Y&R Day Ahead Recap: Devon and Amanda Reunite, Chance Finally Contacts Abby

Canadian Y&R day ahead recap from the Monday, April 13, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Tuesday, April 14. On today’s episode, Abby has a party for Mariah, Moses hangs out with Faith, and Victor takes Sharon aside to discuss Adam.

At the manse, Nina and Ashley talk about Mariah’s pregnancy. They ponder whether the embryo will split in half and give Abby twins. Abby turns up. Nina feels bad in admitting her concerns but says she hopes that Mariah will adhere to the list of things not to do when pregnant. Abby says she’s studied that list for two weeks and urges Nina to let them know if there’s anything else they should be concerned about. She invites them to celebrate but they refuse. “It’s your night. Go have fun,” Ashley says. She leaves and the women talk about the challenges on the way for Abby and how much support and wisdom she has. They drink tea to their children and their children’s children.

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At home, Moses tells Devon that Dad’s on his mind. They talk about missing him and Devon pulls out a jazz record. Devon thinks he should listen to his dad’s favourite songs to get to know him a little better. Devon wants to introduce him to Clifford Brown, a trumpet player he calls incredible. Moses puts on some headphones and Amanda arrives.

Jack finds Victor on a call with Phyllis. They’re arguing about who should pick the tab up for Abby’s party. The embryo transfer worked. Jack’s thrilled for them all. Victor thanks Jack, who says it couldn’t have come at a better time. Victor thinks he means Locke negating the deal with him. Jack was talking about Adam. Jack hopes things go well for Adam. Victor assures his frenemy that he’ll be fine because he always looks after his family. He asks the server to put Mr. Abbott’s bill on his tab and goes.

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victor phyllis argue call young restless

Faith and Sharon arrive at Crimson Lights. Faith is on a tight leash. Nick turns up, glad he can have coffee with her. Sharon and Nick think their daughter is prepared for what’s to come. Nick fills Sharon in on going to the lake cottage and he suggests she tipped Adam off, which is why he ran. She denies it. Moses texts Faith and she smiles. She tells him she’s thinking of digging into a brownie.

faith coffee house young and restless

Back at Devon’s, Amanda talks about working on her grandfather’s defense and getting a leave of absence from ChanceComm. She’s been going through case files and saw information about her father. She thinks she gets to honor him this way and help him rest in peace. She’s determined more to find out the truth. Devon grins wildly. He’s glad they can still talk like this. Moses takes off his headphones. He has a proposition. He wants to go to the coffee house to hang out with Faith. They tease him.

Phyllis meets Mariah and Lola at the club for the party. Tessa’s on the road, which bums Mariah out. Abby and Elena turn up. The lady in the Green Dress is busy behind the bar while Phyllis stares at her phone. Abby has gifts for Mariah, who deserves to be celebrated. She receives a sash with the word “Pregnant” on it and a tiara. She asks them to take a photo. “You have to say ‘Baby Chancellor Crew’, says Abby. Elena gives Abby the same thing but “Mommy to Be” sash. Phyllis says she deserves that too. She’ll be the one getting up in the middle of the night with the baby. They take a video. Phyllis congratulates her and surprised Abby says, “This never happened.” The women complain of how chilly it is and Sally appears. It’s freezing in her room. Phyllis takes a call and someone else complains of the same issue. More calls come in and she’s puzzled. Sally smirks. Phyllis keeps taking calls to assure the guests she’s working on the heat.

abby tiara mommy to be young restless

Back at Crimson Lights, Faith tells her parents that Moses wants to come there to hang out with her. They learn he’s Neil’s son. They are okay with it.

Back at Devon’s, he’s fine with Moses going. He’s about to leave when Nate appears. Moses is on his way out and when he takes off, Nate is glad he’s making friends but he wanted to hang out. Amanda invites Nate to stay but he tells them he’s just a little down because he realized he and Elena really are done. They’re sorry. He says he has patients and takes off. Amanda notices that Devon looked sad at hearing the news about Elena and Nate. Devon is sad. He doesn’t like how he handled things. If he could take it back he would. He knows secrets hurt the most. She says she’s not going to take that with her family or her anymore. Devon has strong feelings for her but because she looks like Hilary, it has made him struggle. Right now he’s clear that he wants her. Can they have a life together? Amanda kisses him.

devon kissing amanda home young and restless

Back at Crimson Lights, Moses meets Faith and asks her to do something outside soon. She can’t and explains she was drinking when she had the accident. She has community service and rehab. Moses is sorry that happened to her. She needs better friends. Faith tells him he can leave if he’s uncomfortable. He admits he’s been to Alateen meetings because his dad was in AA. He’s not going anywhere. Nearby, after meeting Moses, Nick and Sharon seem glad that Moses is hanging with their kid. Victor appears. He takes Sharon aside to discuss Adam and how she helped him. She did what she thought was right. Vic’s glad to see Faith hang out with Moses. “That boy will become something.” Victor relied on Neil quite a bit. They all need someone they can count on, he tells Sharon.

moses with faith young and restless

At the club, Phyllis tries hard to tell her guests that she has her crew on the heat issue. Nick arrives. She asks him if he can go help the workers and then tells  Sally she’s on to her. She thinks Sally pulled a prank to turn off the heat somehow. Sally says if she wanted to get back at her, she’d sure not use a juvenile prank. Jack overhears as Sally says she’d hit harder until Phyllis wondered what in the hell hit her. Jack’s mouth drops to the floor in shock. Phyllis grins and leaves them alone. Jack confronts Sally and she swears that what he heard was taken out of context. Jack wishes her well but he’s not interested in taking things further with her. He goes and Phyllis grins at Sally. Nick reappears. The heat situation is taken care of.

phyllis yells at Sally young and restless

Later, Abby is alone when she gets a loving text from Chance, “Abby, my wife, my life. You are in my thoughts. Always. I miss you so much. We’ve hit some stumbling blocks with the case, but know that all I want is to come home to you as soon as I can. I can’t wait to hold you. Even though we’re apart, my heart is with yours as we continue on this journey to create a family. I love you so much.”

chance message abby young and restless

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