Chloe and Chelsea Fight About Her New Job, Phyllis Fumes as Diane’s Day Gets Better, and Nate Needs a Favor from Imani

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Amanda tells her sister about their mother’s condition, and Kyle and Summer make job offers to Diane and Chelsea.. In the previous episode, Victoria seemed to be playing Ashland, Victor quashed investors, and Chelsea hated Billy’s podcast.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for June 28, 2022 episode airs in the USA June 29. Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.)

elena runs into imani condo young and restless

As Imani heads for the elevator, she bumps into Elena. The doctor tells her that she’ll be happy to talk about her mother’s treatment if she needs to. Imani explains how helpful Nate has been and rubs in her face that Nate is off with Devon.

“It’s so funny how I know more about Nate’s comings and goings these days than you do,” she adds.

amanda chats with phyllis YR

At the Grand Phoenix, Amanda finds Phyllis ordering dirty glasses to be taken away from her hallway. The lawyer welcomes her home and asks when she got back. Phyllis says it was either too late or too soon. She’s not sure she should have come back at all.

After Phyllis gives her a drink, she explains that she told Jack all about her failings but it failed. Plus, she went to Diane with a truce, Amanda is proud of her for putting her daughter’s feelings first.

Talking about mothers makes Amanda glum. Her friend asks what’s going on. The lawyer explains she just got back from seeing her mother who had a stroke. There’s nothing anyone can do.

She was going to stay for awhile but she’s in the hospital. It’s too soon to tell what will happen. “At least you got to see your mom,” Phyllis says.

Amanda tells her how much every moment matters. She has to prepare her sister to see Naya in this condition.

Her friend offers her anything she needs and tells her how lucky she is to have a supportive man by her side. Red wishes she had something like that. Amanda assumes that’s her way of saying she loves Jack.

phyllis amanda talk naya YR

“It’s done. It’s over,” Phyllis says. That doesn’t sound like the Phyllis Amanda knows. The redhead thinks it’s doomed, especially with Diane in town. Her friend tells her to reign in the anger and keep the peace.

imani amanda phyllis lobby YR

Phyllis tells her that Jack thinks she’s only happy when she’s chasing happiness and can’t resist her destructive tendencies. The lawyer urges her to be patient and not put too much weight on something said in anger.

Imani arrives for Phyllis leaves the sisters alone. She tells Amanda that it’s at times like this she’s glad she’s not an only child anymore. “What was it like seeing mom in the hospital like that?” she asks.

imani worries mom naya young and restless

Amanda admits that it was hard to see but she is getting great care. She’ll take care of work so she can go and be with her in the hospital. She’s sure that she must be worried about the woman who raised her and wishes she could give her the answers she wants.

Seeing her in person made her feel so much better. Amanda encourages her to go and talk to her in case anything happens.

chelsea congratulates kyle young and restless

Chelsea joins Summer and Kyle at Crimson Lights for a meeting. She congratulates them again on the big Marchetti deal and guesses something is going on. They ask her to design a new line for Marchetti. They’ve already run it by Lauren.

She wasn’t expecting that. Those are huge stilettos to fill. Summer thinks she’s the perfect person for it. Chelsea needs to talk to Chloe before she can give a definite answer but she advises them to chill the champagne.

chelsea chloe big news YR

Once the couple leaves, Chloe arrives and Chelsea immediately tells her the good news. Chloe starts twitching and then looks at her tablet. Chelsea guesses she doesn’t think this is a great idea.

She can’t see why she disapproves of such an amazing opportunity when Lauren approves of it. Chloe tells her that her work is not made by forest animals and dreams. They need to be realistic.

chloe skeptical YR

This leads to them bickering and Chelsea accusing her of going into babysitting mode. “It has got to stop. Now!” she orders. Chloe refuses to listen to her insults anymore. She leaves to pick up her daughter.

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jack talks about park young and restless

When Jack returns to the Abbott estate, Diane is feeding cookies to Harrison. She leaves the kid in the kitchen and Jack admires the way they are bonding. Diane feels like she has a lot of leftover love to give. Family means a lot to her.

She comments on Allie’s growing bond with Noah. He’s happy to hear she is making friends because it means she could stick around. DiDi is sure to remind him this is all because of her. He has to stifle a smile.

Jack admits he’s only moved to “cautiously trusting” where she’s concerned. Diane’s day is going great. First Phyllis calling a truce and then this.

diane good day YR

She’s determined to pursue her fresh start relentlessly, but she’s worried she may have overstepped with their son. He sits down as she explains her desire to go into PR and putting Kyle on the spot about getting a job.

When she asks if he has mentioned this, Jack says he wouldn’t tell her if he did and he won’t tell his son what to do.

summer kyle job offer YR

Kyle and Summer stroll in. He’s happy to see his mom and explains that he and Summer would like to offer her a job in the PR department of the new Marchetti.

Diane apologizes; it wasn’t fair for her to ask. It’s not a high level job and they are giving it to her because she speaks Italian and that will be useful for the transition.

She thanks them and tells them about what an incredible day she’s been having. They talk Jack into coming out to celebrate with them.

phyllis invited join diane young restless

Jack, Diane, Summer, and Kyle go to Society and toast to Jenkins becoming part of the team. Phyllis arrives and spots this. Her daughter waves at her. Phyllis is not happy.

She slowly slinks over. They invite her to join but she makes an excuse and walks off, her daughter following. Diane is just impressed she didn’t get champagne poured over her head.

In the corner, Summer guesses her mom isn’t okay. She tries to keep her calm. Phyllis hugs her and promises to support her but she glares over at Diane.

devon busts nate's chops YR

Meanwhile, Nate and Devon are frustrated that the restaurant is out of fruit tarts. Devon knows how annoying it is to be promised something that can’t be delivered.

He reminds Nate that he promised the public that they had 50 podcasts in the pipeline but almost none of them actually exist.

Nate apologizes again for jumping the gun at the lunch. Devon just likes to bust his chops.

elena piches podcast YR

Elena shows up and says she has a podcast idea. She suggests a medical one. That sounds great to Devon. Nate doesn’t see how they can do it since she’s already the face of Ask MD Now for Newman.

nate podcast idea YR

Devon is sure they can renegotiate the contract. Nate asks if she has the time to commit to this. Devon doesn’t want to be in the middle of this so he leaves to take a call.

The couple talk about how busy they have been and how they miss each other. She thought doing the podcast would mean that they would have more time together because she could be part of his new role. That’s everything he’s wanted.

When Devon returns, she tells him she’s happy to become part of the team.

nate asks imani favour young and restless

When Nate bumps into Imani by the elevators in their building, he asks how long it would take to get Elena out of the contract. He needs some help as a personal favor. She agrees to find a way.

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