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Soaps Spoilers has the Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for the Thursday, October 7, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Friday, October 8. (Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.) In the previous episode, Victoria made a decision on the wedding. In this episode, Victoria still wants to get married, Gaines agrees to go to Tuscany, and Nate and Elena arrive at the palazzo. 

Adam stops by Billy’s place. He tells Billy that he’s not going to let him take Gaines to Tuscany. He’ll live to regret it. He asks why he’s so bent on destroying her happiness. Billy argues that he’s trying to ensure her happiness by stopping her from marrying a duplicitous man like Locke. Adam reminds him neither of them has a right to cast stones. They discuss Gaines and Billy lies that he doesn’t know the man. He’s surprised to see Adam there instead of on a plane to Tuscany. He assumes Victor told him to jump and he asked how high. He thinks Adam’s pathetic. Adam says he sees Billy as destructive and does not think Victoria needs him to save her. “It’s about you and your jealousy and insecurity.” Billy denies being jealous. Adam thinks Ashland is better in so many ways to Billy and isn’t a “manchild.” Billy asks if he’s “president of his fan club.” Adam says he’ll leave that up to his sister. Billy kicks him out. Adam can’t wait to watch his humiliation. Once Adam’s gone, Gaines whines about being screwed and thrown to the wolves after Billy gets what he wants. Billy won’t do that. He needs Gaines to tell Victoria everything and show her the letter to prove that everything Locke has done was built on lies. Billy assures the man that he’ll be safe, even though he’s in the same location as “Lurch and Locke.” They rehash how Ashland manipulated his father, Jesse Sr. Gaines thinks it’d be magnificent to expose Ashland. Gaines agrees to go. Billy calls Lily, who is still in California. The kids will be going to Tuscany but Billy doubts there’ll be a wedding.

billy kicks adam out young restless

Victoria finds Ashland in the lounge in Tuscany. She made it clear that the wedding is still on but he wanted to know more about her “decision process.” She asks why since he seems happy about it. He’s happy says, “Perhaps I should call off the wedding.” He admits he spoke with Nikki who was worried that she was moving forward with the wedding for the wrong reasons. If it were true, Ash would be devastated. He wants her happiness. Victoria calls her mother wrong. She’s marrying him to protect her company and calls it “in both of our interests.” Ash would have agreed with her a year ago but not now. He takes her hands. Her love has profoundly changed him and he knows he betrayed that love. He can see how wounded she is. If her heart is no longer in it, he doesn’t want her to go through with this marriage. He apologizes. He calls himself a ruthless and self-serving man who wants to be better because of her. She believes him and wants him to have a chance to be better. Despite everything, she loves him. “I always will. I still want to be your wife.” Upstairs, Nikki finds Victor, after checking on wedding preparations. She lets her husband know she was talking to Ashland and she urged him to back out of the wedding. “You did what?” Victor asks. “How could you?” THey’re sending mixed messages since he told their daughter how happy he was that she was marrying Ashland. As they talk, Nikki realizes Victor already knew about Ash’s past. He kept it from them. He didn’t want the press or Billy Boy to get a hold of the info. Both she and The Black Knight are concerned about how much information he has. Victor thinks the most important thing is that the two love each other, and doesn’t think they should stand in the way of the marriage. Downstairs, Elena and Nate turn up. They’re ready for the wedding and Nat’s ready for his best man duties.

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In their suite, Tessa’s not happy that Mariah isn’t coming to Tuscany with her. Mariah assumes she thinks she’s in crisis mode but she just wants to be nearby in case Dominic is ill. Tessa asks what she’ll do if that happens. Mariah tells her that her heart hasn’t caught up with her mind. She’s doing her best to accept that the role in his life has changed. It’s why she’s keeping her distance. Tessa says she’s not if she thinks she needs to be in a ten-mile radius from the kid. Mariah says she knows what to do to make herself better. Have a kid, but Tessa took that off the table. Tessa tries to get her to reconsider going to Italy as a vacation. They may get perspective. Mariah doesn’t think contemplating ancient ruins will help. She’s not up for it. Tessa keeps trying and Mariah feels bribed. She’s not ready. Abby’s Dom’s mom but what if he needs breast milk while she’s gone. “Well, there are other options,” Tessa says quietly. They go back and forth and Mariah asks Tessa to stay home. She can’t because she’s singing and it’d be unprofessional. Mariah’s sorry. She’s right.

mariah issues young restless cbs

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Back in Tuscany, Ash gets dizzy and tells Nate he’s not feeling well. Elena appears and he perks up. They discuss the gorgeous setting for the ceremony. Ash thanks Nate for his sage advice which had him following his heart. They tell him about bumping into Billy, who hopes the wedding won’t happen. Ash appreciates the warning but he can’t stop the wedding. Ash goes and Nate and Elena canoodle and talk about the fun they’ll have together after the wedding. Elsewhere, Nikki and Victor kiss and hang out discussing the beauty surrounding them. Victor gets a text and looks worried. He needs to take care of something. He goes. Nikki greets Nate and Elena. She tells them she’s the matron-of-honor and that they gave the palazzo to the bride and groom as a present. Nate’s blown away. Meanwhile, in another room, Victor hops on a call with Adam, who fills him in on trying to dissuade Bily from going to Italy. He doesn’t think it worked. Victor appreciates it. He paid Gaines a lot of money and he betrayed him. Adam asks how far he wants to go to fix this. Outside, Nate and Elena share wine and listen to tunes with Ashland and Victoria. Victor reappears and greets everyone. Victor watches Ash kissing Victoria and tells his wife that everything is going well.

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Next week spoilers on Y&R!

Jack’s in Tuscany. “You can almost feel the magic of Tuscany in the air.”
Nikki agrees. “Perfect for a wedding.”

Summer and Kyle come sauntering in, hand in hand. “Buona sera, everybody,” Summer gushes. Everyone cheers, happy to see them.

Leslie Brooks appears and asks where the happy couple is. Victor shakes her hand. “My goodness. Leslie Brooks. How nice to see you.”

Sally puts the wedding gown in Victoria’s wardrobe and hides it when the woman steps into the room.

Ashland uses his Batman voice and warns Billy, “Just in case you have any plans to disrupt the wedding, there’s something you should know.” Victor interrupts. “What the hell are you doing here?”

skyle married young restless
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