Abby Blasts Diane for Crashing the Party, Nate Makes a Risky Move, and Adam’s Thrilled he’s CEO of Newman

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, at the Chancellor-Winters launch party, Abigail has words with Diane, the party crasher, and Jill accosts Jack to gossip about Diane, while Devon isn’t thrilled with Nate. In the previous episode, Diane crashed the launch party while Chance got a break in his case.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for June 14, 2022 episode airs in the USA June 15. Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.)

At the Grand Phoenix, Devon and Lily stand by the podium, ready for the speech.

Nearby, Jill and Jack talk about the excitement of the business deal and how respectable it is. It’s boring, they admit. They like the fight.

lily devon podium young restless

It’s okay for Lily and Devon since they’re nicer than the two of them. Jack agrees. Jill brings up seeing Diane with Nikki and how horrified the blonde was at seeing her.

She notices that Jack wasn’t surprised in the least. Jack wants to table the topic for now so she brings up Allie, his new granddaughter.

jill and jack talk allie young restless

She knows this gift can’t make up for the loss of Keemo but is excited all the same. Amanda interrupts and Jill takes off.

Jack congratulates her on the new challenge. Amanda brings up Phyllis and asks if he’s alright. She isn’t taking sides, but… it sounds like Phyllis made a mistake and is sorry. So is he.

Abby informs the guests that the main event is about to begin. They all head to the ballroom.

Nate calls it worth Imani’s while. She wishes him luck. Nearby, Victor wonders where Adam is. 

At the office, Sally’s ready for the party but they have work to complete so she elects to stay while he goes on to the party.

He doesn’t get why it’s such a big deal. They kiss. He’ll be back with a full report.

sally stays behind young restless

From Crimson Lights, Chance calls Abby with news that he got a break in his case. He wonders where to meet.

She invites him to the party. He’s on the way.

abby after call young restless

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They disconnect and Abby spots Diane and reams her out for crashing the party. Diane says she’s not there for the party but Abby doesn’t care.

She tells her to go.

diane and abby go at it young restless

Diane says her hate only makes her stronger. Abby goes and Jack, who has been eavesdropping, pops up.

Diane asks Jack if she’s headed for heartbreak with their son. He agrees to meet at Society to give her insight, after the speech.

Jack heads in while Chance appears and questions Abby why he just saw Diane on her way out. Abby doesn’t want to jinx it. The night is going so well. They head inside.

abby yells diane young restless

Lily’s at the podium and acknowledges Jill as the former CEO of Chancellor and talks about taking a risk with this undertaking.

She credits jill for this undertaking and for believing in her.lily podium speech young restless The crowd goes wild with clapping. Lily introduces Devon, whom she calls one of the sharpest minds.

She introduces Nate and Billy to more clapping. She calls this a family and finds that to be more formidable since they’re united in their vision for the future of Chancellor-Winters.

Devon stands up and when the press asks for their ultimate destination, Devon calls it unexpected and exciting but he refuses to reveal details.

He says the Hamilton name will live on as they’ll call one part of the company Hamilton Streaming.

launch party young restless


Nate takes the podium. He’s proud to be part of the company. Ignoring Devon and Lily’s requests, he spills what they’ve got going on at the company, that they’ve 50 podcasts they’re delivering with a unique take on a specific topic.

Devon and Lily cringe hard while Billy looks worried. The crowd claps as Nate calls it all so spectacular. Later, Nikki and Victor congratulate them.

They embraced the way Catherine lived her life by blazing a new trail. They’re touched.

nikki happy for lily young restless

Nearby, Abby has a break and Chance congratulates her on a good job tonight. He’s distracted by the arrest tonight. He says it was dangerous but went together perfectly. It’s another closed case from Rey.

Chance wishes he could tell his friend that he’s getting his “groove back.” Nate talks to the press and refuses to give more scoop. Devon catches up with him and calls his speech “unexpected.” He looks upset.

Nate apologizes but admits he only said a quarter of what he wanted to say. Lily and Billy walk up.

She sides with Nate. Billy admits there’s more interest now. Devon begrudgingly says everything turned out for the best this time.”

He gives his cousin side-eye. Later, Imani strolls up to tell him he was an engaging speaker. She thinks people were impressed and that the females swooned. Nearby, Adam gives her sister the evil eye.

nate imani party young restless

Adam arrives at the party. Victor tells his son he’ll be the new CEO of Newman Industries. He’ll announce it tomorrow.

Adam’s taken aback and then very happy. He looks forward to sharing the title with Nikki, who tells him that she can’t envision having the same working relationship with Adam as she did with Victoria.

She’ll step back. Adam says it’s fine. They part ways and Billy turns up. He hopes Adam’s having a good time. Adam grins widely. Billy hopes that he isn’t too concerned about how similar their launch parties were.

dam gloats that he has no idea how the tides have turned and reveals he’s the new CEO of Newman. 

Nearby, Imani introduces herself to Jill and touts Nate’s smarts. Jill’s aware of his brilliance. She gushes until Amanda and Chance walk up and Amanda drags her sis away.

Jill asks her grandson if Nate lives with Elena still. Chance says she does. Jill thinks she has some competition.

Jill and chance young restless

Meanwhile, Amanda tells her sister to stay away from Nate. Imani loves her sister but is tired of hearing it.

She tells her to back off! Imani goes to flirt with her date and tells him she’s heading home early. Dude leaves.

Nearby, Billy and Lily get amorous. He’s supportive. She couldn’t have done it without him. They kiss.

adam happy to be ceo young restless

At Society, Diane tells Jack her insecurities about Kyle are back in full force. Jack doesn’t think she needs to be worried. Kyle genuinely is warming to her and wants her back in his life.

Diane blinks back tears. She’s relieved. She thinks it gives her hope for the rest of the town…and Jack may find a way to tolerate her. Jack threatens that she won’t like it if she’s got anything up her sleeve.

She denies that she has an agenda, then tells Jack she can’t help but feel she’s responsible for Phyllis leaving town.

Jack is cold when he tells her that he will never discuss his relationship with Phyllis with her.

Later, Nikki and Victor appear. Jack takes Diane away before they start in on her. Once they’re gone, Nikki bitches about people being forgiven “so easily.”

diane happy jack young restless


Back at Newman Media, Adam appears with champagne. He tells Sally about being the new CEO of Newman.

She is thrilled and hugs and kisses him to commemorate the moment.

sally congrats adam young restless

Nate arrives home to Elena of Perpetual Slumber. She asks about the party. He tells her about the risk that paid off.

elena slumbers young resless

At home, Amanda and Devon are happy with their success. He has concerns about Nate but Amanda says not to look for trouble. She gets frisky.

amanda frisky young restless


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