Billy Worries How the Merger Will Impact His Job, as Jack Hears Noises Outside Keemo’s House

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Chance and Abby make love and discuss therapy, while Victoria reels over Ashland’s suggestions that her father is playing her. In the previous episode, Ashland lied to Victoria as he turned tables on Victor.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for Tuesday, March 8 2021 episode airs in the USA Tuesday, March 9. Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.)

At Society, Billy and Lily try to enjoy a night off. They talk about how busy they’ve been at great length and about his podcast. She’s encouraging. She talks about dropping by Devon’s to see Dom and talk about the merger.

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He doesn’t think it’s a good idea for her to pressure him, even though he’s behind the merger. Lily’s starting to wonder if he is having reservations.

Billy doesn’t have any. He thinks it’s genius.

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Traci calls Phyllis from the Abbott house. She hasn’t been able to get a hold of Jack. Phyllis says he’s not with her there. He’s in his room. Traci asks if they got to Keemo’s house.

Phyllis says they did but nobody was there. Just some furniture and boxes.

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It looks like someone was readying to sell. She tells Traci about the box meant for Jack’s eyes and the handwritten letters to Jack from his son. Traci’s eyes bulge.

She’s shocked Keemo never reached out to any of them. It’s heartbreaking. Phyllis says he feels that way too. Phyllis won’t push an investigation into who sent the texts and left the keepsakes in the house.

It’s too much loss for Jack. She tells Traci all about what was in the box.

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Back at Keemo’s house, Jack reads the letters again. He’d love to have one more day or hour with his son to set things right. Perhaps his heart would have softened and he’d have reached out.

He was worried about what the letters would do to himself, flaring up his anger again. Jack says he would have liked to introduce him to his brother Kyle. Jack would have done anything to heal that rift.

He looks at the photo again of Mai and Keemo as he wonders who the rest of the people are. He hears a noise and goes to investigate. Nobody’s there but suddenly, a car shows up. Someone gets out. “Red,” Jack says.

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He asks if she saw someone nearby. She didn’t. He tells her she didn’t need to come so when she says she’ll go, he changes his mind and asks her to stay. They head inside and ponder if the texter is outside. Phyllis offers to investigate more. He just needs to tell her. Jack’s just tired and confused. He doesn’t know what to do next, but is glad he came.

He credits her for his being there. Phyllis smiles as he thanks her. She says overstepping is who she is. He likes that about her. They move to leave and he breaks down in tears that he’ll never know his own son. Phyllis comforts him.

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Lily arrives at Devon’s as he’s trying to get the baby to sleep. Dom won’t stop crying so Devon calls the doctor. As they wait, Devon brings up the merger. He’s not against it. They agree to table it for now.

He dreamed about their father, he says. Neil was just smiling at him. Lily misses his smile. Devon does as well. He thinks it’s a sign that they should merge.

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Billy stops by the Abbott house to see Traci. She fills him in on her chat with Phyllis about their visit to L.A. He calls it all very strange. It’s shaken Jack up, Traci says.

He tells her about his podcasts and the theme about finding your purpose. That type of thing. Traci’s thrilled and thinks he has a book in him. They talk about relaxation techniques and Traci suggests meditation.

He says sitting still makes him twitch but she’s probably right. In fact, 99% of the time she’s right. Traci giggles. Billy wishes one of them would have gone with them instead of Phyllis, “The queen of hidden agendas.” Traci calls him a cynic.

He thinks trouble could be ahead. They talk about Lily’s brilliant ideas and how he’s encouraging.

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Billy’s on his laptop when Lily arrives home. He tells her about his visit with Traci and Jack’s time in L.A. She calls it all so sad. Billy says holding the grudge for decades is a cautionary tale.

He’s looking at meditation online and tells her it was his sister’s idea. She jumps on her tablet and tells him about her time with Devon. Billy is feeling guilty and admits he was answering her as her COO from a business perspective about the merger, which he calls a great concept.

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He feels silly in saying so but he wonders what this means for him. How he fits in. She and Devon will run the company together and she may not need a COO. She hears him.

It’s a valid concern and normal to wonder how it’ll impact him. She calls him her right hand man. He appreciates it. She climbs over him for a kiss. They moved to the other sofa for lovemaking.

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