Jack is Shocked When Kyle Informs His He’s Giving Diane a Second Chance & Adam Learns Nikki’s Co-CEO, as Ashland Comes Clean to Jack

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Sally learns the Diane story, Ashland asks Jack for help, and Billy vents on his podcast. In the previous episode, Victoria learned she was innocent and gave Victor an ultimatum about the company.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for May 3, 2022 episode airs in the USA May 4. Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.)

victor tells adam about diane YR

In his office at Newman-Locke, Victor informs Adam that Diane is alive. The mustache doesn’t have the full story. Sally shows up as Victor explains that Diane wants to reunite with her son.

Adam tells her someone they thought was dead is alive and well. They give her a gloss on the situation. She wants gossip but isn’t getting any. Victor warns them both to steer clear of Miss Jenkins.

sally hears about diane YR

Adam turns the topic back to Victoria. “She’s not very fond of you, son,” Victor explains. His son doesn’t see why his sister thinks he’s such a threat so Victor points out how he goes behind people’s backs.

Victor has encouraged his daughter to assign Adam the Co-CEO position but she said she would rather resign. Sally suggests they call her bluff.

Adam gets mopey and his father tells him that he only needs to convince his sister that he is loyal and has good ideas.

adam sally talk victoria YR

After Victor takes off, Adam admits to Sally that there are quite a few similarities between Diane and the man he used to be. He doesn’t want to wade into that.

They go back to the Victoria situation and she thinks the fact that his father is on his side is a huge win. Now all he has to do is win his sister over. She’s sure that he’s charming and persuasive enough to do that.

nikki and victoria argue about adam YR

Nikki drops by her daughter’s office. Victoria informs her that her father wants Adam to take over Ashland’s old position. She’s insulted that he thinks she’s an emotional mess.

Nikki thinks she should channel her anger at Ashland. Victoria thinks that Adam is now more of a threat than her husband. Her mom wants the family to stay strong and focused.

Victoria explains she left the situation in Victor’s hands. She gave him an ultimatum: it’s either her or Adam. She thinks her brother is a snake with his heart set on undermining her.

Victor may have always had a blindspot with his son, but she doesn’t. Nikki points out he has done well with Newman Media. Victoria realizes her father will never see Adam the way she does.

However, if she agrees to have a Co-CEO, she could hire someone her father would have to concede is a better choice. “I’m looking at her,” she says.

nikki is not sure about offer YR

Normally Nikki would be flattered by such an offer, but doesn’t want to be a pawn in her game with Victor.

Victoria thinks it’s a brilliant plan and there’s no way her father can say no. Nikki doesn’t want to be in the middle of more strife. Her daughter tells her how great they work together and assures her this is a sincere offer. They can have lots of fun.

Nikki isn’t sure how much fun it will be when Victor gets wind of it. Her daughter insists this can only be good for the company and she won’t let Adam’s potentially hurt feelings determine her decisions.

Her mother thinks the family needs to work on presenting a united front because what happened with Ashland will be public soon. Victoria insists that this is the best way to do just that.

adam learns nikki co-ceo YR

Later, Adam stops by his sister’s office, eager to clear the air. He says he never would have let his father advocate for him until they had had a conversation. She wonders if he is going to offer her half a billion dollars.

Sitting down, he reminds her of how much her work load has increased since the acquisition. He knows she doesn’t trust him because of their history, but he wants to change that and prove their working together could be a positive thing.

She agrees that she might need some help now that Ashland is out of the picture. He doesn’t need a title and is happy to pitch in. She makes it clear she doesn’t want his help.

Victoria has already hired someone as her Co-CEO: her mother.

nikki tells victor of new job YR

Nikki and Victor go to Crimson Lights and she tells him about her conversation with their daughter. Victoria offered her the Co-CEO job and she accepted. “Really?” he asks with a smile.

She tells him how much sense this makes. He thinks it was a very smart move and she will give the company stability. She’s surprised he won’t fight their daughter on this. Taking her hands, he calls her “Madame CEO” and says it makes him very happy.

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ashland billy bicker YR

Billy confronts Ashland when he runs into him at the Grand Phoenix. When he questions him about his plans, Locke says they are none of his business. Billy orders him to stay away from Victoria.

Locke accuses him of laying everything on the table. It’s obvious that he’s still in love with Victoria and he’s surprised Lily is tolerating that. Billy is sure that Victoria can handle herself and he’s warning him for his own sake.

Ashland says Victoria is not nearly so angry with him as he thinks she is. Billy is pretty sure that he is on the top of Victor’s hit list and that’s not a fun place to be.

billy podcasting YR

Billy goes to his podcast office and vents about his run-in with a business mogul who lies and manipulates to get what he wants. He takes and takes until he sucks everyone dry and causes pain to everyone close to him.

If wealth and power offers immunity to someone, that is an indictment on everyone, he declares, shutting him laptop in a huff.

kyle vents to jack YR

When Jack gets home, Kyle tells him he’s relieved that Harrison is safe and sound. Jack says it’s his pleasure. His son still has no idea how to move forward with his mother.

“You take all the time you need,” Jack tells him.

Kyle tells him he’s already spilled his guts to Traci and Mariah today. This is hard. Jack repeats that he needs to take his time making a decision.

His son has a lot of questions and unfortunately there’s only one person who can answer them.

ashland calls jack YR

After Kyle exits, Ashland calls Jack and tells him he has something important to discuss with him.

kyle visits diane YR

Kyle shows up at Diane’s suite. She has been packing because she thought he could use some space. Her son has a lot of questions, but they all boil down to how he’s supposed to know she’s changed.

She admits that when they were together, she wanted to give him the best picture of her possible. That’s why she was so angry when he read the expose that Phyllis wrote about her. He admits he could never reconcile those two images.

His mother claims she’s an open book and he can ask her anything. She tells him about going to therapy. It was hard for her to admit that she wasn’t a victim but a narcissist.

diane has answers for kyle YR

Her behavior left her broke and alone. Worst of all, it cost her the joy of their life together. That was crushing to admit but also the first step on the road that brought them back together.

She asks for his forgiveness. He appreciates what she’s saying, but it might not be enough. Diane claims she will return to LA and leave him alone if he’s not interested. She’s just grateful he was open enough to hear her out.

Diane would love a chance to make up for some of the damage she’s caused. Her son still isn’t sure that’s possible. He’s missed her every day since she was gone but he doesn’t know if the version of her he knows was ever real.

She insists that her love for him was never an act. It was the only good part of herself. With difficulty, he admits he’s willing to leave the door open so she can prove she is who she says she is.

kyle questions diane YR

“Please don’t go back to LA.” he says.

ashland and jack meet YR

Jack and Ashland meet at Society. Locke informs him that he has done some reprehensible things and they will come back to bite him. He wants to make sure Harrison is impacted as little as possible.

Jack is shocked when Locke confesses that he never had cancer. He’s disgusted with his own ruthlessness and cruelty. Jack worries about how Victoria is dealing with this and doesn’t want to hear any excuses.

Locke explains he’s doing everything to make this as easy on Victoria as possible. He didn’t want to leave town without seeing Harrison and is worried about how Kyle and Summer will react when they hear the news.

ashland gives jack pitch YR

“You damn well should be,” Jack says. Ashland knows he has behaved terribly, but he loves Harrison and Victoria. He will do whatever it takes to keep that boy in his life. Jack doesn’t want to advocate on his behalf with Kyle.

Ashland tells him nothing is black and white. Jack is sick of all this twisted reasoning and suggests he find someone else to make his case.

Before exiting, he warns that now is not a good time to go to Kyle seeking forgiveness.

When Kyle returns to the Abbott estate, he tells his father that his conversation with Diane was intense. Jack is shocked when his son informs him that he is giving his mother a chance to prove herself to him.

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