Ashland Agrees to Shared Custody Under One Impossibly Hurtful Condition

This is the Canadian Y&R day ahead recap from the Wednesday, June 2, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Thursday, June 3. In the previous episode, Billy was threatened by Victor and Kyle found Tara at the park with his son. In today’s episode, Devon has advice for his girlfriend, Harrison asks if his parents are mad at each other, and Jack gives Summer advice.

Jack finds Summer upset at Crimson Lights. She’s happy for Kyle but saw them together and they looked like a happy family. She decided to embrace it but it’s hard. Jack has faith that they’ll be happy together. They’ll have kids someday. Summer says they’ve talked about that. She cries a little and Jack says he understands how fast this is going. He’s a grandfather suddenly. He talks about bonding with the tyke and tells her she’s had a special place in his heart since the day she was born. He goes and Sally arrives. He’s cold toward her and Summer rubs her nose in how much she screwed up. Sally thinks it must be fun for Summer to watch her be blown off. They talk about the job at the fashion house in Milan and Sally’s certain that it’s a long shot. She asks Summer not to tank her reputation. She admits she’d do anything to get this gig, causing Summer to wonder what she’s up to. Sally acts offended. Summer thinks she’s the one who let Ashland know that Tara and Harrison were staying with Jack. Sally claims that’s a terrible thing to say, but Summer is certain of it. Sally prays she gets the Milan job because she’s tired of being Summer’s punching back for when her life goes wrong. Later, once she’s alone, Sally complains in a video chat to her grandma Sally about everyone keeping her down. She gets it. They’re on their lofty perch and expect her to slink away with her tail between her legs. “But don’t do it, Sally girl. Remember, you’re a Spectra.” Sally tells Sally to dig down and get confidence and “turn this sucker around.” Sally agrees. Maybe she’ll have to go to plan B.

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Kyle gives Ashland the boot from the Abbott mansion and says next time to contact them through their lawyers, but Ashland just wants to talk. He holds his hands up to show he’s harmless. Tara stops Kyle from saying more. She’ll go with Ashland to talk while Kyle takes care of the kid. Later Kyle talks to his kid about cookies and the kid asks if his parents are mad at each other. Kyle says people who care about each other can be mad at each other. Sometimes it takes a while to get over being mad but they will always love him. Harrison loses interest. Jack arrives and takes Harrison into the kitchen.

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Nikki is met by Victor at the park. She just came from Catherine’s plaque. The roses are ready to bloom. Victor tells her 12 apricot roses were delivered to the house. He hands her a box with a book inside. It’s her book, but inside she finds tickets to see Leslie Brooks perform piano concerto #3 in Florence. Nikki’s thrilled. “There’s more inside,” Victor says, motioning toward the box. She eats chocolate that he had flown in from Italy. She laughs. He gifts her a picture of a stallion. His name is Cochure (spelling might not be correct) who is waiting for her in the stables. She recalls the early years when they were falling in love and the romance they shared. He tells her to come home with her. He has more surprises. They profess their love and Nikki caresses his face.

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In her suite, Amanda tells Devon that Richard only knew about having one child. She fills him in on how he was searching for her when he was killed. She’s left wondering why. She tells Devon she was a ward of the state and hated those words. Part of her shattered after hearing how close her father was to possibly taking her home. Devon’s confused when she tells him Sutton wants her to revisit the Newman angle. Devon thinks it’s a problem that Sutton is making her job more difficult. He thinks she wants to prove herself to him. Naya and Imani stroll in and Devon goes. Naya owes Amanda an apology for becoming upset the last time they met. She never told Richard she was pregnant. Perhaps it was Rose? Amanda denies it. The PI was clear that he only knew about her. Naya avoided Richard and seems broken-hearted to know that he found her foster family. It hurts her but this doesn’t change anything. The Ames family is real and alive and here for her. SHe asks them to be her focus. She agrees that dwelling on the past is distracting her from the work that needs to be done. Later, everyone has separated. Naya finds Devon in the lobby and tells him how well Amanda’s doing as their lawyer. She worries Amanda’s overwhelmed about some things that have come to light. Devon agrees he’s worried about what this entire situation is doing to her. He thinks it’s a mistake that she even took the case. In her room, Amanda sobs on her bed. Imani returns and apologizes for what she’s going through. She’s taken a room there and wants to be there for her sister, knowing that this has been a difficult time for her. Amanda’s moved.

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At Society, Ashland says he doesn’t want to fight. Neither does Tara. He asks if she’s in love with Kyle. She says she isn’t. He asks if she was when they had an affair. She avoids that question and says when she and Ashland were dating it was wonderful until they married. He ignored her and she felt alone and lonely. He reminds her he gave her everything. “Except yourself,” she says. She felt empty. She tells him it happened in July and he was away. She entertained to have people around. “I played the role, the perfect hostess. Kyle saw through it.” He talked to her like she mattered. She’s not proud of what she did. Ashland thinks she shouldn’t be proud that she allowed him to fall in love with a child that wasn’t his. Ash has a deal for her. He’ll only offer it once.

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Kyle cleans up Harrison’s toys at the mansion. Tara arrives and says Ashland was calm and civilized. She tells him Ash will agree to shared custody if Kyle is not a part of his son’s life. Later, Jack appears and is told about this. Kyle’s shocked she’s considering this. She tells Kyle he never made a move to become a father to Harrison and he’s known for months he was his. Ashland has been a father to him. Kyle argues that she told them he’s too busy for his son. Tara needs to talk to her lawyer. She can’t lose her son. She takes off and Kyle goes off on his own.

Kyle finds Summer at the club and shares what Tara is suggesting, that he stay out of his son’s life. He can’t leave Harrison now that he knows him!

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Kyle tells Tara she’s a good mother. “Any judge will see that.”

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