Diane Surprises Jack With a Kiss, Chelsea Makes a Reveal to Adam and Victoria Unleashes Fury on Billy

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Nick and Sally are spotted on the town by Adam, Chelsea tells Adam about Johnny, and Victoria’s done with Chelsea! In the previous episode, Diane gave Phyllis a peace offering, and Diane got a text from a mystery person.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for September 27, 2022 episode airs in the USA September 28. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Sally arrives at Society. She tells Nick she’s always glad to have dinner with a colleague.

He tells her how much everyone appreciates her even after she missed that marketing meeting. He asks how she did it. She explains she was candid and apologized.

He moves on to ask what her plan for success is. She’d like to learn from her past mistakes for once.

She admits she’s impulsive while he confesses he overthinks things. Talk turns to New Hope. She’s curious about it, so he tells her a little and then they remind each other they’re keeping this professional.

sally dine colleague Y&R

Adam finds Chelsea sitting alone at Crimson Lights.

He asks if she’ll reconsider his proposition about going away with Connor. It’ll be good for the three of them. She suggests he make it a father/son trip.

She shrugs him off and Adam thinks it means she must need to talk. He offers to listen. She’s reluctant. He pressures her. When she clams up, talk turns to Connor wanting a VR game.

They talk about setting limits on Connor’s time gaming and Adam invites her out to discuss it. Only that. She agrees.

adam ask chelsea dinner Y&R

Victoria busts into Billy’s office ranting about how Johnny’s completely shutting her out and has closed himself in his room as he plays video games with his friends.

Billy says he’s trying to distract himself. She knows but he’ll have to deal with this sooner or later.

He wants nothing to do with his biological mother and Vicky admits neither does she.

vicky upset chelsea Y&R

She complains about Chelsea going to her office and pushing her to talk to Johnny.

Billy’s incensed at hearing that. Victoria thinks they made a terrible mistake. He wonders how she could mislead them. Vicky reminds her ex that Chelsea was a con artist.

Billy reminds her that a lot of people knew about Chelsea and it was best that he heard it from them.

She knows, but they answered questions that Johnny didn’t even ask.

She recalls that when they asked him if he wanted to know who his bio mother was that he said no.

They talk about how to spend time with him so he knows they’re there for him. He tells her about the blanket she gave him.

She wanted him to have it so he’d know he was always loved. Vicky bristles at that.

She yells that Chelsea doesn’t get to decide anything about how they deal with their son, nor does she get to force a relationship on him. He agrees but asks her to be patient with Chelsea.

Victoria freaks out and reminds Billy that Chelsea knows no boundaries. If he wants to talk to her when he’s 18, fine. But they’ll honor his preferences and she expects Billy to close the door on her.

billy angry with chelsea Y&R


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Diane arrives at Jack’s with a new dump truck for Harrison who broke his. Since he’s being put to bed by the nanny, Jack will give it to him later. He comments that she’s in a spending good.

First the gift basket for Phyllis and now this. Diane cringes. She doesn’t want to talk about Phyllis. Jack’s surprised she’s so stressed about Red.

Diane gets a new message from her mystery texter who asks where she is and says they’re waiting for her.

She looks worse off and admits she’s there to see Jack, to ask if he believes she’s changed and has forgiven her.

diane asks jack forgives her Y&R

He tells her he has let go of the past and gave her a clean slate. She’s teary.

He tells her he feels this way unless there’s something that she’s hiding like Phyllis claims.

That upsets Phyllis who wonders if she’ll ever get past the doubts and suspicions.

jack thinks diane earned that Y&R

Jack says she’s earned that reaction. She could have stayed in  LA. She cries and says she didn’t realize how hard it’d be to redeem herself.

He knows it’s rough on her but wants her to take the clean slate. She appreciates that and him. She kisses him. He kisses her back and then tells her he agreed to a reset.

He doesn’t want her misinterpreting his friendship for something else entirely. She’s embarrassed and apologizes. She takes off.

diane kisses jack Y&R

Chelsea and Adam wander into Society and greet Nick and Sally.

It’s awkward and once they’re gone, Sally lets Nick know that she’s positive Adam knows.

chelsea adam interrupt Y&R

Nick suggests they leave. Sally refuses. She’s moved on. Nick asks if she’s sure about that.

She confesses she’s made it clear to Adam that they’re done, but it’s complicated and confusing.

Nick jokes that she’d better be careful. “We’re close to talking about non-business stuff.”

At their table, Adam prods Chelsea to tell him what’s wrong. She reminds him he said he wouldn’t.

He reminds her she’s one hell of a mom but she has a hard time believing that.

adam finds chelsea good mom Y&R

She brings up Johnny and admits that he was told she’s his bio mom. Adam’s shocked and angry he wasn’t given a heads up. She explains that she vowed not to talk until after they told him.

She tears up and admits he doesn’t want her in his life. Sally watches their exchange and Nick tries to get her attention. She only wants to talk shop.

Meanwhile, Adam knows this is complicated for her. She isn’t a bad person, she says but she always makes the wrong choices. She wonders if she’ll never do the right thing.

Adam wonders if she does need a fresh start away from Genoa City. He’ll never let her take his son f from him but they can come up with something. He holds her hand as he tells her.

sad chelsea about johnny Y&R

She can’t leave town right now. Johnny doesn’t know who she is. She can’t run away.

Nick and Sally part ways outside, grateful to be able to discuss their career paths.

nick bye Y&R

Billy visits Chelsea in her hotel room. She’s holding Johnny’s baby blanket and can tell by the look on his face that Johnny still doesn’t want to see hr. Billy tells her what Victoria said, which is that they want to give him space. She cries. He’s sorry.

billy visit chelsea Y&R


Adam finds Nick at Newman, and point blank asks his brother if he slept with Sally.

adam demands truth sally YR

Diane returns to her suite and is shocked to see a man standing in her room (Trevor St. John). She’s visibly shaken.

The man says he thought he could trust her after all he’s done for her. “I thought we had an understanding.”

tucker returns genoa city Y&R

Diane looks like she wants to run.

tucker understanding Y&R


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