Y&R Day Ahead Recap: Rey Wakes Up, Shocked To Learn He was Targeted

This is the Canadian “day ahead” Y&R episode from the Tuesday, March 23, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Wednesday, March 24. On today’s day ahead, full episode recap of Young and the Restless, Rey and Sharon share a tender moment, Faith chats with her mystery man, and Tessa and Mariah move into the Chancellor mansion.

Nina and Abby welcome Tessa and Mariah into the Chancellor mansion with their luggage. They’re all excited for the surrogacy to begin. Abby says the baby will be so loved.

At the cafe, Nick tries to comfort Faith over Rey’s hospitalization.

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At the hospital, Sharon sits at Rey’s side. She thinks they should have a party for everyone who has been pitching in while he’s been in the hospital. She cries as she tells him how amazing everyone’s been. Lola will make his favorites for dinner and jokes that he’d better get better cause Lola’s Tamales are better than hers. Sharon reminds Rey that they vowed to be there for each other for better or for worse. “You can’t leave me now. We’re supposed to be partners.”

From home, Devon makes a call to Amanda and leaves a message that he doesn’t want this to be over. Amanda sees it while she’s with Phyllis at the club. The lady in the green dress walks by as Amanda deletes the message before listening. Phyllis asks if Devon’s heartfelt declaration didn’t get to her, “Even a little bit?” Amanda snipes, “Whose side are you on?” Phyllis is on her side but thinks she should hear him out. She remembers many times when she let her stubbornness take over and it never helped. Naya calls and Phyllis leaves her alone. Naya wants to meet as soon as possible.

devon calls amanda young and restless

At Society, Elena watches Lola preparing tables. She’s processing Rey’s sickness and it’s driving her mad that he hasn’t woken up yet. Elena calms her down and Lola gets a text from Sharon. Rey’s going to be alright!

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elena calms lola down young and restless

Back at the cafe, Faith gets Sharon’s text and tells Nick she just got the best news. Rey is awake. Nick is glad and happy to be there for Faith. He knows he’s been overbearing lately. Faith tells her dad that when she’s with him, she feels safe. Nick is touched and agrees to tone down the hovering. Faith admits some kids at school are still monsters but she’s made a new friend who is on her side. He asks if she’d consider trying therapy finally. “Okay. I’m in. I think I’m finally ready,” she says.

Back at the manse, Mariah gets a text and learns Rey’s awake. Nina and Abby are happy to hear and Mariah opens a note that Devon gave her to open today. It’s a penny. When he was a kid he didn’t have much. He gives her his lucky penny to ensure she has all the luck today.  The women are moved by his words. Later, once alone, Mariah thanks Tessa for going through this with her. Tessa shrugs. It’s no hardship. She brought the Liz Phair poster to abuse her until she writes a good song! Abby brings carrot sticks to Mariah and says if she has second thoughts, to tell her. Abby knows if Chance were there he’d be thrilled. Later, they take off for the hospital to get impregnated.

tessa moves into chancellor mansion young and restless

At the hospital, Nate and Sharon tell Rey that he was poisoned by thallium. Rey asks how and Nate questions if Rey has had shellfish or seafood, been to a hazardous site where he breathed it in? And lastly, he asks if he’s been exposed to a chemical toxin? Rey denies any of that and worries. Nate says this poisoning is unusual. He’d like to test everyone in their household. They’ll send over a health inspection as well. Sharon lets Rey know she called everyone and wants to call his mom.  Rey and Sharon share a moment beforehand. Rey promises Sharon he’s not going anywhere.

Devon runs into Nate at the cafe. They discuss the mutual women in their lives. Nate lectures Devon on the consequences of his actions. Devon knows and doesn’t need to be judged by him. Nate says he knows Moses is coming to town. Is Devon set up? Devon is and asks Nate to have his back at the hospital. Nate will do that.

Nick brings Faith to the Grand Phoenix for a manicure. She goes and Phyllis is glad to hear they’re making good progress and that Rey’s getting better. Nearby, Faith texts her male mystery friend. Phyllis can see that Nick wonders who she’s talking to. Faith’s friend asks if she wants to play a game but Sharon calls and hands the phone to Rey to say hello. Sharon asks if Faith has symptoms. She doesn’t and learns they need to be tested for the toxins. Faith confesses she’s ready for therapy and Sharon calls her brave. They disconnect.

At the hospital, Nate returns with “troubling news” about how there was a massive amount of poisoning only in Rey’s body wash and other toiletries. None in anyone else’s. Rey says he was set up. Nick goes to make a call and Faith asks Phyllis if she and her dad played video games on dates. Phyllis says they did though the graphics were different back then. Faith asks how it feels to fall in love. She calls it messy, complex emotions at her age. She recalls being in love at age 14 and how she’d write his name on her notebook and stare into each other’s eyes. She had butterflies. “It was magical and terrifying at the same time.” Faith grins and nods. Nick returns and Faith toddles off. Nick’s not happy to hear that Phyl thinks Faith is interested in a boy.

Back at Society, Elena and Lola discuss how Rey’s progressing nicely. Elena talks about blowing it with two great guys. Lola thinks she needs to move on. She wants them to go out.

elena with lola young and restless

Devon arrives at Amanda’s and tells her he’s sorry he hurt her. She is angry to have been cheated on by two men with the same woman. They can talk later, she says. She can’t do this now. Naya appears and asks if she’s interrupting. Devon goes and Naya tells Amanda that her family is in trouble. They need her help!

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