Jack’s Hurt as he Catches Phyllis Screaming at Diane About Using Him to Mark Her Territory, and Ashland Receives a Restraining Order

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Kyle agrees to Victor’s plan, Locke trades barbs with Adam, and Jack starts to have doubts about Phyllis. In the previous episode, Amanda reminded Imani Nate was off-limits, and Nick and Sharon visited Cassie’s grave.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for May 31, 2022 episode airs in the USA June 1. Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.)


Victor arrives at the Abbott estate where Summer and Kyle are waiting for him. He walks in, marveling at being invited to former enemy territory.

He’s not smiling when they tell him they have come to a decision about how to handle Ashland. They are thinking of moving back and want to protect their son by getting a restraining order.

Victor hopes that will drive him out of town. He’s already had Michael draw up the papers. Kyle suggests they need to slow down and prepare Harrison.

Victor understand but worries Ashland could use Harrison as a pawn. They just need to come up with some story about why he had to leave abruptly. Summer agrees with this so Kyle goes along with them.

The mustache suggests they also get a restraining order against Diane because she will cause problems if they stick around.

Kyle doesn’t think that’s necessary. He insists that Ashland is aggressive and unpredictable but his mother has respected his decisions. He’s not giving up on her. Victor suggests he rethink that.


After he exits, Michael comes by with the paperwork. Summer tells her husband this is the right thing to do. She urges him not to feel sorry for a despicable person like Locke.

She may not he Harrison’s biological mother but she will do all she can to protect him. They need to keep Ashland away from the child so he won’t put any more poison in his head.


Adam strolls into Society and calls Locke the city’s least favorite glutton for punishment. Joining him at the bar, he asks if this is his office now. Locke suggests he wait for his food somewhere else.

He thinks Adam is jealous that he has pushed him out of his status as the town pariah. Adam says he’s back on the radar for pushing him out of the family business. Locke notes it doesn’t seem to have done him any good at the company.

After some more banter, Adam wonders why he’s sticking around. He hopes it’s not for love. “Ugh, it’s so gross,” he says, explaining his sister is off at a spa. Ashland is sure she is still in charge and always will be.

Locke is sure she will be back soon and Newman has thrived under her genius leadership. However, it looks like Newman Media is going to be wiped out by Hamilton-Winters.

They taunt each other about Sally and Victoria. Locke reminds Adam about his desperate relationship with his father. Adam prods him to leave town before he gets rejected and insulted again.

Locke isn’t going anywhere and assumes he wants him to leave because there’s a chance he and Victoria could reunite. Adam thinks that chance is gone. “Watch me,” Locke warns.

As he gets his food, Adam sends Sally a text telling her Locke is still determined to get Victoria back. She sends him a thumbs up. Locke gets a text and says he’s had very good news then takes off.


Adam is surprised when he arrives at the office and finds his father there. He wonders if there is a regime change in the works. They talk about the Grinning Soul podcast and its attacks on business elites.

Victor doesn’t know why he listens to those stupid podcasts. Adam rehashes how he has been pushed out of his job. His father doesn’t want to hear any whining.

Victor tells him if he wants to podcast or steam or whatever he can. Adam complains his sister will shut it down so his father encourages him to make it too profitable for that to happen.

He explains that Victoria will move on from Locke and things will get back to normal. Adam wonders what his plans are.

adam upset with father about ashland young and restless cbs

His father explains that Locke only had one reason to stay in town: Harrison. He’s taken care of that. Adam thinks that might only lead to a long legal battle but Victor is sure he won’t air his dirty laundry in public.

Adam stares and nods.


At Crimson Lights, Jack suggests that he and Phyllis go for a trip. Sounds great to her. They talk about how she’s been able to laugh a lot lately. She says that’s because she hasn’t been distracted by “that woman.”

Diane walks in and immediately intrudes, accusing them of being all over each other for her benefit. They deny it but she thinks she deserves credit for rekindling their romance.

“I think I’ve brought the spirit of love back into town,” she declares. They find that hard to take. Phyllis would associate her with a few words other than love.

After he leaves to take a call, the redhead tells her that Jack hates her with the heat of a thousand suns. It’s shocking to her. Diane thinks the intensity of his feelings are flattering.

Jack returns and Phyllis immediately suggests they go and celebrate indoors. They kiss and take off. Diane sighs.

Phyllis takes Jack back to a suite at the Grand Phoenix and tells him how positive she feels. She relates that to when they make love. As they kiss, she tells him how much they deserve happiness because they are inevitable.

phyllis diane jack under skin young and restless cbs

Jack wonders if her sudden brazenness has to do with Diane. She insists this isn’t the case. Maybe Diane pushed her to realize what she wants, but that’s it. “We are the end game,” she says.

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Ashland goes to the park after getting a tip that Harrison is there with the nanny. He tells her he’d love some alone time with his son. She sits with her arms crossed and grimaces.

Kyle and Michael show up and suggest the nanny take the kid away for ice cream. Once they are gone, Kyle informs Locke that they have filed a restraining order and he must avoid all contact with Harrison.

ashland wants kid in life young restless

Locke says this order will end up in the trash. Michael looks forward to bringing up his lies in court. Kyle insists they are only trying to protect Harrison. They rehash what he’s done.

Kyle says if he really wants to protect Harrison, he will leave town. Locke thinks this is monstrous. Kyle thinks he is.

Diane returns to the Grand Phoenix and tells them she wants her mail forwarded to the Athletic Club. She requested this but it hasn’t been happening and she blames it all of Phyllis.

Phyllis and Jack step off the elevator as Diane is venting about her. She tells Diane to get her mail and get out.


Jack gets Phyllis to step aside and wonders if she planned this little fight. She says that was beyond even her capabilities. He has to get to a meeting. As he exits, she loudly tells him how amazing he was.

Phyllis rubs this in Diane’s face and advises her to stop filling Jack’s head with suspicions. Diane is sure Jack can see what she’s up to and suggests she is insecure about their weak relationship.

“You will never ever ever ever have a relationship with Jack ever again!” Phyllis insists, claiming he ran out to avoid her. Diane doesn’t think that’s why he ran out and reminds her of all the times Jack couldn’t tolerate her.

Phyllis says they just did a lot of “tolerating” and starts heaving her cleavage at her. Diane taunts her and suggests she could have named her hotel “Quickie Inn.” She’s sure that Phyllis knows she can get Jack into bed but can’t keep him.


As Jack waits for his car outside, he wonders if Diane was onto something about Phyllis running back to him the way she has.

When he goes back inside, he catches Phyllis screaming at Diane that she deliberately accelerated things with Jack to mark her territory and it felt good. Jack is shocked.

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