Jill Blasts Victoria for Her Part in Taking Billy Down, While Chance Struggles To Adjust to Civilian Life, Which Doesn’t Go Unnoticed

Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for Monday, December 6, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Tuesday, December 6. (Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.) In the previous episode, Nick read Ashland the riot act. In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Chance is uncomfortable at his party, Jill is angry at Victor and at Victoria for what they did to Billy, Chance has issues at the party, and Victor thinks that he’s got some psychological issues and that they should watch him.

Jack, Ashley and Jill turn up at Grand Phoenix and Victor tells the family that they have a true hero among them. He talks about the safe house being attacked and that he’s the sole survivor, helping the state department to identify those responsible. They can’t discuss this. The press knows nothing about this. He says there’s extra security around the hotel to keep Chance safe. Everyone claps.

Nikki’s proud of him and knows Katherine would be too. Ashley talks about how Abby never lost faith in him. “And I never will,” she says, kissing him. Everyone gets drinks and Abby thinks Chance must be hungry. He claims he’s fine but she tells him, “Let’s go get you something to eat.” Jack and Phyllis discuss how great it is that Chance is home.

party home chance young restless

Victor thanks Jack for helping find Abby. Jack’s stunned. Jack downplays his role. Later, by the buffet table, Abby offers to get him a drink. She goes off and Nikki turns up. She can tell he doesn’t want to be there. He admits it’s true and he’s trying to put what happened in the rear view mirror. Victor appears and the men shake hands. Nikki says they need to celebrate the good times. If Katherine was there, she’d insist on it. Chance tells Victor he loves his daughter.

chance party young restless cbs

At Crimson Lights, Sharon tells Nick how it’s a miracle that Chance is home. He agrees. He doesn’t want to ruin the party by showing up. Sharon thinks he should try to be civil. Nick says it isn’t that easy. He and Ashland got into it today. He fills Sharon in on their conversation and how Victoria walked in on him when he warned Ashland not to hurt her. He complains about being out of the loop in his family since she was the one who told him about Chance.

Nick doesn’t want to be the one to get a champagne bucket of ice dumped on his head. Sharon encourages him to go anyway. The party is about Chance and Abby and how love triumphed. “You are such a romantic,” he says, laughing. He asks if she thinks he’s doing anything to push people away. She in turn asks where he got a crazy idea like that. She thinks he means Phyllis but he denies it. It came from Victoria.

Sharon thinks his sister is angry and knows how to get under his skin. Sharon doesn’t think she’s right. “We’re still friends and I’m not going anywhere. You’re a good man, Nick. Your intentions are pure. The problem is, you just expect everyone around you to be as good as you.” He laughs. “Yeah, right!”

sharon talks nick party young restless

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Back at Grand Phoenix, Abby tells Victoria she’s sorry she missed her wedding. She looked stunning in her dress. Ashland knows being a single parent had challenges. Abby can’t recall being this happy. With Chance being home, everything is as it’s meant to be. Ashland can’t wait to meet him. Abby hollers for him to come over and introductions are made.

Ashland falls over himself to tell Chance his bravery is remarkable. “And I’m just talking about you marrying into the Newman family.” The women laugh. Victoria offers to help get him back into civilian life. She calls him inspiring. He tries to smile and nod but seems to be having a hard time.

ash meets chance young restless

Victor says a toast to Chance. They all thought they lost him but there is, proud father to Dominic, and a husband to Abby. He’s a proud grandfather. Ashley is proud to be a first-time grandmother and Phyllis yells, “Let’s not forget about Great Granny Jill!”

Jill laughs. “Oh my God, Phyllis.” She loves this but hopes once the tyke starts talking he’ll call her something better than that. Everyone laughs. They all chip in with a loving toast and drink champagne.

toast champagne chance party young restless

Outside, Chance clutches at his turtle neck and tries to breathe. Devon pops up. “Are you okay?” Chance says it’s crowded in there. He’s not used to the adulation. He calls Devon the real MVP for caring for Abby and Dom while he was away. Devon says not to downplay the lengths he went to in order to keep people safe. Chance says he should have been there to keep his family safe.

Inside, Victor wishes Jill the best in her retirement. She tells him she’s as retired as he is. She’ll be an advisory. He calls it a wise move. They drink and Devon comes in with Chance.

chance devon losing it young restless

At the bar, Victor thinks Katherine would be proud of Jill. He advises her to keep Billy Boy away from the reins of the company. If she does, Chancellor will do well. “Lucky me, you approve,” she says, stung. He clinks her glass and she looks upset. Victoria watches from nearby.

Elsewhere, Chance finds Abby. Devon hugs her and says Amanda’s with Imani. He lets Chance that Imani’s her sister. He’ll have to tell him all about her. Later, Victoria finds Jill. She wants to buy ChancComm. It’ll help safe face and help Billy. Jill laughs. Victoria thinks it’ll be good for him not to lose to Adam again. Jill thinks it’s fascinating she wants to help Billy when she was part of the plan to bring him down. She takes off and Ashland asks what that was about. Victoria thinks Jill loves the game as much as her father does. “I’m ready. Let’s play,” he says.

Nearby, Ash asks if Phyllis liked her Thanksgiving dinner with Jack. She did.

jill victor argue billy young restless

She tells Ashley about her dream that Ashley was in. Ash thinks she probably was holding a pitchfork and wearing horns. “No, you weren’t that obvious,” Phyllis says, smirking. She asks how much of a role Jack had in her dream. Phyllis says he was in it but they weren’t together. She goes to Chance to ask about his top-secret mission. He’d rather do a speech. He thanks everyone for coming and says it’s good to see them. He says his team is the real heroes and wraps things up by thanking Abby and telling them that though he hasn’t spent a lot of time there, they’re all stuck with him. Afterward, he asks Abby if they’re done there. They say their goodbyes.

chance talks heros young restless

Mariah pops into Crimson Lights. She is about to leave when she sees Nick. He tells Sharon he has to go and Sharon calls Mariah over. Why isn’t she at Chance’s party? Mariah says it slipped her mind. She’s slammed at work. Sharon stares her down. Mariah admits she didn’t forget. She tried to talk herself into going the last two hours. She doesn’t know if he heard of how attached she got to his son. She thinks the conversation would be awkward. Sharon says it may be a bonding experience. Mariah doesn’t want to take away from his moment to shine.

sharon mariah no party young restless

Nick turns up at Grand Phoenix. He sees Devon, who tells him that the happy couple left. Devon goes and Nikki hugs her son, glad he came. He tells her she looks beautiful. She asks him to get a drink and he sees Jack and then Phyllis and claims he has things to do. He’ll talk to her tomorrow. He goes and Jack tells Phyllis it was good seeing her. She feels the same. He tells her the party was great. She has a way of making things special. She grins and invites him to talk but he’s tired. They’ll talk soon. Nearby, Ashley and Victor think that Chance seems psychologically fragile. Nikki agrees. She can’t imagine the pressure he was under. Vic thinks they need to keep an eye on him.

At home, Chance sits alone in the living room. Abby asks if she’s hovering. He tells her she isn’t. She talks about love bringing them back together. He says it reminded him this is home. She’s glad. He’ll never put her through hell like that again. “I promise,” he says. Later, he feeds Dominic and tells him nobody will love him as much as he does. “You changed my life, pal.” Nothing will be more important than him. The baby cries momentarily. Chance holds him closer as he thinks about everyone telling him how proud they are of him.

abby hovers chance young restless

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