Lily Mediating With Nate Backfires and Leads Devon to Confronting Him, While Summer Wants Answers From Nikki & Phyllis

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Nikki and Phyllis decide to enlist a journalist, Jack has dinner with Diane, and Elena tells Devon she and Nate are drifting apart. In the previous episode, Sally was done with Adam’s games, and refused to trade secrets while Nick worried he could be headed for prison.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for August 16, 2022 episode airs in the USA August 17. Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.)

Kyle and Summer head to the rooftop, pleased that their mothers behaved themselves today. They decide not to talk about that anymore and just focus on them.

Having her cover her eyes, he leads her to a table where he has negronis and bruschetta prepared. This is to remind them of their favorite bar in Milan.

kyle with summer hiding eyes young restless

She’s happy to be back in Genoa City but still misses Italy. They recall their nights there. They love each other and want to make more memories.

kyle and summer date drinks young restless

Diane drops by Jack’s office at jabot. He’s surprised to see her there after hours.

diane talks job performance Y&R

She just wanted to say goodnight and asks how long he is going to be. He’s hungry for food at Society. She suggests they could eat together.

“Interested?” she asks, urging him to give her advice about her job performance. It’s important for her to prove herself to her son.

Eventually, Jack agrees to dinner. She smiles.

When Jack and Diane get to Society, she tells him about trying to find a balance at work. She’s worried about being invisible but he doubts that could happen.

diane jack dinner trust instincts Y&R

Jack encourages her not to be hard on herself and just trust her instincts. After meeting with Mariah, she felt like a neophyte but she’s sure they will work well together.

Diane knows that she’s projected a sense of confidence since she returned, but she’s really been nervous and careful, worried about the future and her new life.

What she feels most is excitement to be at this stage of her life and have so many firsts, like being a grandmother. Starting a career is also exciting, but Phyllis joining the company threw her off.

She’s determined to take the high road even if Phyllis can’t. He orders some wine and toasts her to surviving her first day with Phyllis.

Diane says she’s keeping her eyes open regarding Phyllis’ agenda and it will be over before it begins. It kills her to admit it but in a way she empathizes with her.

She can understand why Phyllis would find her return intrusive and threatening. Just look at them having an enjoyable meal together… it must really get Phyllis.

He hopes he has the sense not to run it in her face. Jack tells Diane they’re off base when she brings up Phyllis.

She hopes Phyllis realizes that she can move forward without the jealousy and resentment.

Jack says he’s relieved and surprised at her candor and insight and perspective. Diane is impressed and wants dessert.

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Nikki and Phyllis are at the ranch. The Newman asks her how her first day at Marchetti went. Phyllis claims she handled it masterfully.

nikki talks meeting reporter Y&R

Not much happened given it’s her first day, but she’s hard at work furthering their cause while Nikki is at home sipping tea.

“That’s where you’re wrong,” Nikki corrects. “Are you going rogue?” Phyllis asks.

Nikki explains she’s meeting with an investigative reporter from LA looking for a juicy story and Diane fits the bill. Sounds good to Phyllis, who wants to meet the journalist too.

Elena bumps into Devon when she stops by the Chancellor-Winters office. She’s looking for Nate but he’s not there.

devon talks transition YR

He welcomes her to the company now that her contract has been sorted out. “You don’t see super excited about it,” he notes, asking if something else is going on.

She tells him how grateful she is to work for the company and expand the work she’s been doing. Devon guesses there is something else on her mind.

She’s still coming to terms with the reality of Nate’s job. It’s thrown her some curveballs and she feels like they are drifting apart. She thinks they will be okay.

He’s sorry that she’s feeling like this but knows what she means.

Nate meets with Lily on the patio of Crimson Lights and congratulates her on the success of her trip. They sit down to discuss his problems with Devon.

lily appreciates nate candor Y&R

She knew the transition period would be a challenge and asks about his difficulties.

He wonders if he’s talking to the CEO or his cousin. Lily urges him to be as real as possible.

Nate explains that Devon thinks he needs more guidance and is not respecting him enough. He insists this is untrue and Devon has forgotten how to collaborate.

Whenever Devon shuts him down it feels personal. Lily appreciates his candor and asks how he sees things moving forward. A little tension is normal but a lot is disruptive.

“Honestly, I don’t think it’s all coming from him,” she says. He apologizes for his part in it and wonders what he’s doing wrong with Devon.

nate talks tension Y&R

Nate thinks maybe they can find their footing now and admires her leadership skills. She offers to figure out the next step with Devon.

Lily meets with Devon at the office. They discuss their idea for a music festival. He thinks it would be cool if they could pull something like that off.

lily has meeting bro Y&R

When he tells her that’s a good idea and they should have a meeting to discuss it, she tells him it was actually Nate’s idea.

This sets him off and she apologizes. He appreciates her trying to solve his problems with Nate but it’s between them.

He stalks off and she sighs.

Nate and Elena meet at Crimson Lights.

elena discusses devon with nate Y&R

He wants Chancellor to be a better place for her to work and hopes Lily can get Devon to understand they’re on the same team so there are no more battles to mediate.

Elena thinks it’s fine but he needs to manage his expectations about Devon who may push back. She gets a call from the hospital and takes off.

Devon shows up and asks Nate if he’d like to tell him what he’s trying to pull.

Back on the rooftop, Summer spots Phyllis and Nikki and approaches to question why they were having drinks together.

phyllis wants to focus on diane in GC YR

Phyllis and Nikki just sit there, looking at each other.

Nikki says that she has to go since Victor’s waiting for her for dinner. She lies to Summer that they were visiting with an investigative reporter who is writing a story about Ashland Locke.

She goes and Summer is skeptical. Phyllis tries to convince her.

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