After Ashland Makes a Confession to Victoria, Her Family Burst In to Confront Her with Their Damning Evidence

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Nate snaps at Lily and Devon after they make him an offer, Ashland makes a confession to Victoria, and the Newmans plow ahead with their plan. In the previous episode, Devon decided on the merger and Jack received a cryptic message from someone stalking Allie.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for Monday, March 21, 2022 episode airs in the USA Tuesday, March 22. Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.)

nate elena talk ashland betrayal YR

Nate and Elena go to Crimson Lights. After she wonders if they should order pastry, she asks about his conflicted feelings over Ashland.

He’s never violated his medical ethics by looking at someone’s medical records and leaking their contents like that before. Elena asks if he wishes he hadn’t given the evidence to Victor.

He doesn’t regret it but can’t help thinking about how things would be different if this hadn’t happened. This changes things not just for the Newmans, but for him too.

His friendship with Ashland is up in flames and that means he could try to ruin his reputation. Elena is sure Locke has bigger fish to fry. Besides, exposing him would mean exposing himself.

Nate can see how worked up she is. She vents about Locke and tells him not to blame himself. That man is shameless and needs to pay. If it weren’t for the oath to do no harm, he’d be on top of her to-do list.

The doctor is sure it will all be fine. But he’s still mad at himself for being so easily duped. She says he did his research and figured out how to play everyone, even his wife.

Nate still can’t understand how he let that man make him reconsider his whole life. If he’s not going to work with Ashland, what will he do?

lily devon pitch to nate YR

Lily and Devon arrive and sit down, quizzing him about what’s happening. They remind him he turned down offers from both of them to work for Locke. Nate vaguely says he’s realized that working for him isn’t what’s best. Elena covers for why.

Lily wonders if this has to do with her warning about how the Newman family dynamics could affect his friendship with Ashland. The doctor explains he is still leaning toward stepping down as chief of surgery. In that case, Lily and Devon may have an offer for him.

They inform Elena and Nate that Chancellor Industries and Hamilton-Winters are merging into one entity. There’s a lot of work before it’s final but they are cautiously optimistic that will be something very special.

They are building something to run as a family and want Nate to be part of that. He looks moved.

Devon announces they are building an empire for the family. Neil would be proud of them and this will be fulfilling their ancestors’ wildest dreams. Nate doesn’t see where he would fit in. They tell him he brings a lot to the table. Nate has to think about it.

Elena loves the idea of them working together but Nate has to make up his own mind. He snaps and says he’s not sure it’s the right move for him. He apologizes and says he couldn’t be happier. Lily has seen him happier and tries to probe.

nate snaps YR

Nate explains he’s just in the aftermath of a bad judgment call and needs time to regroup.

Lily offers to bore him with corporate talk and Devon offers to play demos. The doctor says he has to take care of some things and leaves.

elena and nate talk options YR

Devon asks Elena if something serious is going on. After vaguely fending off the question, Elena says Nate will appreciate the job offer when he cools down.

Nick joins Victor in his office at Newman-Locke. He thanks him for reaching out to Nate. It did a world of good. The doctor got a hold of Ashland’s medical records and discovered he’s the picture of health. There is no record of any illness or treatment.

Nick curses Ashland and says there is a place in hell for him. Victor says it is now imperative that they show Victoria the evidence. It’s in her hands now. Nick is hoping Locke receives some karmic payback.

nikki adam plot YR

Nikki and Adam join them. She hopes that the evidence will finally turn things around. Adam doesn’t see how Locke can talk his way out of this. The evidence speaks for itself and Nate is believable. Nick suggests they find consensus on how to deal with Victoria. It will take all of them to pull off their only real option.

Adam doubts it will work. Nikki is worried that her daughter will never forgive them. Nick repeats it’s the only way and he only cares about his sister’s future and well-being.

If this was all Locke’s plan to take over the company, Victoria may be no more than an obstacle for him now.

victor vows protection YR

Nikki worries about how far Locke might go. Adam and Nick think it’s pretty far. Victor vows that the “SOB will not harm a hair on Victoria’s head.” Adam agrees to go along with this and takes a gulp of coffee.

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Victoria enters her office and finds Ashland already working. He thought they were driving in together this morning but she had some errands to run.

From the way she was tossing and turning last night, he assumes she has something on her mind. Whatever is bothering her is bothering him too.

ashland asks victoria run away YR

She is beyond furious with her father. If word got out that he faked his cancer… Her husband assures her that won’t happen. He knows what to do to combat what her father is trying to do to them.

Ashland suggests they escape to Tuscany since they can’t get much done there. They could spend a few weeks working and enjoying themselves. It would give him a chance to investigate the slanders against him.

They need to stop this thing before it gets out of control.

She doesn’t want anyone to think they are hiding. He says he’s not running but he’s wondering if her father has planted more doubt in her mind than she is willing to admit.

He knows how hard it is for her to go against her father. She’s sure Ashland knows how she would react if she discovered he lied to her again. It would be the end of their marriage. She may have a great capacity for forgiveness, but there are lines that can’t be crossed.

ashland confesses victoria YR

Ashland senses she’s expecting a confession. She tells him now would be the time to make it if there is one coming. Standing up and pacing, he admits he has something “earth-shattering” to tell her.

“I love you,” he starts, telling her she’s a gift he doesn’t deserve. That’s the confession.

victoria has doubts YR

He can see she is torn between him and her family and assures her she has nothing to feel sorry for. Her family is shoving an insane conspiracy theory on her.

She should just shut them out and go away with him. Victoria doubts that will make their problems disappear. He disagrees. They need time to focus.

Ashland reminds her that she told him that love transcends all. They can pack a few bags and jump on a jet.

Tearful Nikki interrupts. She says this is a private matter and asks to speak to her alone. Victoria wants her husband to stay and tells her mom she’s being rude. Nikki is finished with being polite and orders Locke out.

nikki interrupts victoria ashland YR

Nikki tells Ashland he’s being obtuse and this isn’t about him. It’s about her marriage. She claims she had a terrible fight with Victor and they said things they can’t take back.

Her daughter promises they can figure this out. Victoria asks her husband to step out for a few minutes so she can be there for her mom. He loves how helpful she is and exits, wishing Nikki the best.

adam questions sister's competence YR

Back down the hall, Adam worries that this plan will fail and suggests they talk options. He asks if the contracts can be nullified. His father forbids him removing Victoria from her position. Adam says this situation seriously calls her competence into question.

Nick accuses him of spinning this to make a power grab. The brothers bicker and Adam claims he has an interest in the ongoing health of the company, unlike Nick. Victor says they need to take this one step at a time. Protecting Victoria is their priority.

lauren asks about michael YR

Lauren barges in and demands answers about what’s happened to Michael. She knows he has people searching for him and wants to know everything. After he takes a deep sigh, he admits he’s lost contact with Michael.

Lauren knew that in her heart so it’s good she’s gone to Kevin and the GCPD for help.

He tells her to forget the cops. His people are looking for Michael and she should trust him. He thought they would find him quicker than this.

lauren barges in victor office YR

Lauren asks his sons what they know. They try to be reassuring.

Victor insists on keeping what Michael is working on confidential. Nick gets a text from his mom and leaves with Adam. Victor repeats he can’t tell Lauren anything, but promises he will do all he can to bring Michael back safely.

nikki confronts victoria YR

Back in her office, Victoria gives her mom a glass of water and then Nikki says that she has no doubt that Victor was right to investigate Ashland. Her daughter guesses this was all a ruse to get her alone.

Grabbing her arms and shaking her, Nikki tells her that her father is only doing this to protect her. Victoria wonders how far they will go with this.

victoria confronted by family YR

Victor and his two sons file in and announce they will not allow her to leave until she has seen all the evidence.

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