Diane Crashes the Launch Party, Rising Nikki’s Ire, and Imani Gives Nate Some Advice He Might Regret Taking

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, at the Chancellor-Winters launch party, everyone toasts to their success, Nate has some doubts, Victor impatiently waits for Adam, and Chance gets a break in a case. In the previous episode, Nick supported his sister while Victor set a trap for Victoria using Adam.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for June 10, 2022 episode airs in the USA June 13. Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.)


Devon, Amanda, Imani, Nate, and Lily arrive at The Grand Phoenix for their launch party. They congratulate themselves on how great they have done.

Lily thinks they need to remember this moment for how much they all love, support, and trust each other. They toast.

Abby arrives and tells them how incredible they all look. Nate tells her life is good but Elena had to go to work. Imani would have refused to miss this. Abby assures them that everything will go off without a hitch.


Jill and Billy arrive. She’s thrilled to be there and tells them she wouldn’t have missed this for anything.

Taking a glass, she tells them what a great business move this is destined to be. Their bond is so much bigger than business. They will be unstoppable and she is proud of all of them. They toast to Chancellor-Winters.

Lily says today is the culmination of everything for all of them. She’s sure their generosity with each other will take them to new heights and hopes they can lift each other up through challenges.


They toast to their parents and to giving the next generation something to live up to.


As the party kicks off, Abby watches everything unfolding. Chance meanders in and she tells him they are on track for the date night he owes her.


Imani stands around until Gian Carlo arrives. He wasn’t sure she would agree to join him. She tells him you’ve got to be fearless.

Jack tells Lily and Billy the place looks opulent. Lily feels like the luckiest girl in the world. Devon joins them and Jack congratulates them both, wishing them all the best. He takes his sister off for pictures.

billy talks phyllis visit daniel launch party young and restless

Billy asks his brother about Phyllis’ abrupt exit. Jack downplays that and changes the subject to Locke. Billy admits he has always wanted Victoria to break free. Now she is, but going back to Locke too. That’s baffling to Jack.

nikki in big blue dress launch party young and restless

As Nikki and Victor arrive, he assures her he will be the perfect guest. Jill, Devon, and Lily come over to welcome them.

Victor tells the siblings he’s been thinking a lot about their dad. Their venture fills his heart with pride. Whatever failure or success they encounter, he hopes they will cherish the bond between them.

Jill corners Chance and Abby and they talk about how important it is to spend time with people you love. He gets called back to work. They understand and encourage him to go.

After he leaves, Abby wanders to the bar and Jack approaches her. She tells him her husband has taken on Rey’s cases and is busy closing them. They talk about how busy she is.

She informs him that she’s filling in for Phyllis. That’s crazy given their history. It seems out of character to Jack. He thinks back to his fight with Red about her going back to her old patterns and how unwilling he was to deal with that again.

devon recalls hitting nate launch party young and restless

Nate is cornered by a journalist. Devon eavesdrops as he tells her about his shift from medicine to surgery thanks to an “accident”. He flashes back to attacking Nate.

The former doctor gives some cliches to the journalists and claims he’s nothing but grateful for the chance to work with family. Devon gets tired of listening to this and wanders off.

Amanda finds her sister with Gian Carlo and they assure her they are having a PG evening. Amanda is just happy they are there.

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nikki likens diane cobra launch party young and restless

Victor and Nikki sit in a corner and he wonders where his son is. He sends him a text to prod him over. Jack join them and doles out compliments to his ex. The three of them recall Katherine and Neil.

Victor is sure this launch will be a big hit. Jack is surprised they are there given what’s happening with Victoria. They are still stunned by what she decided. Victor just prays she realizes she’s made an epic mistake.

Victor hopes he isn’t doing anything to encourage Diane. Jack says it’s in his son’s hands. That worries Nikki. Kyle may have a misguided sense of obligation but the rest of them know what Diane is capable of.

nikki confronts diane launch party young and restless

Nikki spots Diane and immediately strides over, ordering her out. Diane claims she had no idea there was a party but Nikki’s not buying it. Jack gets between them so there won’t be a scene.

When Nikki steps away, Jack tells Diane to go. She wanted to use the spa while Phyllis was out of town. He doesn’t buy it. She asks him to dinner. He refuses.

Billy interrupts. Jack is surprised that his brother doesn’t want to kick her out. He’d like to ask her to stay but it’s too much too soon. Diane understands and says she’s leaving.

Nikki storms over and orders her out again. Diane walks off. Nikki says no good will come out of this situation. One way or another, that woman has to go. Jack reminds her of why they are all there.

Once Jack walks off, Billy and Nikki talk about Victoria leaving. She encourages him to try to convince her today. He has and he failed.

victor flashback young restless

On her way out, Victor stops Diane to say she’s making a fool of herself. She says forgiveness only requires compassion, not forgetting. After she walks off, he flashes back to being married to her.

Abby checks on Lily and she says everything is running smoothly. They chat about Chance being called away. Abby says she’s happy he’s doing what he’s doing.

When Abby bumps into Nate, she chats with him about his change in profession. He says ceasing to be a surgeon changed everything. Being at a Winters event has brought back memories of how that happened.

He worries about his speech tonight not measuring up to Lily and Devon’s. Nate asks her for some business advice and wonders if he should get into more specifics in his speech. She encourages him to stick with what Devin suggested. Imani stares at them.

When Nate is left alone, Imani immediately comes over and asks him about his speech. She encourages him to listen to his instincts and make the speech he wants to. He should hit them with everything he’s got. Nate agrees to go for it and takes a drink.

Billy and Lily sneak off to a corner to make out. He tells her how proud he is of what she’s accomplished. Devon interrupts to say they need to go over their speeches. When Billy steps away, he bumps into Gian Carlo. They talk about podcasting.

chance with another cop at crimson lights young restless

Chance meets with another cop at Crimson Lights. They talk about the case and how great Rey was. The warrant comes in and they bump fists before taking off.

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