Jack Explodes at Diane for Faking Her Death and Using Allie & Victor Shocks Everyone By Appointing Adam CEO

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Victor makes a big decision, Nate gets in Locke’s face, and Lauren tries to talk Michael out of working for Victor, while Allie gets an earful from Jack and Diane. In the previous episode, Chance told Rey he’s going back to work, and Michael explained what happened to him.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for Wednesday, March 30, 2022 episode airs in the USA on Thursday, March 31. Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.)

Victor treats Lauren and Michael to lunch at Society. It’s the least he could do. “The very least,” Lauren mutters. Michael’s glad since he hasn’t had a decent meal for weeks. Lauren wants to work her way through the menu.

michael and lauren drink young and the restless cbs soapsspoilers

Victor’s all for it but she says all the wine in the world isn’t going to erase the danger Michael was in and that he wasn’t honest. Lauren’s upset when Michael says he isn’t quitting. He has to see this through.

Victor says the next assignment is local. Michael’s glad. He needs to take a look at the Locke/Newman merger contract and find a loophole to kick “that bastard to the curb.”

michael tries to get lauren drunk young and the restless cbs soapsspoilers

Michael agrees and  asks where things stand between Victoria and Locke. Victor tells them that she has a plan that she refused to explain. Tragically, she’s in love with him. “He needs to be dealt with swiftly and severely,” Vic says.

He goes and Michael tries to sweep her off her feet so she’ll feel better about him keeping the job. “No, no, no, no. You’re not going to litigate this.” She was beside herself when he  was missing. He’s sorry but he’s home safe.

She wants him to stay that way. He plans on being so annoyingly attentive that she’ll be begging for a restraining order. For now, he has to see it through. For himself. Locke kept them apart.

michael back drinks young and the restless cbs soapsspoilers

At Crimson Lights, Billy has a secret for Lily. He tells her that they were right that Ashland Locke is worse than “a backstabbing piece of trash.” He reveals that the man never had cancer or a medical treatment. Never had cancer. Lily is astounded he pretended. She asks why.

Billy believes he did it to make himself appear more vulnerable. Lily finds it an insult to anyone who had cancer. She wonders how Victoria is feeling. He admits that she’s hurt and furious.

He thought she’d rip him to shreds, but their conversation  ended in hugs and kisses. Billy spots Nick and Nikki. Maybe he can get answers from them. They stroll up and he asks after Victoria.

Lily says Billy told her. She won’t say a word. Billy and Nick act like Victoria needs a man to fight her battles but Lily and  Nikki tell them this is in Victoria’s hands now. Nikki goes and Nick turns to Billy for answers.

He hates to admit it but he’s the best person to get through to her. He goes and Lily asks him to let someone else fight this battle. She worries about him. Billy has to do it for his kids. She agrees to it. He loves her. They kiss.

lily shocked ashland lied young and the restless cbs soapsspoilers

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Victoria and Ashland go to her office so she can tie up loose ends. She asks him to go home and pack for them and get food for the flight. He jokes that she’s trying to get rid of him but she laughs and says she’ll be ready before he knows it.

He says he can’t wait to get her to Italy. Maybe they’ll just never come back. He runs off. Victoria smiles and then frowns when his back is turned.

In his office, Adam tells Sally that his family only wants him around when he’s useful and when he’s not, he’s out in the cold. He tells Sally she’ll pick up on the subtleties when she spends more time with them. She laughs.

There’s nothing subtle about his unique relationship with his dad. They talk about how Newman/Locke will need someone at the help. Adam will reach out to his father so he’s in the loop. He needs a plan. Sally knows it’ll be incredible.

sally talk useless young and the restless cbs soapsspoilers

At Keemo’s old house, Jack sees Diane Jenkins stroll in. He’s in shock as she says hello. “Who are you?” He demands. She tells him, “You know me, Jack.”  He spins on Allie and asks if she was in on this. Allie’s baffled.

She doesn’t know what’s going on and asks if they know each other. Jack tells Diane that she’s dead. They mourned her. Diane has waited for this moment for a long time. She was lost and calls it the darkest time in her life.

jack shocked see diane YR

She blames herself. She had a vision of escaping and starting over but it didn’t go as planned. It took her a while to come to terms with how she failed.

diane cries over jack young and the restless cbs soapsspoilers

“You left nothing but destruction behind.” he calls her selfish but she says no. Allie freaks out. She didn’t bring him there for this. She’s angry at Diane for exploiting her father and her. “It’s all she knows, Jack says.

Jack will not forgive or understand her. If she thought otherwise, it’s her mistake. Diane tears up. Jack yells at her for dragging his granddaughter into this. Diane thinks she gave him back a piece of Keemo.

allie shocked they know each other young and the restless cbs soapsspoilers

Allie’s disgusted. She’s evil! “I don’t know you and I don’t want any part of this,” she says, grabbing her things and running. Diane stands in her way. She’s sorry she deceived her but calls Jack a good man.

She asks her not to lose what she just found. Jack goes after her and tells Diane on the way that she’s poison. Diane cries.

drags allie into mess young and the restless cbs soapsspoilers

Jack and Allie head to a restaurant. Allie didn’t know what Taylor…Diane was up to. She feels stupid and asks what he means about her being dead. Jack explains that she was found dead and that there was a funeral.

Allie puts her hands in her head. She finds it awful. Jack admits they had a son together, though they were never married.

He calls Kyle a great gift. It happened when he was a kid and shares that he’s a husband and father now.

The wounds don’t go away. Allie is shocked to hear she was murdered in a gruesome fashion. “It was all a lie and I defended her!” Jack rants about her as Allie tries to wrap her brain around what a whack job Diane was to have faked her own death.

allie shocked taylor is diane young and the restless cbs soapsspoilers

Victor finds Adam and Sally in his office, strategizing. They discuss Victoria doing what’s right for Newman. Victor will handle things. Adam shakes his head. Victor wishes he’d stop vilifying his sister.

She was the victim in this. Adam reminds his dad that she was warned about this and she ignored it. “And now she needs to be stopped.” Victor gets a call as Sally listens. Victoria calls to tell him to meet in her office. “Bring Adam.”

sally listens meeting young and the restless cbs soapsspoilers

As Locke waits for his food at Society, Nate finds him. He’s surprised to see him still there. Ashland maintains his innocence and Nate scoffs. “For God’s sake, give it up!” Ashland is sorry he lost Nate’s friendship and respect. Nate thinks if it meant something to him, then he should tell Victoria the truth. “Stop lying.”

Family gathers at Victoria’s office. She tells them that Ashland and her are leaving for Tuscany tonight. Nikki and Nick gasp.

adam gang victoria office young restless

She can’t be serious. Victor asks what her plan is. She’s trying to handle things her own way. Nikki finds the trip ill advised but her daughter asks for trust. Victor has an announcement.

nick shocked adam ceo young restless

He’s appointing Adam as CEO. Nick sneers. Adam listens as Victoria says that’s not needed.

victor hands adam ceo job young restless

At Keemo’s, Diane asks Jack to return since there’s so much more to say. Jack tells Allie when he gets the text. He wants to ignore it but it’s too late for that.

Friday’s Y&R recap!

Diane tells Jack how she faked her own death with Deacon’s help. When Diane reveals what she wants from Jack, he rails on her and tells her it’s not going to happen.

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