Phyllis Warns Kyle Not to Trust Diane & Nikki Asks Phyllis to Join Forces, Causing Phyllis to Drop Her Truce with Diane

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Nick tells his kids his plans, Nikki is appalled by all the support Diane is getting, and Traci urges Allie to steer clear of Phyllis and Diane. In the previous episode, Billy trashed Locke on his podcast, and Victor caught Adam revealing his plans for revenge.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for July 11, 2022 episode airs in the USA July 12. Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.)


Kyle runs into Phyllis in the park. He says it must have been hard for her to take the high road with his mother. She insists she’s used to that since she runs a hotel.

She admits that it’s an effort to deal with Diane and it’s not going to go beyond superficial politeness.

phyllis threatens kyle young and restless

Phyllis requests he not put her on any guest lists for his mom’s parties. She doubts the truce will last but she’s not going to be the one to break it.

It’s lovely that he wants to give his mom a second chance but things will deteriorate.

She’ll be there to help him pick up the pieces.

phyllis argue kyle Y&R

Kyle accuses her of being hypocritical and using his father to mark her territory. She thinks this is disgusting.

They bicker about this and she insists she cares about his father, which is why she’s so incensed about him letting “evil” of Diane back.

He makes it clear he believes his mother is coming from a good place.

his is his chance to have a loving relationship with her and he will do whatever is necessary for that to happen. Phyllis thinks this is something he and her daughter will regret.


Diane gets coffee at Crimson Lights. Summer pops up and hopes that her new job won’t keep her busy from playdates with Harrison. Jenkins tells her that she’s been thinking about work and already has ideas for some publicity stunts.

She’s eager to sit down and talk about them, but Summer is there to meet with someone else and suggests it might be best that they don’t cross paths.

It’s Nikki. Diane isn’t afraid of her.

diane is sorry last time nikki young and restless

When Nikki arrives, Diane tells her she was warned she was on the way. They bicker. Nikki is looking forward to her leaving town but Diane informs her she has a job and isn’t going anywhere.

This only convinces Nikki that Marchetti will fail.

Diane tells her she regrets what happened in the past but it’s time to move on. The Newman tells her no one wants her around. Jenkins insists Summer and Kyle do and she can either accept her or find a way to pretend she’s not around.

After Diane swans off, Nikki gnashes her teeth.

Nikki likens diane to a snake young and restless

Nikki hunts Summer down on the patio and tells her that Diane is not qualified for any job she’s given her. Is it even legal to hire her since she’s legally dead? She accuses her of looking at her through rose-colored glasses.

Deep down, Summer must know she causes trouble, like a snake that hypnotizes its prey. She needs to open Kyle’s eyes to who his mother really is.

Summer says Diane has been on her best behavior.

Her grandmother warns it is only a matter of time until Diane shows her true colors.

The only thing that will drive her away is Kyle complete rejection.

They change the topic and Nikki tells her how proud she is of Marchetti.

nikki phyllis truce young and restless

When Phyllis wanders in, Nikki tells her that she’s planning to drive Diane out of town. She’s sure she can dig up dirt on her. Summer isn’t thrilled when her mother sits down and offers to help.

Summer tells them they don’t work together on anything and reminds her mom she has a truce with Diane.

That’s shocking to Nikki.

She can’t understand how she can stand back. Phyllis says she’s right and declares they need to get Diane out of town.

She refuses to keep pretending that Diane isn’t evil and dangerous. Kyle arrives as she says this.

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At the Abbott estate, Traci interrupts Allie while she’s reading and they chat about her internship at Jabot starting today. Traci offers to answer any questions she has.

Allie doesn’t want to gossip but wonders what’s going on with Jack and Phyllis.

It feels like everything has changed between them. She had coffee with Phyllis yesterday and noted she was fishing for information about Jack.

Traci isn’t about to speak for her brother and tells her she’d be better off asking Jack about this.

diane brings fox Y&R

Later, Diane drops by with a stuffed fox for Harrison and bumps into Allie. They chat about how she was brought into the Abbott house. Diane informs her that she isn’t selling Keemo’s old house and it will be there for her to use it whenever she wants.

Allie just wants to focus on the present, not the past. Diane wishes she could do the same but people keep reminding her of her history.

DiDi starts going on about Phyllis and how she is always ready to leap into battle.

She stops herself and then tells Allie she will be at Jabot too, so maybe they can hang out. “Maybe,” Allie says.

Diane understands that she wants to keep a distance and suggests she take the same attitude with Phyllis.

When Traci returns, Diane takes off.

Allie says she’s having the same vibes from Diane she got from Phyllis. Traci thinks those women shouldn’t be dragging her into the middle of their mess. She urges her to steer clear of both. Allie isn’t scared of them, just worried about Jack.

That impresses Traci.


Nick, Noah, Sharon, and Faith all gather at Society. He informs his children that Victoria is back where she belongs and she’s offered him a job at Newman which he has accepted. The kids stare.

This isn’t what they expected but Faith is happy for him if it’s what he wants.

Her father thinks this will make him happy. Noah thought New Hope made him happy. Is he going to walk away from that?

Nick wants to leave it in his son’s hands. They’ve worked side by side and he’s sure he can handle it. His sister congratulates him on the promotion. Noah says he won’t let him down.

noah takes news sadly young and restless

When he suggests they should be celebrating Faith going off to college, Nick jokes that he’s happy to pack her off. They joke around and she tells them she’s planning to study business and marketing. She can do her internships at Newman.

Faith goes on about corporate responsibility and her five year plan.

They get back to talking about Noah taking over.

Faith and her parents head to Crimson Lights. Sharon has the sense that Noah is ambivalent about his new job. Faith is sure that he’s adult enough to turn it down if he doesn’t want it.

allie and noah talk Y&R

Allie meets with Noah in the park. He tells her about his new position at New Hope. She notices it seems to make him look miserable. He never meant for it to be a permanent career path.

He doesn’t feel like he belongs. Ever since he met her, she’s made him realize that he’s been trying to be something he’s not.

He was even planning on leaving today but then this was dropped on him.

allie being smart with sad sack noah young and restless

She urges him to pursue his passion relentlessly. He agrees but wonders how he will tell his father. This is leaving him in the lurch. Allie asks if his new direction also means he’s moving away.

He’s not planning to go. She’s sure he will make the right decisions as long as he listens to himself.

Noah asks her to help him figure out what’s next. She’d like that.

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