Y&R Day Ahead Recap: Rey’s Diagnosed & Adam Questions Chelsea About the Texts To Sharon

This is the Canadian “day ahead” Y&R episode from the Friday, March 19, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Monday, March 23. On today’s day ahead, full episode recap of Young and the Restless, Rey is diagnosed, Sally blurts to Kyle that she knows Harrison is his.

In the hospital, Rey talks in his sleep as Sharon watches, frantic. Nate appears and tells her they’ll do further testing while they give him something to relax. He asks when she’s eaten last. She flashes back to agreeing to therapy with Rey and insists she’s fine and reluctantly agrees to go with Nate for coffee. Lola appears and sits at Rey’s side feeling hopeless. She called Mom even though she knows he’d be upset. Elena appears and comforts Lola, knowing they’ll get to the bottom of what’s going on with Rey. When Lola mentions pain in his feet, Elena latches onto that.

sharon flash back young and restless soaps spoilers

Chloe arrives at Chelsea’s place. She did what her friend asked. Helping her get away from Adam is her dream come true. Chelsea talks about planning everything down to the last detail. She’s removing Adam from her equation and once she leaves him, she’ll go to Connor and start a new life with him.

Adam sits alone at Crimson Lights, reading the texts “Sharon” sent. He’s about to text her back that he doesn’t know what’s going on but that he didn’t send them when he sees her walk in with Nate. He watches her for a long moment and she looks at Nate and waves Adam to leave. He walks away. Nate asks what’s up and she shrugs. Faith texts to see how Rey is. Nate gets an idea. He makes a call and Sharon calls Faith to update her and let her know Rey will be fine. Elena rushes in and asks Nate to talk. He doesn’t want to talk about them. Neither does she. She wants to talk about Rey Rosales. They discuss his case and agree he’s been poisoned by Thallium. Nate tells Sharon. She wonders how it happened and if she has been poisoned, too. Nate has arranged for the treatment to be sent here from Chicago. Nate and Sharon run back to the hospital while Elena texts Lola with the news.

young and the restless adam reads sharon texts

At Jabot, Phyllis texts Jack to meet. He sighs. Sally interrupts to deliver him coffee and says hello. Later, Kyle arrives in his own office. Tara calls and tells him that she thinks Ashland is on to them. He was quiet on their way back to New York. Kyle assumes she’s overthinking this. He teases her and assures her their secret is safe. Kyle recalls a past conversation with Tara where she vowed not to risk hurting Ashland by letting him know about their past. Jack finds him deep in thought and asks what’s up. Kyle explodes and tells his father to leave it alone. They have a company to run. Sally interrupts. Lauren needs to see Jack. Jack’s hesitant to leave but does so and Sally inquires about what they were discussing. Was it her? Kyle says his life doesn’t revolve around her. She wonders what it would take to get him to trust her. “A miracle,” he says. They blather on about the same thing they have for the last week — Tara Locke. Sally throws it in his face that she believes Harrison is his kid. Kyle closes the door and says she’s off base. Sally thinks he’s in denial. She’s not judging. She asks him to stop interfering in her personal life. She goes.

The Lady in the Green Dress walks by and Phyllis spots Summer. They talk about Sally and Summer tells her not to stir up trouble or it’ll come back to bite her. Summer can tell her daughter’s keeping something from her so Summer reveals Ashland Locke is Tara’s husband. Phyllis calls him a major power player. There is something going on with him. Summer asks him to keep it to herself and not to use what they’ve learned about Sally from California. It’ll come back to bite Kyle.

phyllis wants info from summer young and restless

Adam returns home and Chelsea sits back in her chair. Chloe says Meredith had to step out and she and Chels had a good visit but she has to go. Adam tells Chelsea that someone is sending texts from his phone. “I didn’t do this,” he says, showing her. He asks if she believes him and she blinks that yes, she does. He can’t explain it but knows someone is messing with him. “The question is, who?” He had his cell on him when the texts were sent. Why would someone do this? He muses for a bit and talks about only wanting Chelsea to get better. He notices his tablet is on the table and seems curious. He asks Chelsea if Chloe had access to it. She says no by not blinking and he can’t figure it out. It must be someone who knew Sharon was an issue for them. He assures his wife it’s all in the past and then asks if she’s holding back getting better. “Show me and we’ll sort it out and make it right.” He knows it sounds nuts but asks if she made those texts. She blinks no and he apologizes. He goes into the other room.

Back at the hospital, Nate and Sharon hang out in Rey’s room. She beats herself up for not forcing him to go to the hospital sooner. She wonders how long this has been going on. Nate goes off and Sharon tells Rey he’s loved and they all need him to be okay. Nate returns with a syringe. He prepares to inject Rey while Sharon tells Rey to hang on and fight.

sharon guilty for rey sickness young and restless

Jack finds Phyllis at work and exasperated, tells her that she keeps texting him. He demands to know what she wants. She tells him the point is moot. Jack is shocked. The cryptic issue that she blew up his phone with is suddenly gone? She says it is. He asks if Summer has opened up to her about Kyle and Phyllis lies. Sally appears and Jack goes.

Summer appears in Kyle’s office and learns that Tara called and why. When a call comes in from a New York City area code, Kyle’s concerned. Ashland’s calling!

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