After Ashland’s Arrested and Locked up, Victor Visits Him and They Exchange Threats — & Adam’s Disappearing Act Irritates Sally

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Tessa, Mariah, Allie and Noah hang out poolside, Nikki realizes Diane did the right thing, but it changes nothing for her, while Locke’s locked up and Diane feels bad. In the previous episode, Adam told Victoria he & Sally are done, and Locke sobbed and tossed his room over Victoria.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for Friday, July 15, 2022 episode airs in the USA Monday, July 18. Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.)

At the park, Ashland tells everyone that Harrison’s playing in the park. He doesn’t have him. Kyle asks what the hell Ashland was thinking, defying the restraining order?

Ashland wanted to see his son and have a moment with him to hold him and say goodbye. “Are you all so cold that you actually think I’m a threaten to him?”

cops take ashland jail young restless

Nikki calls him a threat to everyone and tells him he’s off to jail. Diane appears as Summer goes to Harrison. Locke blames Diane and when the cop comes to take him away, he asks that his son not see this. Kyle goes to distract his son and Ashland vows not to cause trouble.

He explains he happened upon his son and couldn’t leave or it’d have devastated him.

The cop lets him come with her without cuffs, and once they’re gone, Diane looks guilty.

Summer reappears and Nikki and Michael admit that Diane did the right thing. Diane hopes this shows Nikki she’s one of the good guys. Nikki looks down her nose with pursed lips. One good deed doesn’t erase a lifetime. Diane shrugs.

She did it for her kid.

Once everyone leaves, Michael and Nikki talk about how lucky they were. Nikki thinks that no matter the situation, things work out for Diane. She still doesn’t think Diane did something good. “One can never disregard her motives.”

Michael thinks she should give him the benefit of the doubt. He says Ashland will probably make bail later today, which maddens Nikki. Michael thinks he’d be smart to leave town for  good.diane park with nikki y oung restless

In her office, Victoria tells Nick and Victor that Adam made a pitch for her to keep Sally on. He even told her that he broke up with Sally, claiming that it wasn’t working.

Nick says they seemed fine and he assumes Adam’s being calculating. Victoria is going to have to make a decision about Sally sooner rather than later, she says.

She knows Adam has no intention of returning to work there at Newman. They ponder this a while. Victor explains that he asked her to get on board with getting his son back to the company. If she’s not going to do that, she can disappear.

“I have no need for her.” Victoria admits she has no replacement for Sally. She’ll decide by the end of today.

vicky talks sally work young restless

At the Newman Media office, Sally calls and leaves Adam a message that she doesn’t like this disappearing act. Chloe appears and asks what’s wrong.

Sally details that Adam told her he was off to Chicago overnight, but she hasn’t heard from him since.

Sally asks if that’s odd.

sally call adam young restless

Chloe wouldn’t rank that in the top 100 odd things that Adam does.

Sally’s so confused because they snuck off for sex and she felt so connected to him.

Chloe finds that to be too much information, but she’s concerned that he’s going to get payback with Victoria when Sally fills her in on him losing his job. They disagree about what Adam will do next. Is he out exacting revenge?

Chloe’s sorry for Sally, though she knows what it’s like to be in a relationship with him.

Sally says the job offer still stands, that Adam assured that her job is safe.

Chloe’s not exactly comforted by that but she’s still interested. Chloe admits Chelsea dissolved their partnership, so the timing is perfect. Sally gets a text and says they should hold off on anything since their jobs may be in jeopardy. She sighs.

sally tells chloe adam missing young restless


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At GCAC rooftop, Noah brings Tessa and Mariah drinks. Tessa tells him that she got a second opinion about her vocal nodules and that the appointment didn’t go well. Mariah tells them they’re all going to be positive.

tessa drinks gcac young restless

Tessa’s glad Noah called so they can all hang at the pool and relax. Allie turns up and scopes the area, which reminds her of L.A. rooftop bars. Noah gets a message and Allie blurts that Noah wants to quit New Hope.

She apologizes to Noah, who explains what his issue is.

Tessa doesn’t think New Hope was his thing anyway. Noah gets Allie a drink and asks the women not to tell his father about what he’s thinking of.

They won’t. Noah’s burnt out on art still, and says the thing that’s gotten him most excited is event planning for their wedding. They agree it was an amazing party.

He wants to keep it going by leasing the space and make it the coolest club in town. Tessa can sing there!

noah tells about new job young restless

Mariah takes Allie to get more drinks and they discuss Diane and how she’s been nice but sees her as a useful tool. Mariah advises to stick to the core Abbott’s who will have her back. Noah too. Back at the loungers, Tessa asks for details on his date with Allie. He feels good with her and they agree that’s what matters. She’s thrilled for him.

Nikki arrives at Newman Media and tells the room that Ashland was arrested for his restraining order violation. Victor admits he reminded Baldwin that Locke would probably go see Harrison and to be vigilant. Nikki says Diane was the one to tip Michael off. “Well I’ll be damned,” Victor says.

He is surprised that Locke is despicable to even Diane. Nikki says not to buy that she’s changed.

They won’t, especially Victoria who sounds cynical. Her family doesn’t like that.

The cop takes Ashland to a holding cell at the Genoa City Police Department. He rants that this is a case of harassment.

The cop puts him in the cell and tells him to talk to his lawyer. He sighs as she takes off, locking him inside.

ashland locked up yr

In Sally’s office, she and Chloe tune in to her table where Victor is holding a press conference about bringing Victoria back into the fold as CEO, Nikki as co-CEO and says that Nick’s back as COO of Newman Enterprises.

He turns over the conference to Victoria who says they’re looking forward to a brand new era. The press asks questions and they talk about Adam being out and Sally remaining as CEO of Newman Media. Someone asks Victoria if Sally is staying on and she looks uncomfortable.

She talks about possible staff realignments but doesn’t commit to an answer.

vic press conf young restless

At the Abbott manse, Summer tells Diane that Harrison’s just fine and happy to have seen Ashland. She’s glad he didn’t have time to fill his head with lies.

Kyle appears, glad that Locke didn’t kidnap his son. “He wouldn’t dare,” Diane says, looking concerned.

She asks if Kyle’s angry with her. He’s not. She thinks she could have messaged him but Kyle says it was right to contact Michael, since he set the restraining order up.

summer talks diane kid young restless

Back at Newman, the press conference is over and Nick and Nikki congratulate Victoria on just killing it.

They all think there’s nothing but blue skies ahead. Nikki can’t find Victor and wonders where he went.

nikki loves victoria speech young restless

Victor winds up at GCPD to see Ashland. “This is where you belong, you know, like a caged animal.”

Ashland smiles. His lawyers will have him out of there.

Victor doesn’t think so. He’ll end up here permanently. Ashland thinks using that boy as a pawn is despicable.

vic threatens locke jail young restless

Victor calls Locke one of the most despicable humans. He deserves everything he’s got. Ashland denies deserving this. “You’re the one who deserves loss,” Locke says.

Victor asks if it’s a threat. Ashland tells him he can take it how he likes it, so Victor grabs him by the lapels and tells him that nobody hurts his daughter and gets away with it.

He threatens him back before leaving.

locke threatens vic jail young restless

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