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Soaps Spoilers has the Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for the Tuesday, October 5, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Wednesday, October 6. (Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.) In the previous episode, Bill learned about Camila Rhodes’ will. In this episode, Billy gets a hold of Gaines, Victoria hears Ashland’s secret, and Sally and Adam prepare to head to Italy together.

Billy runs into Elena and Nate on their date. They’re talking about the food in Italy and Billy hopes that they can do a double date when they’re there. They discuss how angry Victoria is with him. “Well, you know me. I can be a little blunt for my own good.” He admits that he hopes Victoria changes her mind about marrying Ashland. Elena says she and Nate are friends with Ash and Victoria and they like him. Billy says he’s not pining for his ex. Certain things have come to light and he doesn’t believe Ash is the man he says he is. They discuss his character and Nate defends Ash. Elena thinks Billy should support the man instead of hanging on to the past. Nate reminds Billy of his own past and that Lily accepts him for who he is now. Billy nods. “You’re right.” He’s been open and honest with her and Ash hasn’t with Victoria. He can’t turn a blind eye and ignore the red flags. He only wants to make sure she knows the facts. He gets a text and has to go. He’ll see them in Italy.

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In the park, Sally’s bringing her sewing machine, a portable steamer, and a lot of luggage to Italy, so Adam says he’ll reserve one or two limos. He asks how she’ll get the dress to his sister. She’ll figure it out. She thinks they should explore together. He reminds her that though they’re flying there on the same jet, they’re not together. She doesn’t see the distinction. He reminds her they’re not a couple, they’re not going to the wedding together, nor are they sleeping in the same room. She gets it. “You might not be quite as irresistible as you think.” They share a laugh. Sally will ensure that nobody else gets the wrong idea, either. He gets a text and says he has something to take care of. Chloe wanders up as she asks if he’s picking her up or meeting her at the airport. Chloe questions her and Adam says he surrendered to her insistent pleas to go to Italy with him. Adam goes and Chloe tells Sally she needs to rethink this. Sally is determined to go. Chloe gets it but doesn’t like it. They’re not going as a couple. Chloe thinks it’s a romantic setting but Sally thinks her co-worker worries too much.

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At the palazzo in Italy, Ash and Victoria have had lunch. He tells her that once he explains his past, she’ll be complicit. “Does this have something to do with an actual crime?” Victoria asks. “Yes. You still want to know?” Victoria urges him to tell her everything. He starts by telling her that he met Camila Rhodes during the real Ashland’s interview. He hoped he could bluff his way through since his friend discussed broadcasting all the time. “I was a mess,” he admits. He was alone in the world, he’d been thrown from the vehicle and was in shock after watching his friend die. He wanted to make it up to him. Camila had better prepared, better dressed candidates. She sensed he wanted the job more and gave him a shot. He was a gopher. She gave him opportunities and took him under her wing. Victoria can see it must have meant a lot to him. He says it did and Camila was alone in the world, too. Her husband died, and she had no children. She treated Ash like a son “and then it all went to hell.” He assumed there would be a provision in her will. Senior Jesse Gaines said that her estate would go to charity. “These weren’t reputable institutions,” he says. “A cat sanctuary for God’s sake,” Ash says, thinking the woman made it all a big joke. Ash knows he sounds spoiled to think he should have been in her will. Victoria asks if she was upset with him but that’s not it. She didn’t think he needed an inheritance to make it. Ash knows she was right but he was immature, angry and confused and the senior Jesse Gaines was angry on his behalf as well. He took a liking to Ashland. He had a paternal role in his life and felt as though it was ridiculous that she didn’t put him in her will. Ash and Jesse realized they could fix her will together. They overrode the will with a codicil and had her leave her entire state to Ashland. Camila would have been outraged. He used her money to buy the TV stations. “All built on a lie and stolen funds.” Ash says she deserved better but by the time he grew up, it was too late to change it. She asks what was in it for Jesse Sr. Ash says nobody challenged it. The risk was low. Ash calls Jesse Jr an absolute idiot and says that his dad made a mistake and didn’t throw away the note that stipulated that Ash wasn’t to receive an inheritance. Jr found out and decided to use it for future leveraged. After his dad died, there was no legal or ethical threat. He decided to blackmail him and has done it for years. Ash reveals he demanded a lump sum payment. Victoria realizes that money was for Jesse, not a present for her. Ash is ashamed he lied to her and so easily. He wanted to shield her from the ugliness. He tells her Gaines is gone. “But I’m not the one who paid him off. Your father beat me to it.” She’s shocked. Victor told him he did it for her happiness and said to consider it a wedding gift. She learns Gaines is still a threat since Gaines still has that old letter from Camila. Gains Sr didn’t respect his son and treated him like dirt. Ash thinks Gaines has been fantasizing about taking him down. Now that his days are possibly coming to an end, Gaines likely realizes it’s now or never. Victoria says, “You know it’ll blow back on my company, don’t you? Fraud, conspiracy, grand theft? This is going to be a huge scandal.” Ashland reminds her it’s their company, and the statute of limitations is long since over, but Newman would face a fallout. He asks her to put all that aside and wants to know if she’ll still be able to marry him. She’s upset that her company’s a ticking time bomb. He’s sorry. He asks if they can work through this.

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Adam arrives at Society as Nate and Elena are discussing hiring another nurse. Adam looks in the window and texts his PI about just missing Billy. Adam heads inside and asks Elena and Nate if they saw Billy. He claims he was meeting him. Adam talks about the wedding and how he’s hopeful he and Billy can make a pact not to disrupt the wedding. Nate and Elena cringe. They think he should talk to Billy about that one. Adam’s surprised to hear Nate’s Ashland’s best man. He looks forward to seeing them there. He goes and Elena talks about packing. They’re feeling good about their relationship and spending so much time together in Italy. Nate wouldn’t care if they spent time in Fresno.

Billy meets his PI lady at his place and she produces Gaines. Billy grins. It’s good to see him again. The woman leaves and Billy reminds him he promised to give the scoop of how Ashland started his business. Gaines got a better offer. Billy asks how much Victor Newman gave him. Gaines says it was more than Billy offered, but Newman will be furious if he goes back on his word and spills. If Billy can guarantee his protection, he’ll talk and if not, this conversation goes nowhere. Gaines calls it personal and he will only share if Billy makes the deal. Billy reveals that he already knows basically that Ashland cooked up a scheme with Gaines Sr.

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Adam and Sally meet at Crimson Lights. She found earrings that go with Victoria’s dress. She thought he could give them to his sister as a gift. Adam has a romantic dinner in store for the couple. She goes to get coffee and Adam calls Victor with information that Billy got a tip. Victor reveals that Jesse Gaines slipped his security team and he thinks Billy Boy had something to do with it. Adam will stay on him to make sure no further damage happens.

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