb. Phyllis asks what it’ll take for her to realize she’s not welcome there. Sally tells her to go to hell and throws her drink in her face. Phyllis gasps and grabs the nearby champagne ice bucket and removes the bottle before dumping the ice and water over Sally’s head, causing Sally to gasp. Partygoers all drop their collective jaws on the floor, straining their heads to see. Sally goes at her and Jack holds Phyllis back while Adam takes Sally away. Billy and Nick return to the party and wonder what’s up. Lily explains to Billy what happened, while Phyllis dries off.

newman party sally gets ice water on her young restless

Upstairs in the green room, Adam gets Sally a towel to dry off. He asks if she’s okay. She’s not. “Low class, spiteful, tactless, hypocritical bully.” Adam thinks she livened she should give his speech naked. “That would certainly get my attention.” She’s sorry. He doesn’t mind. She livened the party up. He likes her fire. She jumps him and kisses him and he responds, passionately.

adam sally kissing young restless
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