Chance Confesses to Devon He Failed Abby & It’s Getting Harder To Pretend He’s Okay, While Nick and Victor Clear the Air

Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for Wednesday, December 8, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Thursday, December 9. (Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.) In the previous episode, A mysterious woman spied on Billy. In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Abby and Chance share romance, Amanda and Devon have a little time alone, and Nick and Victor work out their issues.

Abby finds the living room set up for romance. Lit candles are everywhere. Abby apologizes for taking so long to get Dominic down to sleep. Chance pours champagne and says he asked Dom for help to keep her occupied so he could set things up. She jokes about their son scheming at such a young age. Chance grins.

He says Dom even gave the nanny the night off. They laugh and since Jill’s in Chicago tonight, they get to be alone. They kiss and drink champagne, talk and laugh. They dance in each other’s arms. They make out and the clothes start coming off and they make love on the sofa.

chance abby sex sofa young and restless

After, they talk about how he left her with a letter and without saying goodbye. She says she gets it. It’s his sense of duty and one of the things she fell in love with. He thinks there might have been more to it. Some had to do with what was going on with us. Abby furrows her brow. Later, she’s in her dress again and he’s in a blanket, shirtless. He explains that he didn’t want to leave her. He felt he let her down. “You’re the perfect husband,” she says.

Chance denies that. He couldn’t give her a baby. It was almost a relief to him going on a mission because he knew he was good at it. He thought he was. He expected it’d last a month. Both of them assumed he’d be home before Dominic was born. She’s not angry about that.

She has no room for that in her heart. She’s happy he’s home. They make out.  The baby hiccups and makes baby sounds and they snuggle and reminisce about living in the hotel and talking all night. She yawns, then asks how to make the transition on him easier. He tells her she’s doing all she can. She falls asleep and later, he leaves.

chance love abby sofa young restless

Devon comes down the stairs of the penthouse and finds Amanda with a bottle of wine in her hand and romantic jazz playing. The table is set for two. She made some shrimp for him that has a kick to hit. She hopes he can handle the heat. “You know the answer to that,” he says, suggestively. She explains that he can’t get used to it because after she opens the new firm, she’ll be busy.

amanda romance with devon young restless

She reveals Moses is out with Nat. It’s just the two of them. Later, Devon compliments her on dinner and they talk about Dominic. She loved seeing the fatherly side of him. It was sweet and nurturing and “sexy as hell.” He’s just happy to be able to step up. Amanda asks how he feels now that Dominic’s gone. He misses him every day. “I miss him so much that it hurts.” Amanda calls it normal. Devon recollects learning what the baby needed by the little sounds he made.

Chance will learn all of it. He’s happy Chance is back. It’s just that everyone assumed he’d take that role. Abby even said that he’s the only father Dom would know. Devon started to let himself believe that Dominic would call him dad. He’s not going to and Devon says he has to let go of that idea. He hasn’t figured out how yet. They embrace and kiss and after making love, Amanda’s asleep while Devon sneaks out for some air.

devon amanda kissing make love young and the restless

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Noah sees Adam at Grand Phoenix. Adam invites him for a drink. “I dunno,” Noah mopes. Adam talks him into sitting. Noah asks if he’s there to meet someone. Adam’s focused on business and his son. Noah asks about Sally. Adam says they’re just colleagues. Is he interested. “No,” Noah says, quickly. Connor mentioned that Chelsea might be coming home soon. Adam hopes that’s the case. It’ll be good for Newman Media and Connor. He’s leaving the romance to people who are better at it than he is.

They discuss his job offer. Sharon defended him and asked him to treat the opportunity like any other and give Adam a chance to prove he was sincere. Adam says he didn’t tell Sharon to say that. Noah calls it good advice. He has decided to take him up oh is  offer. They drink to it.

adam invites noah drinks young restless

Nick races into the ranch. “Mom! Mom?” Victor appears and asks what’s wrong. Nick tells his dad that she texted him. Nikki appears. She’s sick of the tension between the two of them. The holidays are fast approaching and she wants them to make amends. Nick doesn’t appreciate the subterfuge but Victor admits he does. Victor appreciates her efforts. She says, “Good.” She goes to leave them to sort things out. The men sit.

nikki snaps at victor and nick young restless

Victor talks about Billy Boy Abbott being neutralized. Nick won’t defend him. He doesn’t like that his dad’s pitting his siblings against him. Victor will always support his kids. Nick calls it conditional. His other kids are in business and marriages that he approves of. Nick knows that they’ll do something in business or their love lives that Victor won’t approve of and they’ll be on the outside.

nick listens victor yell young restless

“You think that’s what I’ve done with you?” Nick does. Victor asks if he failed a test of Nick’s by not allowing him to help bring Gaines or Billy down. Victor says he turned to Adam because Nick acted as if he didn’t want to assist him. He didn’t even want Victoria to marry Ashland.

They argue about whether or not Victor wants to hear opposing views. Victor rants if he thinks he’s going to apologize for what he does, if that’s the test he failed, “So be it.” Victor calms down and apologizes for getting heated but he feels Nick’s judging him. Nick understands. He says Phyllis said the same thing. Victor doesn’t care “what that woman thinks.” He admits Nick hurt him by avoiding him. Nick rubs his forehead.

victor yells nick young restless

He accepts his blame and knows he holds people to different standards and washes his hands of them if they don’t comply. Victor thinks it’s something he’s been accused of. Nick realizes they’re too similar. Victor tells his son that all of his kids have voiced similar sentiments as Nick. He’d give his life for Nick. He’s sure he’ll never have this conversation with his kids because he’s always been loving with them from day one. Always reassuring.

Victor calls his son a better father than him. Nikki returns and listens in as Victor talks about those dreadful people at the orphanage and how Nikki stepped up. She’s always been there for him with good advice. Nikki clutches her heart. Victor’s proud to be a grandfather. He’s happy seeing his son with his kids. “Makes me happy. Makes me proud.” They hug.

Devon sees Chance at Society. They talk about leaving their women sleeping at home. Devon asks if Chance’s okay. He says he’s not okay and it’s getting harder to pretend he is. Devon asks who he’s pretending for. Everyone, even Abby. He can talk to her about some of it but not everything. Devon thinks he should try. She’d want to know and help him. Chance knows but in her eyes he’s perfect when he knows he’s not even close to it. He failed her before their baby was even born. He wonders if he deserves her. He’ll try to live up to his commitments but wonders if he can.

chance issues home young restless

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