Phyllis Threatens Adam, Then Breaks up a Fight Between Ashland and Tara

This is the Canadian Y&R day ahead recap from the Thursday, May 20, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Friday, May 21. In the previous episode, Kevin learned Chloe helped frame Adam and isn’t pleased. In today’s episode, Chloe visits Chelsea, Rey and Sharon to discuss Chelsea, and Kyle needs a paternity test.

Summer wakes Kyle up. She apologizes that he couldn’t sleep. Claiming paternity must be weighing on his mind. He says he has no choice, but Summer worries about the risks involved. Kyle may still have to step down as CEO but the boy needs his mom and his protection. Summer’s with him. They’ll do a paternity test, and tell his dad. Later, Tara arrives and they talk at length about Ashland and Kyle asks to get to know Harrison. She has to go buy his favorite snacks. She leaves and returns with the kid and tells him the nanny’s in her suite. Kyle can return him if he gets uncomfortable. Kyle likes his stuffed animal and tells him he had one as a kid. He talks about how silly and funny his mom was and that they traveled like him. Harrison smiles and nods when Kyle asks if his mom’s like that. After Kyle’s taken the kid back to his suite, he calls Summer with an update. She’s a little uneasy. He suggests asking Jack if Tara and Harrison can move into his house. Summer’s shocked.

kyle gets paternity test on YOUNG And restless

At Crimson Lights, Jack tells Billy about Summer and Kyle bailing on their party, that something came up. Billy lets Jack know he and Lily are looking to move in together. Jack didn’t know things were that serious. “When t’s right, it’s right,” he says, calling her perfect for him. Nearby, Sharon and Rey discuss Chelsea going back to her con ways. Sharon suspects Chelsea made up the story about her and Adam having an affair to stir things up for Rey. Rey’s not so sure if it was calculated, but if it did, it raises a lot of questions about the rest of what she did. Her whole confession could be fake. Sharon agrees he could be on to something. Rey will talk to her doctor, though Sharon’s not on board.

sharon blouse young restless

Phyllis sees Lily looking at photos and asks if she’s looking for a new place. Lily apologizes. She misses cooking. Phyllis can’t relate. She’s sorry to lose her but she notes that Lily’s looking for a place on Chestnut. She used to live there and it was fantastic.

phyllis lily discuss condos young restless

Chelsea gets a visit from Chloe. Neither can believe this is happening. Chelsea knows she’ll get out soon. Chloe learns that she faked the breakdown and that the facility is going along with it. They compare notes on Rey’s visiting them both to discuss the case. This whole thing makes Chloe nervous. If she makes a slip, Rey might catch on. Chloe admits she told Kevin everything. Chelsea explodes, but Chloe couldn’t keep it from him. Chelsea asks her friend to check in on Connor. She’ll do so but doesn’t think Adam will turn her son against her.

chelsea visit chloe young restless

Victoria finds Nina at Society. They discuss the pregnancy and how supportive Abby is. Victoria talks about the successful transplant. Nina recalls Chance donating to his brother he disliked and Victoria comments on the parallels. Nina’s surprised that Victoria won’t give Adam a chance even though he did a good deed. Victoria bitches about her dad siding with Adam all the time when she wants Adam away from her family.

victoria nina young restless

Phyllis visits Adam to threaten that she’ll come down on him like a sledgehammer if he screws Nick over. Adam gets it. “You’re not exactly subtle.” He compares himself to you but Phyllis doesn’t like that. Adam says his father and brother see that he’s changing. They agree on one thing. Both are shocked Nick’s giving him a chance.

phyllis threats to adam young restless

At ChanceComm, Billy and Lily settle on a condo. The one on Chestnut that he lived in with Phyllis. Lily asks if it’ll be weird walking through the lobby. Billy says he’ll be thinking of coming home to her when he walks through that lobby. He suggests they go to the condo, have a picnic and see how it makes them feel.

Tara bumps into Ashland downstairs by the elevator. He sneers. They argue about Tara kidnapping Harrison and Tara denies it and will allow him to see his son if he promises not to snatch him. Phyllis overhears the yelling and tells them to shut it and for Ashland to take a hike. Ashland goes and Phyllis tells Tara she did this for her daughter. She’s not her ally. Tara understands. She goes to her room.

ashland fight tara young restless

At Jabot, Summer and Kyle discuss cutting the engagement party short. Summer’s sorry he went through all that trouble. He can reschedule. Summer looks nervous. She goes and Kyle turns up. He tells his dad about Tara and Ashland’s divorce. “I tried to handle this on my own but it’s escalated. It’s time you know the truth.”

summer jack discuss party young restless

Nick turns up at Crimson Lights. He texts Summer to meet but she’s busy and asks for later on. He talks to Sharon, who tells him she had a good night’s sleep, finally, with Rey home. Nick’s happy for them. They talk about Nick hoping Adam turns things around. Victoria overhears as she walks in and rolls her eyes. They discuss it and Nick says Dad’s on Adam’s side to keep him from his old machinations. Still, Victoria isn’t sure he can hold Adam back for long.

nick victoria talk adam changing young restless

Ashland visits Victor and Adam. He has no hard feelings for Victor playing hardball during negotiations. He’d have done the same thing. They discuss Ashland’s divorce. He thinks it’s long overdue. Adam can identify since he hasn’t told his son that Chelsea isn’t well. Ashland is anticipating a custody battle with Tara. Billy interrupts and wonders if they’re conspiring against him. Adam says not everything is about him. Victor reveals they’re changing the company name. Ashland didn’t know. Billy taunts them and Victor reveals it’ll be called Newman Media. “That’s adorable,” he says, wondering how Victoria would feel about that. He goes and Ashland isn’t happy that he’s changing the name but calls it a good idea. Victor confesses he plans on using it to obliterate ChanceComm. Ashland likes his agenda. “This is a war. A long time in coming,” Victor shares.

ashland surprised by victor young restless

Billy and Lily visit the condo on Chestnut and set up a picnic and snuggle.

billy lily snuggle young restless

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