Nikki Receives Tragic News, Adam Puts His Plan in Motion — & Gaines Shows Up at Billy’s, Frightened

Soaps Spoilers has the Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for Tuesday, November 2, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Wednesday, November 3. (Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.) In the previous episode, Phyllis and Nick broke up, and Mariah revealed she thinks Dominic should be her kid. In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Adam sets a trap, Nick goes to his ex-wife for solace, and Phyllis’ ex comes to her aid after she reveals she thinks she and Nick broke up.

At Crimson Lights, Jack comments on Phyllis leaving their lunch early. He asks what’s up. She says, “I think Nick and I just broke up.” Jack sits with her and asks what’s going on. She doesn’t have any clarity. She’s agitated. He thought they were back on track but he saw her criticize his father. Jack can see why Nick reacted the way he did at lunch. Phyllis defends herself. Jack reminds her that the Newman dynamics are different than the Abbott clan. Phyllis doesn’t want to be a part of Nick’s judgment and jealousy anymore. She tells him about their talk later and this resentment he feels toward her came out. He told her they can’t be together anymore.

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Phyllis doesn’t want to discuss it but then digs right in. She talks about going to Italy to support the family wedding and he still thinks she doesn’t care or know where he’s coming from. Jack thinks it has to be frustrating. She keeps it to herself and stuffs it into a box. “And I still have his back,” she says. She realized after lunch that they don’t deal with their issues. It’s superficial when they do. “It’s all fun and nice and fluffy but it’s rotten inside.” Jack asks if she shared this with Nick. She did. She said she wanted commitment and confidant. She says all Nick did was belittle her, which is how she perceived the situation. She struggles with tears and Jack thinks the answer is to dig deeper and get it all out. Normally, she’d agree but it wasn’t productive. He asks for an example and offers to give a perspective on Nick. She understands him. He doesn’t understand where she’s coming from and doesn’t want to. She flashes to Nick telling her to stop acting like she’s trying to take the high road and act superior. She thinks he lacks respect for her. She puts her head in her hands. She doesn’t want to lose it there and wants to be alone. “This was inevitable I guess.” Jack says no. She told him they’d been through it before and fixed it. She thinks it’s the last time they’ll face this.

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Nick arrives at Sharon’s to see how she, Noah, and Faith are. Sharon says he just missed Faith but invites him for dinner. Nick refuses. He doesn’t have an appetite. Sharon takes it things with Phyllis didn’t go well. Nick changes the subject but Noah thinks he wants to talk. Sharon knows she’s not the best person to give advice on Phyllis but they can both listen. Nick this he’s all talked out. They think it’d be easier on him to talk it out. Sharon knows how things can be messy. “Messy’s actually my strong suit,” says Noah. Nick admits he and Phyllis fought and he’s pretty sure things are over. “I’m sorry you guys have dug into a rut that you can’t get out of.” Nick remembers she knew it was coming. Sharon would never say ‘I told ya so’. She asks if things can be repaired. Nick tells them what happened. “It’s like talking to a brick wall.” He reveals. When he does say something, she doesn’t believe him. Sharon’s confused. He tells her that they accepted each other for who they are and it was working. Sharon asks where they started to go wrong. Nick thought it was in Italy but Phyllis thought it was before that. Nick talks about being drawn into family drama instead of being focused on what was going on with his relationship. Phyllis was raw and hurting and threw accusations at him. They ask what was said. He tells them she admitted she’s unhappy but committed to weed through issues. Sharon thinks that’s good but it could cause temporary hard feelings. Nick doesn’t think that’s what it is. Turns out he’s the only one trying. He tells them tensions amped up at lunch and Phyllis took off. NIck feels she shut him down and gave up. He wants to get past their issues, “But she kept saying that I always put my family before her.” Nick flashes to Phyllis saying, “You’re right. I do hate your family,” which was his perception of how things went. Later, he thanks them for listening and goes. Noah knows Sharon was biting her tongue not to say she told him so. Sharon doesn’t get why his father would fool himself to see how this relationship would have any other outcome. Noah never understood their pull. Sharon thinks it has to do with doing something exciting and illicit. When there’s no more drama, it gets boring and falls apart. Noah says, “Maybe it’s none of that. Maybe deep down, dad never got over you.”

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At Newman Enterprises, Ashland greets Victoria with a kiss on her head. “Hi, Beauty.” She tells him she’s doing a “deep dive” into the new protocol for his cancer. He tells her he’s got that beat. He has an evaluation at the clinic hosting the treatment. He has to leave now. “You mean we’ve got to go,” she corrects. He won’t presume she’ll do that. She’s offering. He reminds her work has too much going on. He’ll be gone a few days. They talk about when he’ll leave and Nikki walks in. “Leave where? For your honeymoon?” They explain his opportunity to try an experimental treatment. He’ll fly to Peru to see if they can have him evaluated and sign up for the trial. Nikki hopes it’s a success. Ashland’s touched by her support. He talks of how Victoria’s love is what spurs him on to keep the illness at bay. He goes to take a call.

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At Society, during dinner with Lily, they discuss having a work-free evening, while Billy taps away at his phone in his lap. She calls him out on secretly checking his phone and he laughs. “I am…I’m busted,” he says. He’ll keep trying not to. She smiles.

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On a call from Newman Media, Adam tells someone on a call, “We’re ready to put the plan in motion so go ahead and set the bait. Report back to me how it goes.”

Adam shows up at Victoria’s office to see Ash. He’s not there so Adam offers to give her a message. Since it’s about going after Chance Comm, she doesn’t want to know. He tells her he wants him to know they set things in motion. Victoria bitches that she’ll tell him but they won’t be around few days because he’s pursuing a new cancer treatment. Adam hopes for the best possible outcome. She’s thankful. Adam knows she’s determined. He looks forward to seeing them on their tenth anniversary. “What makes you think you’ll be invited to the party?” He shrugs. She invited him to the wedding. He comments that it feels like they’re bantering. “Like siblings do!” He thinks it’s good but she’s pretty sure that’s as good as it’s going to get between them, and sneers at him. He grins and takes off. Later, Victoria calls Billy to ask if the kids can stay with them for a few days.

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Back at Society, Billy tells Lily that the kids will stay with them while Victoria and Ashland head out of the country. He is about to get the bill when he sees the Newman PI. Suddenly, he changes his mind. Maybe they should get dessert. Billy eavesdrops as the man tells someone on a call that he slipped them again. He goes and Billy assumes he’s talking about Gaines. Lily sighs, thinking it’s the end to their work-free evening. They go and the PI calls Adam that “it worked.” Adam says they’ll let Billy do what he does best. “Self-destruct.”

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Phyllis arrives home and Jack calls to tell her he’s around if she wants to reach out. She flashes to Nick telling her that she runs to Jack when they have conflict. She thinks of calling him and he turns up outside, ready to knock. Neither makes a move. Nick flashes to their fight and doesn’t think she appreciates how hard it would be to stay away from his family and all the yelling that happened offscreen. Phylis told him she wanted more than sex and video games and keeping it fluffy and light. He wants her to stop hating his family. She does hate them because he chooses them over her. He reminds her he chose her over his sister in the battle for her hotel. She knows. She thinks he is jealous of Adam and wants to save the day. When Jack called, Nick told her she always runs to him for support.

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Lily and Billy arrive home. If they find Gaines before Newman does, they’ll have ammo – the proof that Ash stole Cmaina’s inheritance. They don’t need to publish it but can blackmail Adam and Victor with it so they won’t come after them. Lily refuses to do that. “We’re done with Gaines.” As they argue, a knock comes to the door. Billy gets it. Gaines turns up, dirty and out of breath. “Please, I have nowhere else to go. I’m not safe. Can you hide me?”

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Victoria gives her mama a ride home and tells her that she’s got to go to work to finish up before they head to Peru. Nikki hopes she doesn’t overdo it. Nikki offers to lend an ear but Victoria has high hopes for this new protocol. Victor calls and Nikki says, “What! Oh my God, how horrible. What can I do?” She disconnects and reveals to her daughter that they just learned Chance might have been killed while doing undercover work. They find the newest tragic. Victor will stay there with Abby and since it’s not official, they’re keeping it quiet. Victoria’s heart goes out to Abby. She must be devastated.

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Alone at the office, Ashland has some sort of episode. He takes a few deep breaths.

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