Jack Threatens Diane, Chelsea Spins Out of Control, and Kyle & Summer Tell Their Parents Their Plans to Move Home

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Phyllis tries to talk Summer into pushing Diane out of Kyle’s life, Adam worries Chelsea is getting close to the edge, and Kyle insists his father give Diane a chance. In the previous episode, Phyllis had a meltdown when Kyle asks Diane to stay, and Imani and Nate bonded.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for May 26, 2022 episode airs in the USA May 27. Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.)


At the Grand Phoenix, Jack assures Phyllis that he wants their relationship, but he thinks they need to take it day to day. She suggests he let her prove how in-synch she wants to be with him if he has the time.

Jack can hardly turn that down, but Kyle texts and wants to meet. Phyllis vents about Diane. She’s worried that Kyle will be hurt by his mom.

Jack knows and agrees but doesn’t think trying to influence his son will help so he won’t. “I know you’re not going to, but someone has to,” she grumbles to herself as he walks off.


Summer runs into Chloe at Crimson Lights and tells her how great the dresses for Mariah and Tessa’s wedding were. They chat about their jobs and what a handful it can be to deal with designers.

Chloe assures her everything is great with Chelsea and bustles off. Phyllis arrives and hugs her daughter, happy they can meet up so easily.

The topic immediately turns to Diane. Summer senses her mom is still upset about the situation. Sitting down, Phyllis sarcastically tells her how impressed she is by the way her daughter has been handling Diane’s return and the threat she poses to Kyle’s life.

She urges her to convince him to put his wife and family first and get that woman out of town. Summer doesn’t trust Diane either but she’s not so sure that Kyle getting to know her is a bad thing.


When she brings up all the time Phyllis was in a coma, Phyllis reminds her that wasn’t her fault. Diane faked her death. Summer brings up Dina reuniting with Jack.

Tearing up sugar packets, Phyllis insists that what Diane did was inexcusable. Dina was at the end of her days and couldn’t hurt Jack anymore. Diane is in the prime of her miserable life and can still inflict damage.

She can remove Kyle from the Abbotts emotionally, creating a rift in the family. She’s sure he will be dragged into defending her over and over. There are good reasons why everyone hates Diane.

Summer is starting to think this is really about her mom’s hate of Diane. Her mom has no problem admitting she hates her but almost everyone else does. Her daughter points out Kyle doesn’t.

Phyllis is sure that Kyle is smart and has a million “what-ifs” in his head. But she’s sure Diane has been plotting this for a long time and warns her not to underestimate how manipulative she will be.

Summer is adamant that Diane will not affect her marriage. But she has to stand back and let this play out. Her mom thinks she’s wrong.

Changing the subject, she tells her mom that Marchetti has major financial problems. They are seriously over-extended. She and Kyle think Jabot should buy them out and move the company to Genoa City.

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Her mom is thrilled and amazed. There is nothing she would like more. Summer assures her that she wants to come back. She’s missed her. Phyllis hugs her and sobs about how much she’s missed her.

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Adam and Sally have lunch at Society. He tells her how his parents have let business suffer while they have been putting all their focus on propping up Victoria.

She suggests they launch a niche platform to start building an audience for Newman Media.

Sally knows he’s frustrated that their plan to reunite Ashland and Victoria is on hold but she assures him it’s all in hand.


Chelsea comes in, leaving a loud and worried message to Chloe about fabric delays. When Adam asks if she’s okay, she insists she’s great but is sure that Sally wishes otherwise.

The women begin bickering until Chloe swans in, apologizing for being late. She leads Chelsea away.

Sally knows she shouldn’t have gotten into it with her. They wonder if she’s having work problems. Adam hopes it’s only work related. He’s seen Chelsea like that before and it was bad news.

Across the room, Chelsea and Chloe discuss the late fabric delivery. Chloe tries to keep it calm and offers to handle all the details. Her friend is on edge and claims she hasn’t been sleeping well.


Chloe assures her that is normal and urges her to focus on her creative side. Chelsea starts railing about Victoria going to the spa after leaving a man dead. Her friend doesn’t see the big deal and suggests they take a trip themselves.

Chelsea snaps she doesn’t need a girls’ trip and accuses her of patronizing her. She storms out. Adam strides over and asks how long she has been like that.

She downplays her friend’s behavior. He reminds her that he’s seen all of this before and he’s only asking for his son’s sake. She assures him he doesn’t have to worry about Connor.

However, she admits that Rey’s death really affected her friend. He didn’t know how much Rey meant to her. Is this going to set her back? Chloe assures him she’s just a little angry at the world right now.

Adam returns to Sally and tells her Chelsea became more attached to Rey than anyone realized. That makes sense to her. They get back to talking business.

She senses he is still thinking about his ex. He suspects that whatever is going on with her is more than grieving a friend.

At the Abbott estate, Kyle and Diane chat about how great Harrison is. He’s out back playing with a friend.

Kyle thanks his mother for not pushing things with his son. He’s not sure what she will be to him. Diane assures him they will figure it out and she’ll go whatever pace he’s comfortable with.

Jack arrives and his son informs him that Diane will be staying in town a little longer. She guesses he already heard that news. He confirms it.

Kyle explains he’s putting her up at another hotel. Jack makes it clear to Diane that he has not sought to influence his son. Whatever Phyllis did, she did on her own. Nonetheless, Jack advises his son to be careful.

Diane warns that easing up may be for the best because everyone ganging up against her will only attract her son’s support. She insists that reconciling with her son is her only reason for staying.

After she thanks her son, she suggests he have Harrison call her DiDi. He likes that. She exits. Jack stews.

He warns his son about how manipulative Diane was just being. Kyle knows she was taking liberties, but she is still his mom. He believes her when she says she was broken and wants to do better.

His father worries that he has already let her all the way back into his life. Kyle thought everyone was going to be more open-minded and asks him to try for his sake.

They calm down and Kyle announces he and Summer are thinking of moving back. Kyle gives him a pitch to buy Marchetti. He’s crunched the numbers and thinks a deal like this could work.

He’s confident that Summer is ready to take this on. Jack loves the idea but from a business standpoint, this is complicated. Jabot decided to focus on cosmetics, not fashion. His son encourages him to take advantage of the opportunity.

Jack is intrigued but wonders how much Diane factors in. His son insists she’s irrelevant.


Diane checks into the Athletic Club. Jack shows up at her door. He tells her he is supporting his son’s choice to let her back in. Choking up, Jack wants his son to fill the void she left in his life.

But if it turns out she has some other motive, he threatens that he will make her regret coming back. She assures him she doesn’t and wouldn’t blame him for raining hell on her if she did.

Diane can’t keep tying herself up in knots. She just wants everyone to see she is sincere. If he can accept that, it might bring him some happiness. She adds that she knows what it’s like to be lonely and uncertain.

Unsure why she said that, Jack assures her he’s in a good place professionally and personally. He walks out, upset and confused. She smiles to herself.


Looking at a photo of Harrison on her phone, Diane says things are going better than she’d hoped and he will get to know his DiDi much better.

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Chelsea goes to the park and throws her purse. Kyle finds her looking upset. She claims she just has work issues. He wonders if there is more. She claims she’s just been stressed out.

Kyle gets her to take a breath and swear she’s okay. He leaves her alone.

Jack heads to the Grand Phoenix to catch up with Phyllis. They discuss the Marchetti plans. She thinks it’s great… but it’s “coincidental” and better not be encouragement for Diane to stay.

He tells her that Diane has already started ingratiating herself. “Diane went away once. She needs to go away again,” she says.

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Jack asks Phyllis if she’s been marking her territory with Diane.

“I just hope you know how sorry I am about Rey,” Ashland tells Sharon, but she doesn’t want to hear it and gives him a piece of her mind.

“I want you to talk to Kyle and ask him to restrict all visitation rights from Ashland Locke. I want you to sever all ties completely,” Victor tells Summer.

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