Ashland Makes Veiled Threats & Goes Off the Rails, Tossing His Hotel Suite, While Adam Tells Victoria He Dumped Sally

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Adam has sex with Sally and then later leaves her in bed as he tells his sister they’re done, while Locke sobs over Victoria, and Noah and Allie have their first date. In the previous episode, Imani trapped Nate, and Chelsea agreed to work with Billy on podcasting.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for Wednesday, July 13, 2022 episode airs in the USA Thursday, July 14. Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.)

Locke lets himself into Victoria’s office. She thinks he’s there to rattle her and it won’t work. Victor tries to get rid of him. Victoria tells her ex that his things are in storage. He can pick them up anytime.

He congratulates her on beating him at his own game, something nobody has done before. He assumes she was the source to tell Billy about his cancer. “You mean your make-believe cancer,” Victor says.

Locke assumed she’d hang on to this to keep him at bay. Vic’s glad the world knows who he is. “You have no more power,” and tells him not to go on the attack. He’s not there for revenge. Victor doubts that.

He asks for mercy before he leaves Genoa  City. He’d like one more final goodbye to his son. Vic clarifies it’s Kyle’s kid. Locke knows.

Victoria shrugs. His relationship with the kid isn’t her concern.

Ashland asks Victor to lift the restraining order. Victor barks about Locke belonging behind bars and calls the man a monster. Locke tells them the man stripped of everything is the most dangerous. Victoria can see he’s threatening them.

Victor gets in his face. He’ll kill Locke himself if he tries anything.

locke wants see kid young restless

In Adam’s office, Sally doesn’t like that Adam doesn’t want to tell her what his solution is. She worries about where revenge could lead him. He says that he has no plans to get himself in trouble.

She talks about how her future there looks bleak but he will do what it takes to keep her there. “What about where you belong?” Adam tells her he’ll find his way. He always does.

They agree they have that in common. He tells her he can’t go back to being under Victor’s thumb and answering to Victoria. Sally doubts his sister will trust her to run this division.

He vows to convince Vic she should. He kisses her and asks if she believes him. She wants to get out of there and show him how much she loves him.

adam proves loves her young restless

At Crimson Lights, Allie finds Noah drinking coffee. She excitedly tells him she loved her first day at Jabot and then asks if he’s still thinking of leaving New Hope. Sharon listens in from nearby.

Noah doesn’t want his family to worry about that. Allie knows that they worry because they love him. He knows. She got him off topic. He wanted to know if she’d go to dinner with him. She’d love to.

She asks for time to get ready. They stare at each other, smiling and she takes off as Sharon appears. He tells her about their plans celebrating Jabot. She admits she overheard them but didn’t mean to.

She knows he’s leaving New Hope. He feels like an outsider there. It’s his dad’s passion project but he doesn’t want to disappoint him. Sharon says not to bottle up his feelings or stay out of obligation.

He’ll stay for a bit. She asks what he wants to do and though he’s not sure, he’s not leaving GC.

allie loves jabot young restless

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Adam and Sally arrive at her hotel suite. They kiss and the clothes come off before they make out in her bed. When Sally falls asleep, Adam caresses her hair and then gets out of bed. He leaves and when Sally wakes up, she’s alone.

adam sally sex prove love young restless

Allie arrives at home and Traci stops her. She asks about her first day at work. Allie’s so excited. She says it was great, but she’s got to get ready for a date. Traci’s thrilled to hear.

Later, Allie returns in a lovely dress.

Noah turns up and Traci wants to take a photo of them. They refuse and take off.

allie date beauty young restless

Back at Newman Enterprises, as Nick arrives, Locke says he’ll go peacefully and they’ll never see him again.

Nick tells Locke off for showing his face. Ashland snaps back and goes.

Vic asks how his recon session went with Sally and Nick admits he never spoke to Sally. He saw Adam who wants her to keep her job. Victor lets him know that he and Victoria disagree on what to do about Sally.

He wants her to stay so they can lure Adam back. Vic doesn’t. Adam texts to meet.

nick to locke get lost young restless

Traci finds Sharon behind the counter at Crimson Lights and checks in on how she’s doing.

Sharon’s dealing and thanks her for checking in about Rey. She appreciates it. They gossip about how cute Noah and Allie are on their first date. Traci thinks they have a connection.

They’re both so happy together. That’s all Sharon wants for her son. She gets Traci her usual order and admits she’s worried about Noah, career wise. They sit as Sharon says he needs guidance. Traci calls him an artist.

His path may never be straight and clear. She reminds Sharon it took years for her to realize she can make a career of being a writer.

Traci reassures Sharon that he’s talented and will find his way.

traci sharon gossip noah young restless

Noah and Allie turn up at Society. They see his dad and grandfather. He mopes. She offers to leave but they’ll be fine in a table far from them.

They greet them first. Noah introduces her to Victor who says she’s Jack’s granddaughter.

He won’t hold that against her. Everyone laughs. She’s heard the stories. He invites them to dine with them but Nick says they don’t want that.

Nick tells Vic about Noah taking on more leadership roles at New Hope now that he’s back at Newman.

Noah’s smile falls and returns when Victor tells them that dinner is on him. They are seated and she questions him about changing his mind about New Hope. He sighs and doesn’t want to discuss it tonight.

Meanwhile, Nick and Vic agree they have to tell Kyle and Summer that Locke’s back in town. Who knows what that SOB is going to do next!

vic meets allie young restless

Adam goes to Victoria at work. She rolls her eyes and tells him to get to the point. She’s so very busy! She guesses he wants to be head of Newman Media. He says no, that ship sailed. Talk turns to Sally proving herself.

Adam knows she views him as a threat but thinks she should keep Sally. Victoria looked into the fashion house in L.A.

She has a terrible reputation but Adam argues that she’s past that. He touts how hard working, conscientious and reliable Sally is.

Vic worries about her loyalty to him. Adam says his sister doesn’t have to worry about his influence on Sally anymore. He’s breaking it off. “It’s over,” he says.

adam says broke up sally young restless

In his suite, Locke opens his boxes from storage and finds the box with the ring that Victoria gave him. He flashes back to her gifting it.

locke's ring young restless

He sobs and throws it, and then smashes his glass, a tray on the desk, and turns his attention to the booze cart.

locke cries young restless

He hurls a full bottle of booze at the fireplace and yells out in anger as he tosses the room, and then starts in on the closet, where he grabs clothing and suitcases and throws them in anger, yelling the whole while.

ashland tosses the hotel room young restless

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