Nick Attempts to Save Adam’s Life, while Rey Admits He Doubts Adam Poisoned Him

This is the Canadian Y&R day ahead recap from the Friday, April 30, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Monday, May 3. Monday’s episode had Nick found Adam at AJ’s farm, and in today’s episode, the tornado was on top of the house, causing issues with Adam and Nick trying to get back to Genoa City, while Billy looks for a story to follow when he hears Nick’s out of town with the jet.

Billy disconnects with a reporter and tells Lily that their reporter is following a lead. Nick Newman took the Newman jet out this morning. It must have something to do with Adam. Lily reminds Billy he promised to dial his fixation down a notch. They agree to meet at Society for lunch.

billy on call young and restless

At AJ’s farm in Kansas, Nick and Adam try to escape from the basement. The wind is strong and the men argue about needing to get back to Genoa City. They use a beam to prod at the door. It doesn’t work, and Nick keeps at trying to find solutions to get out of the basement. Adam finds a bottle of wine and a glass. He tells Nick that the winds are over a hundred miles per hour. They’re stuck there. When they can leave, they will. Until then, he’ll drink a glass of wine. Nick rants to stop that since he might be having the operation soon. They repeat the conversation a few times and Nick rifles through everything on the wall. He feels a draft. He pulls away boxes from the wall and finds the cellar door. He thinks it’s their way out but it’s locked. Adam helps Nick try to open it. Nothing works so they rest. Adam talks about Connor and missing his son. Nick starts beating on the door again and Adam considers that after all is said and done, people won’t see him as a changed man. Nick reminds him he’ll try to help him escape again but it won’t make him a changed man. “You start making effort and then we’ll talk.” Adam asks what would make him a changed man. Nick says to stop running from the consequences of his actions. Adam didn’t try to poison Rey. Adam doesn’t want Nick to see him as just the sum of all his misdeeds. Adam’s not sure he wants to be Nick’s enemy anymore. He needs a fresh start, a clean slate. Nick hears him and is glad to hear this but right now his mind is on Faith. They get back to work and the door opens but when the ceiling starts to cave in, Nick throws Adam out of the way. “Adam! The ceiling!”

nick adam try open door young restless

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At the hospital, Nikki whispers to Sharon about how amazingly brave Faith is. Sharon cries. Victor’s home calling potential transplant surgeons. She goes and Sharon takes time to put her cell phone into her purse. Rey appears. He couldn’t stay away. When she walks to him he backs up. She explains the infection after the accident and the need for dialysis or a new kidney. He’s surprised when she says Adam’s the only match in the family. He becomes very angry about it and thinks she kept it from him. They argue and he hopes Adam comes through for her. He asks to see Faith. She cries. She’d never keep him from seeing her. He visits her and smiles at her and they talk about how they miss each other. Sharon eavesdrops and Faith asks if Rey moved out. He tells her it’s complicated but he still loves her mother. Nothing would make him happier than things working out. Her health is the most important. He offers to get Lola to come talk her through the surgery. Sharon goes and Rey appears later and offers to take her home. Later, Moses arrives and Faith says she could use the company. He asks why she’s there. Nate won’t tell him. She explains what’s going on with her. He’s shocked. She’s not feeling too lucky, she admits. Moses goes online to read about her condition. He tells her she’ll get through this.

rey visits faith young and restless

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At Society, Victoria tells her mama she’ll be by Memorial later to see Faith. They discuss the infection that caused all of this and how the family has a part to play, including Adam. As they discuss Adam returning to town, Billy appears and eavesdrops about how he’ll have to avoid being arrested. Nikki and Victoria discuss Nick bringing Adam back to Genoa City at length and Billy takes it all in. He clears his throat and appears. He lets them know that Nick leaving on the jet isn’t a secret. Nikki’s angry he eavesdropped. She leaves for work and Billy sits. Victoria’s disgusted that Billy thinks ChanceComm’s pageviews are more important than Faith. Billy explains that he’s pulling the plug on the story. Victoria visibly relaxes. Billy asks how he can help. Victoria asks him to ensure other reporters are thrown off the scent. He agrees to it. They worry about Faith together and Victoria starts to cry as Lily appears. She watches the exchange.

billy eavesdrops young and restless

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Sharon and Rey arrive at home. Rey offers to make her food. Later, she checks her phone but Nick hasn’t contacted her yet. He asks where Nick went. Sharon asks if he’s asking as a detective or Faith’s step-dad. Rey says this is coming from his heart. Sharon’s sorry. All she’s wanted since he left was to talk and now she’s ruined it. He gets it. She’s tired and frightened. She’s sorry for Adam and for her lies. Rey admits he’s having doubts about Adam’s guilt. Rey admits he was letting his personal feelings get in the way of his investigation and when he talks to Chloe and Chelsea, “There’s something there.”

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