Y&R Day Ahead Recap: Ashland Schemes to take down Jabot, Chloe Wants to Take Care of Adam

This is the “day ahead” Y&R episode from the Monday, April 5, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Tuesday, April 6. On today’s day ahead, full episode recap of Young and the Restless, Billy gives Victoria his decision, Kyle is shocked at Ashland’s question, and Sharon learns the truth about the texts from Adam.

At the lake, Sharon tells Adam that there was a lot of evidence in his car to finger him for Rey’s poisoning. Adam accuses Chelsea of planting evidence. Sharon’s shocked. Rey knew he was being set up and had to run to buy himself time. When he was headed out the door, he looked back, “Chelsea dropped her head and smiled.” She could move. “She was relishing what she had pulled off.” Sharon wonders how she’d break into her house. “She had help,” Adam says, from Chloe. Adam wonders if Chelsea wanted Sharon out of the way. Maybe Chloe showed her the photo of them kissing and it sent her over the edge. Sharon says only Rey’s things were tainted. Adam never knew. It wasn’t in the news. Sharon brings up their kiss. She knows it meant something, the way he kissed her. She brings up the text messages where he said he couldn’t live without her but he didn’t send them. Adam says the kiss was a one-time impulsive act but he never stopped loving Chelsea. He also admits he’d never try to hurt Rey. She believes him. Adam thinks the stroke had more of an impact on Chelsea. Sharon asks him to turn himself in but he can’t. He has to prove Chelsea did this by tricking her into revealing herself. “I’ll need your help.” She tells Sharon to go to her to tell her that she’s helping him. Chelsea will follow her to his hideout and he’ll nab her. Sharon is overwhelmed. Adam asks her not to reveal his location. Especially to Rey. She goes.

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adam sharon chelsea set up young and the restless

At the condo, Meredith, Chelsea’s nurse quits. Chloe says she’ll be staying with her in the interim. When Meredith goes to pack, Chelsea grins and says good riddance. Chloe’s annoyed at having to leave Bella and Kevin. “If this goes wrong, I could lose everything.” They wonder where Adam is hiding and assume he’s plotting his next move. Chloe assumes that by now, Adam already is on to them. He’ll come after them with a vengeance. “We have to take care of Adam before he takes care of us.”

chloe worries young and the restless

At Chance Comm, Billy and Lily discuss doing a fresh take on this new development in the case of poisoning Rey. Lily argues that they already did an expose. If they do another, it’ll just look like an attack on Adam. “I need you to drop this.” Billy thinks she should consider it for a moment. Lily’s concerned about how he loses perspective when it comes to the Newmans. Billy asks if she’s against working with Victoria because she’s his ex. Lily says it’s true. She believes in them but she doesn’t think it’s worth the cost.

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At the coffee shop, Sally is on a video chat with her aunt Sally Spectra, who can tell she’s scheming and plotting. Sally says it’s been tough since she and Coco left LA and thanks her for the check she sent. She heard Sally got a big promotion. Sally says she’s just a junior executive. Sally offers to dish on how to get to the top faster. When she learns her niece is dating Jack Abbott, she realizes she’s landed “a big shot.” Sally says he’s smart and funny and kind and he gets her. “If you play your cards right, you can get me a lifelong supply of free makeup,” Sally says. Sally turns off her laptop when she sees Lauren. Lauren sits at her table and brings up the tension between her and Summer. Sally says she only fought back to protect herself against Summer. Lauren asks why she left LA and Sally says it was personal. She won’t discuss it. Lauren’s deeply disappointed in Sally.

lauren hurt young and the restless

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Summer tries to eavesdrop from the doorway at Society as Kyle uneasily laughs when Ashland asks if he slept with his wife. Kyle calls it a laughable accusation. When Ashland doesn’t smile, Kyle says, “Are you serious?” He’s not interested in wasting his time and ends the meeting, causing Ashland to laugh. Ashland says he was only testing him and he passed. If he had gotten indignant, he would have known that he was right about his assumption. If he ever were to find out that someone slept with Tara, “That person would be in a world of trouble.” Kyle smirks. They talk business and Summer interrupts. Ashland goes and Kyle fills his fiance in on what just happened.

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Billy finds Jack in his office and lets him know that Newman wants to join forces with them to acquire Cyaxares. Billy needs a non-judgmental sounding board about the deal. He wants to beat Victor and that’s where his problem is. He thinks they can “really level up,” and if he wasn’t dating Lily, he’d just tell her they were doing this his way. But Billy’s crazy about her. She’s made him a better man. Walking away from this deal will kill him but it could mean if he doesn’t, it’s the end of his relationship. Jack has no advice. “You know exactly what to do,” his older brother says. He goes and Kyle appears. He and Jack argue about Kyle interrupting Jack’s meeting with Ashland. Kyle shares that he accused him of sleeping with his wife.

Billy meets Victoria at the Grand Phoenix to tell her that he’s passing on her business proposal. She’s shocked. She’s trying to throw him a lifeline. Victoria thinks he’s just listening to his girlfriend, which upsets Billy.

billy refuses proposal young and the restless

At Society, Sally comes up on Summer and says she betrayed her trust and told Lauren she was holding something over her. Sum,er denies telling Lauren anything but Sally doesn’t believe her.

From his room, Ashland calls someone. “I need the finances on Jabot cosmetics. I need to know where the company is most vulnerable.”

ashland take down jabot young restless

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