Michael Reveals Ashland Never Had Cancer — & Victor Seethes at Adam’s Disrespect For Refusing to Spy

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Adam thinks he may have gone too far with his father in his refusal to spy, while Billy goes on the attack, and Michael reveals that Ashland was never ill. In the previous episode, Jack realized he has to go to LA to find out what the cryptic text was all about.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for Tuesday, February 22, 2021 episode airs in the USA Wednesday, February 23. Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.)

Sally sees Victoria at  Crimson Lights. Victoria has time to chat so they take a seat and Victoria asks how she’s settling into her new role. Sally’s thrilled and wants to prove she’s the right person for the job. She previews their ideas for audience growth and integrated strategies. “Interesting,” Victoria says.

Sally asks what that means and assumes Victoria’s been betting on her to fail. Victoria wasn’t sure what she’d bring to the table. Sally reminds her she isn’t new to running a business.

Sally admits she’d be skeptical if in her shoes, too. Victoria confesses she’s unsure of her skill set. Sally likes proving people wrong. Victoria thinks she’ll have to back it up.

Sally knows she can do it.

Victoria touches base on her intimate relationship with Adam. She assumes they’re not just colleagues. Sally calls it none of Victoria’s business. And if they were, it wouldn’t differ from her thing with Locke.

Victoria reminds her they’re married but Sally doesn’t think a piece of paper matters. She assures that she and Adam will put Newman Media first but Victoria counters, “Do you think he’ll put you first?” She goes off to a meeting.

sally calls out victoria young restless

In Adam’s office, he tells his father that he refuses to be his spy. Victor is surprised. He thought Adam wanted to. Adam gave him that impression because he took the path of least resistant.

He doesn’t want to get involved in a war between his dad, Victoria and Ashland.  “You sold Newman Locke because I disappointed you.” Victor shrugs. He has his reasons.

Adam assumes he has those same reasons behind thinking Ashland is faking his illness. Victor tells his son to listen carefully. Ashland can’t be trusted about the merger, with his daughter, or with talk about his health.

victor pissed off at adam young and the restless

If this continues, Ashland will endanger the Newman family. “Locke is family,” Adam says. Victor freaks out and yells, asking what’s the matter with him. He’s never taken real steps to fitting into the family.

Adam thinks that Victoria will think  if they dig into his past. Victor calls him a danger. Adam asks him to get someone else to do the dirty work but Victor insists he’s the only one.

He believes there will be no Newman Media left unless Adam does what he wants. Adam thinks that this is yet another test and that if he doesn’t play, it means he’s a failure.

If he’s right, he’s not playing. Victor thinks he made a mistake believing in his son. He calls his son disrespectful, selfish, disloyal and arrogant. Adam thinks if that’s how he sees it, they’re finished there. He takes off.

adam won't be a spy young and the restless

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Nate drops by Lily’s condo. He admits he’s thinking of stepping down as Chief of Surgery to work for Newman/Locke. Lily’s shocked. He tells her about Locke’s offer and how appealing it is.

nate has two job offers young and restless

Lily offers him a job at Chancellor. He asks what he’d do. She has no idea but things are complicated at Newman Locke. Nate has a lot of experience navigating the family dynamics but Lily calls him family. Nate is shocked he has two fantastic offers to consider.

lily offer nate job young and restless

Ashland sips coffee at Society. Billy joins him and notices he looks like a villain in a superhero movie, plotting. Ash thinks it sounds like an accusation. Billy ignores him and congratulates him on his medical situation improving. He assumes Ashland wants to get more control of his company.

billy calls ashland out young and restless

Ashland calls those baseless allegations but Billy doubts he’d be interested in being just an advisor to his wife. That doesn’t sound like Locke. He asks how things are going at work.

Ashland brushes him off. They’re handing things fine. Billy still thinks that he’s going to hurt Victoria. Ashland thinks that Billy’s just upset that he blew every single chance he’s had with her. Billy denies it.

They’ve moved on. Ashland thinks he’s done enough damage to his relationship with Victoria and says if he keeps it up… “See where this gets you.”

victoria hurt by billy young restless

As they talk, Victoria appears, surprised they’re together. Ashland fills him in on Billy’s theories on  their business and marriage and she asks Billy once again to back off.

Billy’s glad their kids are away from the toxicity. Victoria’s hurt but Billy says she just can not see it since she’s too close. They agree not to talk to each other anymore but Billy knows she’ll be falling as soon as she sees Ashland for who he really is.

He takes off. Victoria and Ashland sit at the sofas and Ashland lets her know he isn’t concerned about Billy. Victoria relays her talk with Sally and Ashland finds it hilarious that Sally and Adam seem to be a couple now.

Victoria thinks Sally’s underqualified to do this job. She gets a call from Victor who asks her to meet at Newman Locke.

victoria-talks about billy young restless

Billy arrives home and Nate takes off. She fills Billy in on their meeting. Billy talks about all of them needing to keep their distance from Locke. “Especially me,” he says and tells her about his talk with Ash and Victoria.

nate job chancellor young restless

Adam meets Sally at the Grand Phoenix room. She has coffee and cinnamon rolls. She lets him know about her talk with his sister. Adam says he’s impressed. Sally excels at defending herself.

Adam’s not happy that his sister is interested in them as a couple, but he can handle her. She notices he seems off. He admits he got no sleep last night. He was thinking about Sally and that he needed to stop playing games.

He thinks he may have overplayed his hand with his father. He said no to spying. Sally’s flabbergasted. Adam admits he told his dad no more loyalty tests or he’d walk for good. Sally’s supportive which makes him happy. They kiss.

adam impressed sally young restless

At the office, Victor gets a call from Michael. He persuaded the doctor to talk on video. The video is on the way but he previews what Victor will find out.

Ashland paid the clinic a substantial amount to falsify his medical records to fake that he was suffering from cancer when he was, in fact, perfectly healthy.

Victor believes it but he needs proof for everyone else. He asks Michael to follow the money. Victoria walks in and Victor quickly says goodbye to Michael.

victor learns ashland lies young and restless

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