Y&R Day Ahead Recap: Rey Dumps Sharon, Victor Threatens Chelsea — & Kyle Wants To Plan His Wedding

Canadian Y&R day ahead recap from the Wednesday, April 14, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Thursday, April 15. On today’s episode, Rey and Sharon discuss their marriage, Jack confronts Phyllis, and Adam does some drinking and thinking.

Jack confronts Phyllis for her meddling in Sally and his relationship. She didn’t intend to go behind his back but she’s glad he saw Sally’s true colors. Jack’s angry that she’s such a pain in the arse but he knows she had his interests at heart. Phyllis does. She’s sad that he’s feeling like dirt. Jack enjoyed Sally and is upset that he had to end it. “Maybe I was put on this earth to keep an eye on you,” she tells him.

phyllis wants info from summer young and restless

At home, Rey asks if Sharon would really be okay with Adam getting away, “Never to be seen again?” She says she does wish he’d turn himself in but she can’t blame him for running with the evidence stacked up against him. Sharon asks if he saw anything about Chelsea that makes him doubt her story. He says the timing was fortuitous. Rey’s not sure what to believe. She thanks him for acknowledging this. She takes this as a symbol of trust in her. Rey asks about her trust in him. She says, “Of course I trust you.” He reminds her she lied to his face when he asked if she had been in contact with Adam. “Where was your trust then?” She chose him again. She put Adam first because that’s where her heart is. Rey calls himself the idiot that let this go on for too long. “You don’t love me the way that I need you to.” Sharon says they’ve committed to each other. “You may feel you need to be the champion to the ultimate lost cause. I can’t fight that anymore and I don’t want to.” Sharon looks shocked. She begs him not to do this. Rey tells her he can’t overcome her feelings for Adam. She thinks they need rest. He tells her he’s done. “I want to go.” He’ll stay until Faith is on her feet but then, he’s done. Emotional, he says, “There is nothing you can say or do that will change my mind.”

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rey argue sharon young and restless

Adam looks for Victor at the ranch. He isn’t there so Adam imagines Sharon saying that when he runs, she always follows. She says even then, he expects her to want to be with him again. “No, I know we’ll never be together again,” he says. Chelsea appears and trashes him for all he’s done to Ashley and thinks he’s in his head right now, wondering how he got here. Adam tells imaginary Chelsea that he knows she’s been plotting against him. “You destroy everyone you love,” she says. This isn’t who Adam wants to be, he says. He’s working at being a better person but imaginary Sharon doesn’t see it. “Chelsea loved you and you broke her physically, mentally.” Adam blames himself. Imaginary Chelsea thinks he only wants Sharon and Sharon accuses him of using Chelsea to get to her. It broke both women’s hearts. “You aren’t worthy of love or forgiveness,” the women say. Adam agrees. He’s brought them nothing but pain. They disappear after asking what he’ll do about it.

sharon imaginary talks to adam young and restless

Chloe paces, fraught with worry at Adam and Chelsea’s. Chelsea snickers. Rey bought it. She gets into her chair. Victor turns up. Chelsea says, “You heard the good news, that I regained my speech?” Victor chuckles and sends Chloe away. Chelsea asks after Adam. Victor tells her to stop the act. “I know what you did. You confess now, or it’ll be a long painful process when the truth finally comes out.” Chelsea thinks Sharon’s been filling his head. He mocks Chels and tells her she’s a lowlife grifter and he’s never trusted her. Chelsea claims she’s being honest. “Oh. Oh you poor little suffering girl. Oh my goodness.” He tells her not to forget he warned her. He goes and Chloe returns. She’d better take Victor’s threats seriously. Chloe worries since she’s lying to her family and police. Chelsea’s tired of her friend’s fear and negativity. She calls it suffocating. Chloe packs her stuff and says she’s going home. “You took advantage of our friendship to get what you wanted,” she says. Chelsea worries about what it’ll look like if she leaves. Chloe is sure she’ll figure it out.

chloe chelsea discuss adam young and restless

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At their suite, Summer wakes up. She dreamed that Kyle left her for Tara. Kyle tells her that’ll never happen. What they had was a long time ago. He’ll never let that happen again. “I love you more than anything.” She loves him too and vows to be by his side with whatever comes next. Kyle thinks it’s time to do something about their commitment. “I want to be more than engaged. I want to be married. Let’s set a wedding date.” Summer’s in. She starts to undo her blouse and asks to rehearse their wedding night. “Anything for my bride,” Kyle says. He goes to take a call after sex and learns gossip is spreading about poor working conditions at Jabot. They assume Ashland Locke is the cause.

At Society, Sally talks to Gloria about losing Jack. She loves his charm, talent, sharp mind, and dry sense of humor.” Gloria understands. She really did care for Sally. Gloria says people never believed her when she said she wanted his happiness either. Sally thinks Jack should be glad to have a “force of nature” like her on his side. Glo laughs. They drink their cocktails and Glo has advice. Sally should tell Jack how important he is to her. She takes off to bed.

gloria advice sally young restless

Sally comes stumbling into the club and runs into Jack. She asks to chat. He agrees and she tells him she wasn’t with him because of his money, last name or for what he could do for her. “I just liked you.” She slipped up but won’t let it happen again. “You matter to me a lot.” She’ll prove it. He thanks her, knowing that was tough to say. But it changes nothing for him. Sally looks saddened and Phyllis smirks. She kicks Sally out of the motel. “You don’t want to do that,” Sally says. She warns that she’ll regret this and everything else that she’s done to her. Phyllis says, “Bring it.”

sally shares her feelings with Jack young and restless

Victor finds Adam at the ranch. He tells his son about his visit with Chelsea who played the innocent fragile victim who insists Adam is responsible. Adam wants to leave town. He appreciates Victor reconnecting but the rest has been “emotionally excruciating.” He can’t stay here. He’s hurt too many people and needs to walk away before he hurts more people. Victor supports whatever he wants to do but asks, “What about Connor?” Adam will find a way for them to start over. “I’d like to take him to the farm.” Victor breathes out harshly. He gets the lure of the farm but he’d take Connor out of boarding school? The cops will be looking for him. Adam has a plan.

victor wants to help adam young and the restless


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