Nate Decides to Move and Is Bowled Over by Devon’s Offer, and ‘Taylor’ Pushes Allie Closer to Jack

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Devon offers Nate a job, Taylor changes Allie’s mind, and Elena gets a surprise. In the previous episode, Victoria confronted Ashland after her family showed her the evidence against him and Allie met the mysterious woman buying her house.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for Wednesday, March 23, 2022 episode airs in the USA Thursday, March 24. Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.)

nate chelsea penthouse YR

Chelsea shows Nate into her old penthouse. After they catch up on her situation with Connor, he tells her he just wants to do what’s right for everyone. It’s time for a change.

Chelsea says not much has changed since he last lived there. It’s nice of him to consider buying an apartment from a poisoner. If Rey has gotten past it, he says, he can too. She’ll always be grateful to Rey for giving her a second chance.

nate looks over penthouse YR

Devon joins them and Nate asks if he’d like to be neighbors again. Nate explains that the move is because of all the work being done on his place with Elena. Chelsea leaves them alone and Devon assures him there won’t be push back to him moving back in.

He quizzes the doctor about the mood he was in and turning down Locke’s offer. Nate doesn’t want to drag him into that mess. He asks if the job offer from him and Lily was real.

phyllis advice jack YR

At the Abbott estate, Jack thinks back to telling Allie he doesn’t want to put any pressure on her. She suggested they could go for coffee if he came back to town. Phyllis snaps him out of this.

jack phyllis discuss allie YR

She tells him that Traci’s “Miss Manners” approach to this situation might not be the best one. He can’t step back while his granddaughter is in pain and they should throw caution to the wind. She suggests they book the jet and fly to LA.

Jack tells her they aren’t dropping everything and running off to California. This is a delicate situation and they need to find a way to approach Allie that won’t scare her away.

She suggests they concoct a story to get her to Genoa City. He doesn’t want to launch this relationship on a lie. He’ll reach out to her and take her up on her offer to have coffee. They will just do what she decides.

taylor avdice allie YR

In LA, Taylor tells Allie that it is a lovely house. Allie wonders why she wanted to meet in person since she’s not concerned with a tour.

Taylor tells Allie she just wanted to meet the owner because she was curious about why someone would sell a home in such a nice neighborhood. Allie mentions her father lived there and passed away.

allie gets call from jack YR

When Taylor asks if she has other family, Allie gets a call from Jack, who asks if he can take her up on her offer for coffee. She’s not sure. She didn’t think their next meeting would be for a while. He offers to give her some time.

Back in Genoa City, Phyllis tells Jack that at least Allie didn’t say “no.”

phyllis jack guacamole YR

Jack and Phyllis go to Society so she can get guacamole and they can distract themselves. They chat about Harrison and how bright he is. Summer has found a replacement for Phyllis in her marketing department. Jack says she can’t be replaced and wonders if she has no regrets about going to Milan.

Phyllis has no regrets, if she’d left for Italy, they couldn’t have had their adventure in LA. Jack is grateful for her company and support. “I owe you big time Red,” he says. She’s just glad to help.

taylor allie talk family YR

Back in LA, Taylor queries what’s going on with Allie, who downplays it. Taylor says she has survived more than she can imagine. Regret is a hard thing to live with once it’s too late to connect. She wishes she had family to reach out to and starts apologizing for being so forward.

Allie tells her what she’s saying is kind of comforting. Taylor knows that losing a parent is a hard blow and she must be feeling lost. She urges her not put Jack off. Allie wonders why she assumes he’s family. Taylor suggests that if he’s someone who could offers support, maybe she should reach out to him?

Allie tells her it’s nice to have some advice from someone outside of this. She’s appreciated everything she had to say and is glad they had the chance to meet. It’s good to know her father’s house is going to someone so sensitive.

After they talk about shower knobs, Allie goes into the bathroom and Taylor turns away to send a text.

Jack gets a text saying that Allie might be more receptive soon.

Allie finishes showing Taylor around the house and asks when she will be moving n. Taylor isn’t sure. She has family issues of her own to deal with. At the moment, the house is a safety net for her… just in case.

jack asks phyllis back off YR

Jack and Phyllis got the the Grand Phoenix. She is still eager to find out who the texter is. Jack thinks they should just treat the latest message as a step in the right direction.

An anonymous person being involved in this doesn’t sit well with Phyllis. Jack doesn’t want to question their motives now. He owes them a huge favor for uniting him with his granddaughter.

Phyllis is sure the texter is a female. Jack doesn’t want to push and tick her off. He asks her to step back and let whoever it has their anonymity for now. For the moment, he just wants to enjoy having hope.

When Jack gets home, Allie calls and tells him she would like to have coffee when he is in LA. He’s looking forward to it. Taylor has been listening in on the call and smiles to herself.

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lily billy discuss podcast YR

At their place, Lily tells Billy that she has great news. She tries to make him guess first. He just wants to know so they can kiss and celebrate. She congratulates him on his podcast and says it got great feedback.

A lot more people are listening than Traci. He’s surprised. She’s sure a lot of people have connected to his journey. He though he’d be trashed for being so personal. She’s really proud and thinks he should put out episode two. He’s not sure he has anything else to say.

Billy tells Lily that he went deep on his first podcast. Now he doesn’t know what to say.

She’s sure he has plenty of other stories to tell. Billy Abbott always has something to say and he shouldn’t give up. This has had a positive effect on him. He’s in a better mood and more energized. She’d like more of all those good things.

devon billy lily discuss merger YR

As they kiss, Nate and Devon interrupt, eager to discuss the merger and what Nate’s place in it could be. Lily thinks she’s come up with a plan. As they sit down she explains they should consolidate. Chancellor should focus more on commercial and entertainment real estate. Devon approves. Everyone tells Lily how brilliant she is.

They discuss the autonomy of the divisions. Lily has already spoken to Jill and she is confident the board will give their full approval.

She asks Nate how he feels about this. He’s ready for a new beginning, but doesn’t know where he would fit in.

nate coo offer YR

Devon asks him to be his COO. Taken aback, Nate thinks he has too much faith in his business skills. Devon knows he does admin work and is confident he can handle this.

Elena arrives at Society, talking to the contractor on the phone about a delay with a part. She gets a text from Nate promising a surprise.

nate surprises elena YR

Elena shows up at the penthouse. The door is open. She calls for Nate. He strolls in with keys and tells her the place is theirs if she wants it. The construction at their place is driving them crazy so why not move back in.

From the look on her face, he wonders if she hates the idea.

She has to sit down and catch her breath. He understands it could be awkward living across the hall from Devon. She’s been working to heal things between them. The doctor doesn’t want her to feel pressured and will give the keys back if she doesn’t want to be there.

nate elena talk new job YR

“I think I love the idea of living here,” she says. They can finally focus on the joy of living without construction workers to interrupt them. He warns Devon is likely to constantly interrupt.

She can handle that but wonders if this is what he really wants or this is connected to the Ashland situation. Is he just trying to outrun his demons?

Nate just wants to hit the reset button. If this will help him cope, she won’t fight it. “I think Neil left me this place for a reason,” he muses before telling her that he is a newly minted COO.

lily and billy talk family business YR

Back at Lily’s, she and Billy admire all that she’s accomplished. She knows that he always rebelled against the family business but this has been an ambition for her.

He says her family handle all their issues like rational adults, unlike his, who are petty and stubborn. She thanks him for having so much faith in her. They kiss.

neil photo YR

Devon goes to his penthouse and tells Neil’s photo that the family is finally coming together the way he always dreamed.

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