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The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap from the Tuesday, July 13, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Wednesday, July 14. In the previous episode, Adam learned that Ashland’s video went viral, and Rey took Chelsea to be with Anita. In this episode, Sally is angry with Tara, Billy doesn’t like that Victoria and Ashland are an item, and Nikki is in the hot spot with Victor.

At the ranch, Adam tells Vic that Rey called. He, Connor, and Chelsea got to Minneapolis safely. Rey will check with Anita’s doctor to see how she is. Adam will visit each weekend until Anita can be on her own. Victor thinks his son has handled things with Chelsea well and has done right by his son. Nikki arrives and tells them Victoria and Ash are making an announcement today and she’s nervous about his reaction. They discuss their trip overseas and that she wants to see Noah as well as Summer.

In her office, Victoria calls someone to micromanage PR. Ashland arrives and she refuses an interview. It’s been a madhouse, she tells Ash after she disconnects. He says he strolled through the executive wing and the energy is off the charts. She knows. They’ve created a stir. They’ll shove the video of him gasping for air off the internet, he says, and thanks her for being what he needed.

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At the Abbott’s, Tara and Jack wonder what the announcement is that Ash will make. She drums up some tears and tells him that she hates how that video captured her and Ash. Her marriage wasn’t like that. Jack knows it’s been a strain and he assumes by the video that Ash really is sick. She nods and wants not to dwell on that. She comments that the Abbotts opened up their hearts to her and Harrison. She drums up tears as Kyle appears and Jack goes to take a call from Marty. Kyle asks how she is. She just wants things to be easier during all of this mess. He offers to help. She’s grateful.

tara jack discuss merger young and restless

Billy appears at the offices of Chance Comm and finds Lily. He took the kids to their swimming lessons and bitches that he had to go to Victoria’s to get his kid’s swimsuit because Victoria forgot to put it in her bag. He thinks she’s got Locke on the mind too much, which is why she forgot. Lily defends his ex. They all let things fall through the cracks from time to time. Billy admits she’s right. He’s just upset that his morning was more hectic than he wanted. They discuss who Victoria’s type is and that he doesn’t think it’s Ashland. He goes to get ready for work. Lily logs in to the live stream that’s about to begin.

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Back in her office, Victoria prepares for the live event where she and Ashland will announce the merger. She tells him this is the most exciting adventure. She thanks him for trusting her with his life’s work. He tells her this is no gift. She earned it. They start the stream. Sally is at Crimson Lights, Victor, Adam and Nikki at the ranch, and Jack and Kyle and Tara are at home as Ashland sings Victoria’s praises and work ethic and then Victoria does the same for Ash. They finally get to the point of the stream which is to announce that Newman Enterprises and Locke Communications are merging. She talks about it being the envy of everyone. Everyone reacts. Lily says, “I’ll be damned.” Billy’s insights were on board. “Victoria’s not just a player. She’s a titan,” Billy says. Victoria talks about negotiations going on for weeks and she’s going to present the deal to her board. Jack tells the others that Victor didn’t even know about this. It’s supposed to be pre-approved. Jack says Victor must have set it up and now, Victoria’s using it to her advantage. Victor doesn’t look pleased. Nikki prepares to go to the office until Victor points his finger at her.

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She must have known about this and didn’t tell him. She looks like a deer caught in the headlights. She reminds him she’s obligated to keep her confidence. He booms that he founded the company. She whispers, “Please understand.” Victor is not pleased. They keep watching and Ash tells them that the video that is out there is exploitive and he’s disgusted. Sally is confused as she realizes he must be talking about the video she took. Ashland admits it’s true, he has a serious illness but he asks that people respect his privacy. Lily finds this really sad. Ash won’t be working day-to-day but will be in an advisory capacity while Victoria is CEO of the company. Jack’s shocked and upset for Harrison.  Jack’s also outraged that someone would leak that video. Meanwhile, Sally wonders how her deleted video ended up online. Adam asks Nikki to offer Victoria his congratulations on the deal. Victor refuses and Nikki takes off for work. Adam goes off to talk to Connor and Nikki explains that Victoria did what he would have done. Victor sees this as a betrayal and he won’t forget it. Nikki is sorry to hear that. She asks him to call her and tell her he’s proud of her. She goes. Adam returns and seems fine with what Victoria has done. Victor asks what’s going on with him. He’s shrugging everything off. “Lost your killer instinct?” Adam says he hasn’t. There’s no guarantee that the merger will go smoothly, especially since they went through this so fast. Locke will be so distracted by his health issues that he may not be able to participate in high-level business. He gives it six months. He’ll ensure Newman Media is ready to seize opportunities coming their way.

adam hasn't lost killer instinct young and restless

Back at Billy’s, he ponders that Victoria and Ash have been working on this for a while. Lily thinks it’s smart. She thinks there’s more to their relationship. They have a mutual trust that can be seen in their body language in the video. Ash doesn’t have that with Adam or them. They never stood a chance of being guardians of his legacy. Lily says if Billy liked that thrill of more to do at work, he should to talk to Jill.  Billy assures Lily that he loves working with her.

bily lily discuss merger young and restless

Jack finds Sally at Crimson Lights. He joins her and they discuss Victoria’s announcement. Sally thinks it’s good for the town. Jack asks if she saw anyone taking a video of Ashland and Tara and Sally lies. They agree that it’s disgusting that she can’t take her kid to the park without someone hiding in the woods, watching.

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Back at Victoria’s office, she thanks him for the flattering things he said about her in the live stream. She invites him back to her place to stay while they launch the new company. She thinks Johnny and Katie will just see him as her new friend. She likes being with him and thinks it’s better than being in a hotel. “I want to wake up with you. I think I might be falling for you.” She heard what he said about not getting attached but it’s too late. He accuses her of romanticizing the situation. He’s going to die and his condition will deteriorate. He has to go back to New York.

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At the Abbott’s, Tara muses with Kyle that at least they don’t need to pretend they don’t know about Ashland’s illness. She gets a text and lies that she has a meeting. He thinks it’s good for her to have a distraction from what’s going on with Ashland. She goes. She goes and Billy turns up. Jack’s stunned. Billy admits this crossed his mind that she was up to this. He’s thrilled for her. It’s a heck of a coup and he likes that she is giving it to her father, but he saw the way she looked at him. Billy doesn’t like it. The guy is sick and possibly dying. Jack thinks it’s nice to be there for someone, giving them joy in their final days. Billy doesn’t like that and takes off, leaving Jack puzzled.

Sally meets Tara in the park and barks at her for sending herself a copy of the video before deleting it. Sally’s struck that she leaked the video. Why? She hopes it doesn’t come back to bite both of them. Tara says she won’t tell. Sally doesn’t appreciate being put in this position. Billy watches as she stomps off, angrily.

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