Imani Ignores Amanda’s Warnings About Nate, Phyllis and Jack Fight About Her Using Him, and She Admits to Summer She’s Screwed Up

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Elena and Amanda talk about their men, Amanda warns her sister off Nate again, Sally tries reassuring Adam, and Diane apologizes to Allie. In the previous episode, Jack was hurt by what Phyllis screamed at Diane, and Ashland received a restraining order.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for June 1, 2022 episode airs in the USA June 2. Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.)

elena wakes up young and the restless

Elena hops down the stairs of the penthouse and finds Nate about to leave. They talk about their plans for the day. He’s on his way to a meeting.

Nate goes over to Devon’s penthouse and they talk about what’s happening at the meeting today. Amanda joins them and has to run off to the office before meeting them at the hotel.

On her way out, she bumps into Elena and they talk about the meeting. Elena asks her to join her for coffee.

gwen and devon meeting nate young and the restless

Gwen joins Devon and Nate at the penthouse and they talk about the merger. He assures her will continue working with her firm and hopes she will stay on board.

After Devon has shown her out, he asks Nate why he didn’t speak up when he clearly had something to say. Nate gives his rationale and Devon appreciates it and will always listen to him.

diane visits with son and summer young and the restless

Kyle and Summer are surprised when Diane shows up at Crimson Lights. She has a confession to make. She mentioned to Jack that they were thinking of moving back and Ashland overheard.

They are disturbed to hear she knows Locke. Her son says he’s bad news and is pretty heinous. His mom knows that now and assures them she won’t let him manipulate her. They’re glad to hear that and tell her about the restraining order.

She’s sure they know what’s best for their child, but it does seem like a little much to separate him from a child he loves. Summer says you can love someone and be toxic to them.

Amanda arrives. She guesses who Diane is and introduces herself as a friend of Phyllis. “I’m not,” Diane makes clear.

amanda in white with elena young and the restless

Amanda goes out to the patio and has coffee with Elena. They talk about Dom and Devon’s parenting and Elena goes on about Nate’s enthusiasm for the business world.

When she brings up Imani, Amanda assures her she won’t be interacting with Nate much. She’s made it’s clear he’s off limits. Her sister may be brash but she wouldn’t cross the line.

Elena thinks her only real competition is his new job. The lawyer admits to her that as much as she loves seeing Devon happy, she feels alien to the little world he has with his son.

That’s inspiring to her friend, who just wants to see her guy happy.

Allie bumps into Kyle and Summer. They chat about Harrison. Diane strolls over. Allie is surprised she is still in town. They recap the situation and Diane asks Allie to stay so they can catch up.

diane apologizes allie young and the restless

When they are left alone, Diane apologizes to Allie for blindsiding her with an unknown family. Allie says it wasn’t okay, but so far getting to know her family has been good.

Diane wishes she’d handled it differently. Allie knows she was using her. Diane admits it. They chat about Summer and Kyle. She’s relieved her son has turned out so well.

Allie is hope it was worth whatever it took to become part of their lives again. Didi feels responsible for her and worries she might be feeling overlooked in the Abbott family.

Allie wouldn’t come looking for attention from her. She doesn’t trust her. That makes sense to Diane, but she hopes that they can be friends one day.

sally happy work young and the restless

Sally walks into Adam’s office and announces she just closed a deal. She’s disappointed he’s not more excited. He congratulates her.

She guesses something is on his mind. He admits their plan to reunite Ashland and Victoria has hit a snag. His father is in their way. Adam fills her in on the restraining order that was filed against Locke.

adam distracted young and the restless

Sally thinks that was cold and nastier than anything she does. He worries that they are running out of time for their plan to work. She assures him they can come up with something even more clever if they need to.

He admires her hopeful enthusiasm but they are facing a real setback. She tells him how great he is and he tells her how many time his father has waved the CEO title in front of him.

She’s sure that next time he will get it because he has her on her team and they are unbeatable. They have time for this. They aren’t desperate. She loves working with him so they should appreciate what they have and go slow. They make out.

imani lily chat YR

Lily is surprised when Imani shows up at the Grand Phoenix and announces she’s taking part in the meeting. They begin discussing the details of a contract. Imani complains that Amanda can be very conservative and Lily says she trusts her.


They chat about Nate and what he’s added to the team. Imani is a big fan of his. As she goes on about him, Amanda arrives and scowls.

Devon and Nate join them and they go over the agenda for the launch. Amanda keeps cringing at her sister and eventually calls her off into the corner. She reminds her to ease up on Nate.

amanda lectures imani YR

“No one asked your opinion,” Imani tells her. Her sister tells her to stop making bad choices. Imani orders her to back off and strides back to Nate’s side, offering him anything he needs.

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phyllis crazed young and the restless

Phyllis shows up on Jack’s doorstep and wants to explain what she said to Diane at the Grand Phoenix. He doesn’t think she could be more clear. She already told Diane that she got together with him to shove it in her face.

He should have listened to the voice in his head that they were moving too fast. She says that voice is Diane and begs him not to listen to it. She urges him not to let Jenkins play mind games with them.

Jack thinks what Phyllis did was calculated and tawdry. It has hurt him. He wants the truth or they can’t get past this.

phyllis gone mad young and the restless

Red screams about Diane and admits she was staking her claim to show they are still solid. He thinks she’s accomplished exactly the opposite and reduced their relationship to a weapon against an old enemy.

Their reunion was taking so long he was getting used to it never happening. He was okay with that because he cherishes their friendship, but then she accelerated things when Diane came to town.

She doesn’t want him thinking horrible things about her. When they made love, it was real.

phyllis disarages diane young and the restless

Jack wants to know why she changed her mind about them so abruptly.

Phyllis loves being around him; he’s special and trusts her for the most part and still likes her when she flies off the handle.

Jack reminds her that she’s held him at a distance for months and something suddenly changed that. She admits Diane returning helped her see what’s right in front of her.

Being with him makes her happier than she’s been in a long time and that’s all that matters. “Please don’t tell me that you want to give up on us now,” she says.

Summer and Kyle interrupt. Phyllis takes off. His son guesses their timing wasn’t the best. Summer chases after her mom. Kyle assumes his father has been having a bad day and asks what’s going on.

Jack assures him that he and Phyllis will work it out. Kyle offers to listen. The topic of Diane and Ashland comes up. Jack made it clear to her that Locke is poison. He reminds his son of how unsmoothly he knew things would be with Phyllis.

Summer tracks her mom down at her suite at the Phoenix and asks her to spill about the tension with Jack. Phyllis tells her nothing is going on. She’s just emotional and it’s nothing.

Summer thinks this is just like when she was dealing with Sally. Her mom waves that off and asks her to drop it. She won’t. Phyllis admits she’s screwed up.

phyllis screwed up yr


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