Abby’s Dead Set on Flying to Spain to Find Chance, While Adam’s Offer Makes Lily Laugh in His Face

Soaps Spoilers has the Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for Friday, November 5, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Monday, November 8. (Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.) In the previous episode, Adam reacted to Chance’s death. In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless,  Christine and Devon try to stop Abby from travelling to a dangerous area, Mariah is rocked at hearing what Abby wants to do, and Billy threatens Adam, while Chloe warns Sally about Adam again.

Devon drops by the Chancellor home in the morning. Nina greets him. Christine’s on the phone with the state department. She disconnects and Nina asks if there’s news on her son. Before she can answer, Abby strolls down the stairs in a good mood. She grabs a coffee mug and says she has to book the Newman jet. She fixes the coffee and tells the room she intends on finding her husband and ask why he hasn’t contacted her. Christine says it’s the worst thing she can do. Abby says they haven’t learned that they found his body. Spanish authorities and the state department are looking through the rubble or bodies. Abby thinks he could be hurt or hiding. She’s going to fly to Spain and piece together what became of her husband. Everyone looks shocked to their core. Christine tries to explain that the operatives will get to the bottom of what happened to Chance. “Eventually,” Abby says, exasperated. She can’t leave him to fend for himself. They don’t share a connection. Devon asks what changed since yesterday. She admits she realized she feels like she’s giving up on him. They thought he was dead once before. He was faking his death then and she needs to follow her instincts. Nina believes he’s dead but Abby doesn’t. They argue and she takes off. Nina thinks she should go along. Maybe they need this to come to terms. Devon doesn’t think this is good for Abby. She’s not in a good place. Christine says Abby’s acting impulsively. They worry about the dangers and how she never mentioned Dominic’s name once. She’s fixated. Devon won’t sign off on this. They beg Nina not to encourage this, either. She tells her friend that Chance is gone. She’s sorry. They embrace and Christine has to go. Once gone, Abby returns with a bag and asks one of them to fly to Spain with her. Devon argues that they won’t let her go. She yells that the authorities haven’t given them definitive proof that he’s gone.

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At the ranch, Nikki tells Victoria that her dad stayed at Abby’s last night. They discuss Ashland being evaluated in Peru. There’s a lot riding on this. She’s trying to remain positive. Nikki says she and her father are praying they’ll accept him into the program. She asks if there’s more on her mind. Vicki talks about Dad and Adam going after Billy. She doesn’t want details but she’s noticing it’s causing stress for Ashland. Nikki’s frustrated and sorry. Victoria knows his energy should be on his cancer. Nikki admits she feels Billy has done this to himself.

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At home, Billy dresses casually. He’s off to the hotel to see their guest. “Your guest,” Lily says. If he’s going to try to blackmail Newman Media, she wants no part of it. She takes off for work.

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Mariah and Noah stretch in the park. It’s been a while since she’s jogged. He asks why. She’s grateful he is her running partner and admits this is the place she was taken by Stitch when she was kidnapped. He’s sorry. She asks how long he’s staying. He looks as though he has something on his mind. She can tell and lets him know she’s been there. He admits some “stuff happened in England.” She jokes that they think he’s Banksy, the mysterious artist, and then offers to lend an ear. He calls it uninteresting and a love thing that he’ll get over. He turns the tables and she admits she’s going through “a love thing” but with Dominic. Every moment away from him feels like years. He’s sorry. They try to run it off.

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Lily stops Victoria at Crimson Lights and asks why she’s letting things escalate with her father and Adam going after Chance Comm. Victoria’s focused on her health and work. She’s not involved with their plan. Lily is doubtful. Victoria shrugs. She asks what Billy has planned. Lily was hoping she’d use her influence to stop this. Victoria says it sounds like Billy’s being Billy and it’s causing conflict between them. Lily says this is an opposing point of view between co-workers. Victoria urges her to go to the source so she takes off.

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Billy visits Gaines in his no-tell motel with some items he can use such as a kettle. Gaines talks about taking down “the almighty Ashland Locke” and those trying to shut him up. Billy asks for the original letter from Camila Rhodes. He says it’s in a safe place but Billy insists. Gaines asks what he’ll do with it. Billy says he’s writing a tell-all right now. Jesse won’t settle for vague reassurances. He looks through the peephole and wants to be certain he cant rust him. Billy wants to trust him, too.

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Sally and Chloe discuss having a design competition with Adam. They want to give an all-exclusive paid trip to New York Fashion Week. Lily busts in and wants time with Adam.

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He gives the gals the boot and Lily asks what it’ll take for him to leave them alone. Adam plays coy. She asks to negotiate a cease-fire. He admires that she is so candid but there’s nothing to negotiate. He tells her they’ll move forward with their plan. Lily says there’s room for all of them and they pose no threat. It’s purely about Victor’s hatred for Billy. Why is Adam going through with this? He says nothing. She thought he was changing and asks if she was wrong. “Are you just beyond redemption?” He doesn’t think so. He offers her a job. Lily laughs but Adam says once they crush Chance Comm, she’s welcome to come along. He and his father think she’s why it’s succeeded. Lily doesn’t think they have a chance to take the company from them. Adam thinks she has a good poker face. She takes off and Nikki wanders in. “About this plan of yours,” she says. He tells her that Victoria and Ash are headed to Peru for his cancer treatment. Ash is feeling stressed about this whole thing concerning Chance Comm. Adam didn’t know. She thought he had good intentions and worries this will impact her grandkids. Adam argues that it’s business but she doubts it. She asks him to think about what he’s doing and the long-term damage of those caught in the crossfire.

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Sally and Chloe chat about work at Society and discuss what they can give away in the contest like tchotchkes, mini seeing kits for the consultation prizes. Sally thinks something is up with Lily and Adam. She worries it’ll affect their division but Chloe’s trying not to think of it. She wishes they could stay away from drama. Chloe reminds her that her flirtation won’t fly once Chelsea joins the team. She won’t want him but she won’t want to see him with anyone else. It’ll be uncomfortable. “Message received,” Sally says.

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Lily arrives to Chance Comm and rants to Billy about her talk with Adam. He stonewalled her. She has no choice to do what it takes. “Oh hell yeah,” he says. He hands over the original letter from Camila that states Ash gets nothing in her will. It’s their ace in the hole.

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Billy goes to Adam’s office to tell him he has Gaines stowed away. He threatens that he has proof that could land Ashland in jail. He asks Adam to back down.

Mariah eavesdrops on Abby yelling at Devon about going to Spain. Mariah walks in and asks what that means for Dominic. She asks if she should move back in and stay with him and Abby closes her eyes in annoyance.