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The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for the Thursday, September 2, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Friday, September 3. In the previous episode, Sally & Phyllis got into a big fight. In this episode, Mariah feeds Dominic, Abby worries about Mariah, and the launch party continues in the aftermath of the fight.

At Grand Phoenix, the launch presentation is going to start soon, so Phyllis goes off to make plans with her staff. Upstairs in the green room, Sally pulls away from her kiss with Adam. He asks, “Where did that come from?” She isn’t sure. “Let’s follow our impulse and see where it leads.” He calls this a bad idea. She asks, “Why, because technically you’re my boss?” He says that’s just one reason that overshadows everything else. “I am toxic,” he reveals. He’s been down this road before. She agrees not to push and admits her own romantic track record is the same. He tells Sally she’s smart, dynamic, and beautiful. She gets it. “It’s not me, it’s you.” She thinks it’d be spectacular, though. He thinks it can stay that way in their imaginations. “Do we agree?”

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At the Chancellor mansion, Abby worries to Tessa about what Mariah went through. Tessa says they need to give her all the support they can. Abby asks if she’s opened up to Tessa. Tessa reveals she’s processing and probably only needs time. She’s off to see the baby. Tessa wants to join her to see Mariah but first, plays her the new lullaby.

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At the hospital, Mariah has a nightmare and wakes up yelling, “My baby needs to live!” A nurse comes by and tells her it’s baby feeding time. She pumped and asks if she can feed Dominic. The nurse leaves and returns with the blanket baby and Mariah coos and smiles at Bowie Dominic. He kept her sane in there and she won’t forget a moment of it. She comments on how different it feels holding him in her arms than it did when he was inside of her. It’s so natural. She tells him a secret. “I wish I could breastfeed you. But I can’t. It’s in the contract I signed. Don’t worry,” she says. That’s her milk that he’s eating now. It’ll make him strong and healthy. That’s what he’ll be to her. “My sweet precious little Bowie.” She rocks him as Abby and Tessa stroll in, surprised at the scene. Since he’s finished eating, Mariah apologizes. He was hungry and couldn’t wait. Abby asks to burp him. It’s award as Mariah is obviously feeling funny about giving the baby to her.

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Elena returns to the Newman Launch party, which Billy calls a dud. Elsewhere, Phyllis tries to get her staff to get the champagne ready for the launch, using her headset. Victor approaches and asks her to kindly refrain from more antics. Phyllis blames Sally for throwing the drink in her face first. Victor listens and then leans in and says, “Phyllis, behave.” He asks her not to regret hiring her. She hopes he regrets hiring Sally. He admits he enjoyed the spectacle of her dumping ice water on her. He’ll deal with Sally. Phyllis is glad to hear that and thinks he should deal with Adam, too. “If you ask me, he and Sally are a match made in hell.” Nearby, Nick and Jack say basically the same thing. They watch as Sally and Adam appear downstairs from the elevator. Sally goes to get air and elsewhere, Nikki congratulates Nate on his new job. He’s thinking of a hospital expansion. Nikki is impressed by that. Nate turns talk to Elena being the new face of Ask MD Now. Victor appears. He’s sorry to hear that. He and Adm were going to offer her the position of Chief Medical Journalist of Newman Media. The offer stands if she wants to jump ship. She gave ChanceComm her word and won’t go back on it. He’s sorry to hear it but admires her loyalty. The elder Newmans take off and Nate admires his girlfriend. Across the room, Billy’s dying of boredom, watching everyone pat each other on the back. Lily hopes he doesn’t die of boredom because if he does, he can’t participate in what she has planned later. He moves in for a sweet kiss. Adam goes to Victor and tells his dad he has nothing to worry about regarding what happened with Sally and Phyllis. The media thrives on a good headline. Adam promises they’ll come out like champions. Adam asks everyone to join him in the ballroom for the main event. Nearby, Nick asks Phyllis what happened between her and Sally. She fills him in. He nods.

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Phyllis says, “I deeply regret my actions.”
“Do you?”
“No. I don’t. It was awesome seeing her a waterlogged mess. It was great,” Phyllis admits, giving him his handkerchief back that he lent her to clean up with.

Nick doesn’t think it’s doing her any good kicking the hornets’ nest. She points out Billy sitting alone and thinks it’s sad. Nick has to keep an eye on him for his dad. He encourages his girlfriend to stay dry the rest of the night. She goes off to work and Nick asks why Billy’s not inside spying. Billy calls it a bore. They hear a lot of clapping and Nick goes into the ballroom where Victor announces the launch and introduces Adam, who thanks everyone for supporting the new dynamic media company. He talks about the power and strength of family, which the company was born out of. He hopes to bring his own son into the business.

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Back outside the ballroom, Lily talks about Amanda going on a trip with Imani. Elena says Nate’s been busy. She calls Nate going above and beyond to save Mariah and bring baby Dominic into the world. She goes to him while Billy pops up. Lily says that it’s clear Adam’s looking to expand by finding some talent elsewhere. He looked at her when talking about adding more entities. Billy doesn’t think father and son are on the same page with this. Nearby, Jack tells Phyllis that he’s happy for Adam turning his life around and thinks the venue and food was amazing. She outdid herself. Phyllis is thankful. She hopes the “little dustup” doesn’t overshadow. She tanks him for controlling her. “I didn’t want to spare you the loss of any more champagne.” Phyllis laughs. It’d have been worth it to see Sally drenched.” She laughs.

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Nearby, Billy goes to Victor and Adam and congratulates them. Victor thinks he looks three sheets to the wind. Billy taunts them and Victor laughs it off. Adam calls him paranoid. “If you plan on having your going out of business party here by the holidays, you might want to check with Phyllis before they get booked up.” The men get up and leave and Lily appears, asking what Billy’s up to. He wants to start the after-party. She shows him a key to a room to his old suite because that’s where they fell in love. They rush upstairs.

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Meanwhile, Phyllis and Nick head to their room and she kicks herself for causing a scene at the party. He thinks she should move on from it, then asks her to remove the headset so they can get romantic. She jokes that she’s talking to security on the headset, who asks him to take off his jacket and his shirt. She feigns telling security that he’s taking it off and when he does she drops the headset and they make out. At the bar, Sally calls Adam a born leader. She enjoyed his speech.

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Nate escorts Elena home downstairs at Crimson Lights. They talk about the party and Victor’s job offer, and banter and flirt. He’s stoked to have a fundraising goddess at his side. They kiss and head up to her place.

At home, Jack makes himself a drink and takes out the handkerchief, and grins.

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At home later, Victor and Nikki admit that they liked Phyllis dumping the ice water on Sally’s head. They share a laugh.

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Next week on Y&R!

Abby introduces her baby to his family, while Mariah looks on, uneasily.
Victoria tells Ashland about she had a run-in with Billy and it seems like no matter what she says, he’s bound and determined to find something damning in his past.
Phyllis doesn’t know who Jack was hoping Sally would turn out to be. He admits he had hoped she would turn into Phyllis.

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