Jack Refuses To Enable Billy’s Latest Addiction, and Lily Eavesdrops When Adam Asks Sally to Spy on Billy

Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for Tuesday, December 7, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Wednesday, December 8. (Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.) In the previous episode, Chance exhibited issues getting into civilian life. In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Billy asks Jack for a favor, Chance gets used to civilian life, Rey goes to see his old partner, and Sharon tries to find a gift for Rey for Christmas, enlisting Esther’s help.

Phyllis is flustered when Jack turns up at Grand Phoenix. He’s there to see Billy. Billy asks him to join him in buying ChancComm from his mother. He wants to fight against Adam and thinks Jack would enjoy a win over Victor. He asks his brother not to let him down.

phyllis nervous jack young restless

Jack flat out refuses. He’s reminded of going after Cyaxares and says he walked right into Victor and Adam’s trap. “I’ve been here before,” he says. He won’t enable his latest addiction. Billy’s surprised. “To power, to vengeance to the latest, ultimate gamble,” Jack says. Billy thinks Jack sees everything he does as addiction based but he was just doing his job. Jack says he exploited the truth to his advantage until Adam and Victor turned the tables on him. He asks his brother to let it go. Billy mopes.

Adam spots Sally at Society. He asks to join her and she admits she would love the company. He was thinking about her run-in with Billy. He had a change of heart and asks if she can find out more about what that’s about. “Are you asking me if I’ll spy for you?” Lily eavesdrops from nearby as he asks her to share any strange behavior with him that she sees.

adam sally talk billy young restless

“Oh good, cause my businesses is in gossip, not fashion,” she complains. He didn’t mean to offend her. Sally isn’t into it but Adam says it’s not corporate espionage. She asks then why he’s still interested in Billy. He says maybe he’s asking out of genuine interest. Lily rolls her eyes. Adam admits to Sally that he thinks he and his dad went too far.

He’s the father of his niece and nephew. Sally knows he warned Billy. Why did he go after him so hard? Adam thought if he could stop him, it’d end the war between them. He doesn’t think Billy can take another loss like that. Lily goes.

lily eavesdrops young restless

At Crimson Lights, Sharon says she’s interested in reading this murder mystery book Rey mentioned. He’s surprised since he spoiled the ending. “Oh yeah,” she says. She forgot. He asks her what’s going on. He teases that he can be tireless in questioning so she admits she needs guidance with getting him a Christmas gift. She calls him a great husband but he’s impossible to buy gifts for. He doesn’t need gifts. Only her! He suggests they go to the beach but the timing is off.

sharon wants buy rey gift young restless

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At the Chancellor estate, Chance notices Abby got new pillows for the sofa. She says Dominic spit up all over the last ones. He’s feeling bad that he missed out on so much. Abby thinks all that matters is that he’s home safe. They’ve plenty of precious moments on the way. He kisses her shoulder and smiles.

Nina calls to check in on her son. She’s so happy to see him alive and asks if he’s eating okay and then wonders how his leg injury is. Chance tells her to chill. Abby’s taking care of him. He looks at an app that shows the baby sleeping  and they fawn over how adorable he is.

chance notices new pillows young restless

Back at Grand Phoenix, Billy says he can’t count on Jack for anything. Jack says that’s not true. This isn’t the right path for him. There are too many temptations and triggers. He asks him to consider other options. Rey walks in and listens as Jack says he needs to give up this need to hurt Adam. Billy insists that’s not what this is about.

Jack refuses to change his mind. He goes and talks to Phyllis. He calls the conversation difficult. Phyllis knows it must be about the fate of ChancComm. Jack says Billy’s priorities are confused again.

billy jack favour young restless

She can’t judge, she says and talks about being loyal to her friends. Jack’s confused. Is she okay? She seems off. He asks if they can go talk in private. Rey sits with Billy and he talks about walking into a trap. He wonders if it’s too early for a Bloody Mary and offers Rey one. Rey passes.

Billy asks why he’s there. He’s not there to arrest him. The DA didn’t think there was enough to put a case together about the blackmail. He advises not to bend the law again. “Did you tell the Newman’s that?” Billy asks.

Later, Phyllis takes Jack to her room. She muses about her doorknob not working right and that she’d like to renovate them. Jack thinks she sounds jittery. Nervous. Phyllis admits she is. Jack takes blame. He’s sorry. Phyllis asks him not to be. He’s been supportive and kind. She talks about being his friend and his face falls. He doesn’t want to mess this up after the hell they put each other through. He asks for boundaries. Despite his feelings, it doesn’t mean he thinks they should try again. He’s overcome when he tells her he won’t try to rekindle things if it means glossing over the pain from their past. He can’t afford to make that mistake again. It took him a lot to put his heart back together. He couldn’t handle it breaking again. Phyllis nods.

jack upset phyllis friends young restless

Esther shows up at Crimson Lights. She has a a lot of Christmas packages and lets Sharon she’s having a hard time finding gifts for the kids. Sharon thinks she did a good job, judging by the size of her packages. Sharon admits she’s having the same issue with Rey. She asks if Kevin would know something.

Esther says the only thing he’s said about work is that Rey was happy that Chance made it home safely. They all are, Sharon says, thinking it’s the best Christmas gift they could have gotten. They discuss Chance having his own son and how time flies. They talk about his recovery and how Sharon’s concerned about his emotional state.

esther at crimson lights young restless

At the office, Adam tells Sally to forget he asked her to get intel about Billy. She’s surprised and asks if he doesn’t trust her. he just thinks that he has family and friends to worry about him. Sally doesn’t want her career to take another hit so Adam says she should do what she does best. Focus on that and don’t let Billy distract her. He asks her to pretend they never had this conversation. She seems confused and takes off. When she’s gone, he grins.

sally dress adam young restless

Lily arrives home and rants to Billy about the conversation she heard from Adam and Sally. Billy shares that if Adam is looking for more information about him that his plan will work. He thanks her for telling him but this isn’t her fight. She worries about the risks involved in him buying ChancComn. Billy says his brother refused to help and he asks for her support. She tells him she believes in him and loves him. That’s all he can ask of her, he tells her. They kiss.

lily billy talk risks young restless

Rey turns up at the Chancellor estate and Chance and Rey embrace. They’re thrilled to see each other. He says the chief wanted him to know he’s welcomed back at GCPD when he’s ready. Chance appreciates that. “Obviously it’s up to Chance but he needs to rest and recover. Selfishly, I want to spend more time with him before he rejoins the force.” She drapes herself on him.

Later, Rey’s gone and Chance asks Abby to detail everything since his kid came home. She does so and then reveals she can show him the videos she made for him where she’s weepy and sad and missing him. She pauses and doesn’t think he’d want to see that one but he wants to know what she experienced. She apologizes. She forgot what was in the videos.

He lets her know she has nothing to apologize for. He’s learning how much pain he caused her. He’ll find a way to make it up to her. The baby cries and he dashes to get him.

rey chance hug young restless

Rey returns to Crimson Lights. He talks about Chance being healthy though he’s not sure when he’ll return to the force.