Phyllis is Served With a Subpoena, Chloe & Sally Argue When Sally Calls Chelsea Vindictive and Jealous

Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for Thursday, January 6, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Friday, January 7. (Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.) In the previous episode, Billy busted Sally and Devon decided to pursue legal rights for Dominic. In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless,  Billy assures Traci that he has abandoned his scheme, Phyllis deals with a lawsuit, Connor’s parents tell him they can’t live together again, and Nate gets an annoying call.

nate purple shirt with elena young and restless soapsspoilers cbs

At Society, Nate and Elena have issues finding a rug online for their new place. He tells her she’s domesticated him. Imani strolls up and compliments Nate on his shirt. Elena doesn’t like it. She says since she has such a good eye, will she he help them decide on a new rug? Imani takes a look but thinks it depends on the decor. Elena takes that moment to share that it’s for their apartment. They moved in together. Imani’s smile falls. She congratulates them and goes to get her take out.

imani flirts with nate young and restless soapsspoilers cbs

When she’s gone, Nate whispers, “Wow. You really brought the claws out.” She wants the other woman to stop flirting with him. He gets a call from the hospital, informing him that his taking Elena to a hospital fundraising function was inappropriate given their power positions. This leaves him annoyed. He didn’t know how much of his new job had to do with office politics and bureaucracy.

phyllis served court papers young and restless soapsspoilers cbs

At The Grand Phoenix, a man interrupts Phyllis and Amanda’s greeting to ask if she’s Phyllis Summers. She confirms it and he hands her an envelope. “You’ve been served,” he says before he goes. Phyllis stares at the envelope with distaste. The hotel is being sued.

Amanda looks through the suit and says that a guest obviously didn’t get the experience she wanted.

phyllis upset served young and restless soapsspoilers cbs

It’s a civil suit accusing her of fraud, false advertising, mental distress, and pain and suffering. Phyllis owns causing people mental distress and pain and suffering. The guest didn’t get the experience at the hotel she wanted which was at the Escape Club. She wanted them to create an event from her youth that had to do with getting dumped. She wanted to turn the tables and wrote a crazy script she wanted them to act out. Phyllis has the script. She shows it to Amanda and they act it out. They laugh about it.

Phyllis wants to handle it outside the legal system, which Amanda vehemently is against. Phyllis plans on giving Becky a year’s free membership in the Escape Club. Amanda approves of the strategy to de-escalate. Phyllis goes to call Becky and when she returns, she lets her friend know it worked.

Phyllis jokingly admits she sometimes gets pushed to the point where she wants to hit someone with her car too. She’s made mistakes when it comes to men. This applies especially to Jack. She’s been selfish and has taken more from him than she’s given. Amanda tells her not to worry about the lawsuit.  


phyllis meets imani at work young restless

Imani strolls in and asks Amanda why she didn’t inform her that Elena moved in with Nate. She introduces her sister to Phyllis. Imani is sure they will get along great.

Phyllis calls Jack and leaves an awkward rambling message.

billy and lily snuggle after sex young and restless soapsspoilers cbs

At home on the floor, Billy and Lily have finished making love when he tells her how devoted to her he is. He’s proud to be the man who helped her take over the world. He thinks that his plan for vindication actually did work. Lily smiles. Billy knows Adam’s taken too much real estate in his mind. Lily’s proud of Billy and kisses him to show him how much. He dresses and says he’s off to repair things with his mother. She’s in Chicago this week so that’s where he’s headed.

Before he can go, Traci arrives. Billy tells his sister that they have abandoned his plan. It was taking him to a place that was not good. She’s relieved to hear that and is sure Jack will be too. He adds that he is done trying to manipulate Adam and it feels good to back away. Traci admits she was so upset that she confronted Victoria about it. He doesn’t see why she should interfere and accuses her of treating him like a wayward child. It’s not like she went to talk to Victor about Jack.

traci gets good news billy young and restless soapsspoilers cbs

Lily tries to keep things calm by reminding him that Traci was only acting because she cares about him. Choked up, Traci tells her brother that their father would be happy if he took the job offer at Jabot. He likes that idea but is going to work with Lily once he makes things right with Jill. Billy tells his sister how much he appreciates her and heads upstairs.

His sister immediately asks Lily if he’s as alright as he claims. She says he’s fine and has just needed someone to believe in him. There was a time when she was worried he would lapse into self-destructiveness, but he’s recovered. Traci trusts him but it takes him a long time to work things out. She’s grateful that he has someone like Lily in his life. When she looks at her, she wonders what Colleen would be like at her age. Lily has been thinking about her a lot lately too. “She would be as proud of you as I am,” Traci says.

billy goes chicago young restless cbs

Later, Billy comes downstairs with his luggage. He’d love to take Lily with him to Chicago but he knows she has preparation to make. He’ll be back before their next venture starts. They kiss and he promises to call when he lands. Once he’s gone, she gets a text from Adam wishing best of luck at Chancellor.

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Chelsea finds Sally pacing in the hall outside Adam’s office. She tells her to go back to their office, but Sally tells her that Adam doesn’t want visitors. Chelsea knows he’ll make time for her. She wanders in and Adam barks at her. He says everyone just walks in. She asks what’s wrong. He tells her that Billy came in shooting his mouth off like he owned the world. It’s got him uptight. Chelsea asks if the battle between them will ever end. He calls it complicated but Chelsea says he just pushed Adam’s buttons. Adam thinks she’s right and lets it go. She needs his help about Connor. He’s obsessed with not selling the penthouse. He called it unfair and wound up in tears. It’s the logical decision but isn’t easy to pack things up and move on.

chelsea gives connor talking to young and restless soapsspoilers cbs

At the ranch, Connor worries when his parents show up and want to have a talk. They recap how he has had to move around. He doesn’t want things to change anymore. He wants to stay at his mom’s. He has new good memories there, like the time they had at Christmas. They can be happy there again. His father reminds him they aren’t together and Chelsea says they can be happy anywhere. Connor thinks they will never find a place better than the ranch and there is plenty of room for all of them. Adam reminds his son that’s not possible and assures him that he is good friends with Chelsea.

connor wants live in penthouse young and restless soapsspoilers cbs

Connor wishes they’d ask him what he wanted and try to live together again. His father tells him these are grown up decisions and a lot of things have changed. “I want to be a family!” Connor cries. His mom tells him they don’t have to live under the same roof to be a family. They will still have days like Christmas and always attend his special events together. She asks for his help finding a new place to live and holds him.

sally calls chelsea vindictive young and restless soapsspoilers cbs

Sally meets Chloe at Society. Chloe says they need to reevaluate whether this will work with her and Chelsea. Sally isn’t the problem. She claims Chelsea’s jealous of her and if anyone’s going anywhere it should be her. Chloe doesn’t like her negative attitude and suggests that her relationship with Adam is affecting all of them.

Again, Sally puts all the blame on Chelsea, who she suggests is vindictive. Chloe reminds her that Chelsea is her bestfriend and running her mouth like this is a bad idea. She just wants them to get along and work as a team. Ordering her to fix this, she storms off.

sally told to go away young and restless

When Sally gets to the office, she tries to talk budgeting with Adam and Chelsea. He has other things to do and heads into his office, leaving the two women alone. Sally takes the opportunity to talk to Chelsea. She clarifies that she is not after Adam and only wants to work with her. “For me,” Chelsea corrects her.

adam thinks of billy words young restless

In his office, Adam thinks about Billy calling him the failure Newman.

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