Phyllis Threatens Ashland, Who is Spinning Out, and Diane Helps Ashland Violate the Restraining Order

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Imani shares news about her mother to Lily, Summer and Kyle learn that Ashland violated the restraining order, and Phyllis calls out Ashland. In the previous episode, Adam told Victoria he broke up with Sally, and Locke sobbed and tossed his room over Victoria.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for Thursday, July 14, 2022 episode airs in the USA Friday, July 15. Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.)

At Society, Nikki bitches to Michael about Ashland caring only about himself. “It’s called narcissism,” Michael says. Nikki’s just grateful that there’s a restraining order against the man.

He’s a monster.

michael nikki argue diane young restless

Michael hopes the man defies the order. This makes Nikki irate until he explains that they can arrest him if he screws up.

She wonders how that’ll work. He reveals he asked Diane to set him up.

Nikki finds that a terrible idea. Diane’s not trustworthy.

nikki accuses michael gloating young restless

Phyllis is surprised to find Ashland in the park.

She thought Victoria scraped him off the bottom of her shoe. “Beat it, Phyllis,” he says. She shrugs and thinks she’ll give Victoria a party for dumping him personally, and professionally.

phyllis finds ash park young restless

He looks around and she wonders who he’s waiting for. She sees the kids playing and assumes it’s Harrison and that he’s thinking of violating the restraining order.

She threatens that she’ll call the cops if she sees him do it. He yells that she has no mercy.

None of them do.

ashland no mercy young restless

She calls him on spinning out. “You’re like a caged man.

I know how dangerous that is. Trust me!” She goes, and Diane and Harrison pop up. “Father!” Harrison yells. He runs to him before Diane can stop him and hugs his dad.

“I have missed you so much,” Ash says.

ashland hugs harrison restraining order young restless

Harrison missed him. Ash says he’s been travelling with work and may have to leave again. He’s glad to see him now.

Diane smiles as they talk, but looks around, worriedly as she flashes to Michael asking her to help catch Locke violating the restraining order.

Ashland wants to go buy him some ice cream but Diane offers to do it in his steed. Ashland’s overcome and thanks her. She won’t let them out of her site.

ashland violates restraining order young restless

At the office, Nate shows Lily photos of Elena snorkelling.

Her speech was a hit and she’s taking some time off. Imani arrives and sees the photos. He tells her about the trip. Imani is glad he stayed in town since he was a huge help to her. Lily’s surprised.

Nate tells her about Imani trying to get Elena out of her contract. Elena says she’s been handling it since her sister is busy with their mother after her stroke.

She says she was freaking out about her mom having a seizure and he lent a sympathetic ear.

nate lily pics elena young restless

Imani touts how compassionate he was and Lily looks on, curiously. Imani talks about how her mama may need a higher skilled therapy and that there’s one in Virginia.

She tells Lily that Devon and Amanda stayed the night.

They’re concerned her mom won’t want to go and her dad doesn’t want her to. She’ll have to relearn a lot of basics. Nate says she’ll need intense speech therapy. Lily’s sorry, knowing how hard these decisions are to make.

Imani thanks Nate for everything before he goes.

Lily tells Imani that they can give Elena’s contract to someone else if she needs time off. Family is most important.

Imani appreciates it but she’s letting Amanda handle this as she picks up the slack at work.

She says the tension is causing stress between them.

imani grateful nate young restless

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Chelsea meets with Summer and Kyle on the rooftop of GCAC and Chelsea turns down their offer.

She reveals she’s taking a sabbatical from her career.

It was causing personal issues and she’s glad she caught it fast. They tell her the offer stands and offer her support. She spots Billy and lets them know she’s working with him.

He sits with them and this surprises Summer. Billy empathizes with Summer and Kyle about Phyllis and Diane’s issues.

summer at rooftop gcac young restless

Back at Society, Nikki wishes Diane and Locke would leave town. Michael reveals he does know something about Diane that the PI uncovered. Her record was pristine.

This displeases Nikki, who still thinks there’s something there.

He asks her if she’s ever needed forgiveness for anything. She purses her lips and lets him she’s never done anything as evil as Diane.

Michael gets a message from Diane who tells him Ashland has violated the restraining order at the park. He tells Nikki that Diane’s well on her way toward making amends.

diane helps michael young restless


Back on the rooftop at GCAC, Kyle gets a text that the police were contacted since Ashland violated the restraining order. They dash off with apologies. Chelsea’s energized about working with Billy.

They banter and she says this will force her to reflect on herself. She understands why everyone was so worried about her now. She was stuck and nothing fresh was coming.

She started missing deadlines and it took a strain on her relationship with her BFF. Billy’s sorry.

Chelsea is okay because she’s turning over a new leaf. He likes that. He had a similar moment when he decided to go forth with the podcast.

chelsea energized young restless

Back at the park, Ashland says he’s glad that his son has so many people to care for him like his dad, Summer and Didi.

Meanwhile, Didi watches from nearby as Michael texts her that he’s on his way with the cops.

ash visit with kid young restless

Chelsea and Billy settle into chairs at his place to do the podcast. She has an idea to talk about their pasts, to reveal their pasts as a con artist and a gambler to show that they’re just humans who fell into it and how it made them spiral into a pit into misery and despair.

Billy gets it. She wants to find a deeper truth. It means they have to be honest about how they’ve grown and changed. They have to call each other out on their crap.

Chelsea admits Anita told her son all about her past.

They both think that was nuts but she used it as a teaching moment. She says that people have skeletons in their closets and that it doesn’t define them.

He takes a call from Lily about work and then he disconnects before she’s finished, since they’re busy. She stares at the phone. Billy wants to start the podcast now.

chelsea compare pasts young restless

At the coffee house, Imani tells Amanda on a call to take all the time she needs to be with their mother. Nate approaches and she tells him everything’s okay.

They decided their mama will go to the rehab place in Virginia. He agrees that it’s a good idea. She thanks him but breaks down. She’s afraid. Nate hugs her.

nate imani hug young restless

At the park, Ashland spots Michael and Nikki watching him with Harrison.

He looks over at Diane and realizes he’s been had. Summer and Kyle turn up and ask where their son is. Ashland looks defeated.

ashland caught young restless


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Adam breaks off with Sally in her office. “You were standing between me and everything I want.”

Phyllis, Nikki and Ashley talk about pooling their talents against Diane.  Phyllis hopes it’s permanent.

Victor visits Ashland in jail and grabs his lapels through the bars as he sneers that nobody breaks his daughter’s heart. “No one!”

victor sees ashland jail young restless

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ashland jail young restless