Amanda’s Receives Shocking News About Her Father & Kyle Calls For A Paternity Test

This is the Canadian Y&R day ahead recap from the Friday, May 21, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Monday, May 24. In the previous episode, Phyllis threatened Adam and Ashland. In today’s episode, Victor’s story sends Amanda reeling, Amanda makes a declaration, and Phyllis runs into Ashland again.

Summer comes home early from work and tells Phyllis that Kyle’s talking to his dad about Harrison. He’ll ask if Tara and Harrison can move into the Abbott house. “What?” Phyllis says, leaning in with surprise. Later, Summer’s upstairs napping when Nick walks in. He wants to see Summer, but Phyllis “runs interference.” Phyllis says Kyle had an affair with Tara and Ashland Locke came to confront his wife in the lobby earlier and she had to break it up. Nick asks if Harrison’s his kid. Phyllis admits it. Nick goes upstairs and confronts Summer who tells him Kyle made a mistake and he’s trying to be there for everyone including her.

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At Jabot, Jack tells his son he’s not going to judge whatever he has to tell him. Kyle admits Tara Locke’s son Harrison is his. Jack blinks a few times in surprise. “My grandson,” he says. Kyle tells him he didn’t want to ruin Tara’s marriage or the child’s life and kept it a secret. Kyle knew it would be hard for Jack to accept. And when Ashland finds out, “God help us.” Kyle’s getting a DNA test and says he let Summer know. Jack suggests Tara and Harrison come stay with him, which relieves Kyle.

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Devon and Amanda finish lunch at his place. He wanted to spend time with her. She has to go. She has an appointment with Victor about Sutton’s case. Devon knows Victor wasn’t involved in Richard’s death. Amanda says more information has come up and they may be wrong about that. They found Richard’s day planner and he met with Victor twice before he was killed. He was a low-level accountant. He’d never see the senior CEO. Devon says that proves nothing. She knows but needs to create doubt. He also didn’t deposit any payments. It looks like he was fired in retaliation. Devon is concerned about her going down this road. This will make Victor furious. “I can handle Victor Newman,” she says.

Ashland spots Victoria at Crimson Lights. She was right. The coffee here is good. She invites him to sit and tells him she’ll be his Genoa City guide. He asks what her opinion is on Kyle Abbott. He tells her his concerns about Tara and his son and when his lawyer calls, he takes off.

ashland coffee young restless

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At the office, Victor greets Amanda and introduces Elizabeth Westerbrook  (Maite Garcia). Amanda asks about his meetings with Richard Nealand. Victor doesn’t recall so she shows him a photo. He looks at Richard’s photo and Amanda can tell he recognizes him. Victor recalls him as “Rick” and they had an impromptu meeting. He was desperate with a serious problem. He was looking for a missing child. He had read Victor’s autobiography and was coming to him for insight. Victor shares that he was in an orphanage. Amanda’s shocked. Rick asked if he could find the child but Victor couldn’t. Amanda learns he left his job to search for the child. Victor told him his job would be there when he returned, but he never heard from him. Amanda says, “Because he died.” Victor’s shocked. It makes him sad. The child never knew that their father was looking for them. Later, once she’s gone, Nikki turns up and Victor tells her the story about Rick. Nikki calls it a tragic story. Victor says Amanda seemed affected. “She was trying to hide it.”

victor shocked rick young and restless

Elena runs into Nate at Crimson Lights. She has confetti in her hair. It was the anniversary of the clinic. Nate offers to buy her lunch. They take off and return later. They talk about how rewarding it is. “The world needs more doctors like you,” Nate gushes.

nate lunch elena young restless

Kyle finds Tara at the club and shares that his dad wants them to move in with him. She’s grateful and tells Kyle he’s different this time. He’s grown up, he says. Later, Ashland appears and asks Phyllis to give Tara a message. She refuses. Ashland knows they view her as a damsel in distress. It’s a court order to stop Tara from taking his son. Phyllis says she checked out. Ashland tries to get her to tell the kids to stay out of his marriage but Phyllis says if his actions affected her daughter, there’s no court, judge, or law that will protect him. He nods.

phyllis talks locke about kid young restless

Tara wanders the Abbott mansion. She shudders to think of what Jack might think of her. Kyle says he’s cool and points out the various rooms. Jack arrives. They greet each other and Kyle calls Harrison inside the room to meet Jack. Jack’s heart is warmed seeing the kid. Jack tells the kid that he and Kyle grew up in that house. Jack encourages him to make a whole lot of noise when he stays there. Harrison’s disinterested. Kyle looks at Jack with love. “You’re the best, you know?” Later, Kyle calls to have someone send over a paternity test.

harrison at jacks young restless

Amanda returns to Devon’s and tells him all about her visit with Victor. It didn’t seem he knew there were twins. She leaves a message for Naya to call. Devon can see she’s in shock. She says she feels his loss more now. If he wasn’t killed, he might have found her and Hilary and they could have grown up with a father. Whoever took his life, stole their future. She’ll make sure they answer to that.

amanda learns truth young restless

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