Adam and Sally Celebrate, Jill Makes an Accusation of Diane & Victoria and Ashland Plan Their Comeback

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Adam moves into his new office, Jill finds Diane and Jack together and questions their relationship, while Victoria and Ashland arrive in New York . In the previous episode, Jill accosted Jack to gossip about Diane and Jack let Diane know that Kyle really does want to get to know her.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for June 15, 2022 episode airs in the USA June 16. Recaps live by 4:20 PM EST daily.)

At home, Kyle tells Summer that Angelina’s replacing Leonardo at Marchetti since his questionable decisions caused a bleak first quarter.

Summer says she just spoke with the woman. Angelina wants to step down, citing burnout. She wants to retire after the sale of the company. Kyle’s rocked.

Summer thinks it’s easier to replace her as CEO. Summer isn’t interested. She likes being a creative director. She wants Kyle to run Marchetti. He can’t abandon his job.

She calls it her dream come true. They were a great team at JVC. He admits they were magic. Kyle needs time to think. 

summer wants kyle new ceo young restless

Jill finds Jack with Diane at Crimson Lights. She’s surprised to see them. Diane notes she isn’t surprised to see her alive. Jill heard but she didn’t want to interrupt Nikki raking her over the coals. Jill won’t do that.

She admires how she even was able to pull this off. It takes guts to face everyone. She thinks Diane should take kind words where she can get them.

jill kind words diane young restless

Diane admits she has regrets. Jill outright asks Jack how close he is to the resurrected woman beside him, causing Diane to huff. She clarifies that she only wants to reconnect with their son.

Jack isn’t getting in the way. Jill bursts out laughing at how mature and civilized they’re being. If they were young, drinks would be hurled and accusations would be thrown.

She calls Diane and Jack like fire and ice. She thinks it’s foolish to carry grudges. They can’t change the past so they may as well change the past.

diane not a zombie yr

Jack wants to go home to bed so Jill asks Diane to stick around. She always liked a good back-from-the-dead story.

Diane reminds Jill that she’s not a zombie. Jill reminds her in turn that she wasn’t on the list of murder suspects. Diane stays while Jack heads home.

Diane asks what her reason is for inviting her to stay and Jill asks what her agenda is. Jill implies that she’s a threat to her family and asks what she’s really after.

She just wants to be with her son. She knows Jill and her son had issues at one point. She should understand. Jill gripes that it’s not the same.

She comes out and asks if she wants Jack back. She doesn’t deny their connection but asks why she’d want to pursue romance again. Jill calls him the most eligible bachelor in the northern hemisphere. He’s a catch. Diane thinks Jill wants him for herself.

Jill tells the other woman she’s deflecting. They go back and forth and Diane gets up. She doesn’t play these games anymore. Jill says, “From one former conniver to another,” she asks if Diane would say no if Jack asked to reunite. Diane admits she’d be a fool to turn him down.

jill yells diane yr

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In New York, Ashland shows off the new apartment. He’s happy to charter the new course with her. She looks frightened and he comments on it. He thinks it’s a big step for her to leave family.

new home for ashland victoria young restless

She tells him she moved to Italy for a year and didn’t speak to them. Ash calls this different. She walked away from the top job and it took courage.

He recalls escaping his father and that desperation. It wasn’t easy. She calls it unsettling. He knows it’ll take time to become accustomed to it. He tells her they’ll take the city by storm. That excites her.

He talks of bringing her to galleries and out to dinners. They’ll get a beautiful home overlooking the park. Extra bedrooms for the kids. Maybe Harrison can visit someday.

Victoria loves this. He has big plans to be Newman’s worst nightmare.

She smiles at the thought and they get some food ready while she tells Ashland she doesn’t want the Newman name near their new company. She thinks a media entity is the way to go, to bring Adam down.

Ashland thinks they can poach from Newman-Locke. She’d like to use her art background, too, to bring the arts into the digital age. He calls this innovative and fresh.

Vicky feels free to make her mark on the world. 

vicky unsettled yr

Adam walks into his new office at Newman. Sally appears. She says that he did it. “It’s all yours now.”

She tells him it’s her first time in the inner sanctum and thinks they’ll have to replace the portrait. He doesn’t want his up there.

adam new ceo young restless

He’d rather see hers and asks for a piece of modern or abstract art. He doesn’t want the “dumb animals playing poker,” which would remind him of Billy.

He tells her he gloated to him about the CEO position. For once, he was speechless. He removes Victoria’s painting and Sally welcomes him to a new era. He grins.

sally kind adam young restless

She shows him champagne. He laughs that he brought her champagne for her new position as CEO of Newman Media. They get the glasses and pop the cork.

He trash-talks the boring launch party and she asks him to christen the office. He closes the door and kisses her. The clothes come off and they make out. Adam tells Sally he loves her and she says it back. He lays her on the desk and they kiss.

sally adam christen office young restless

At Society, Nikki and Victor continue to worry about Victoria. Nikki calls her an adult and wonders how much longer she would have let them treat her like a child.

Nikki worries they’ll never get her away from Locke. Victor reminds her of the plan. Nikki worries she’ll see it as a manipulation and never return. They babble about how Victoria could still have a life without Ashland. Victor knows he’ll have the means to get rid of Locke once and for all.

vic talks about his daughter young restlsess

Jack arrives home and Summer urges Kyle to talk to him about the Marchetti job now.

They drink tea and Kyle tells his dad about taking over as CEO. Jack is supportive but doesn’t want to lose him at Jabot. Kyle hasn’t made up his mind.

They discuss the Chancellor-Winters launch. Jack says the company will be a force.  He admits he had a pleasant dinner with Diane. The kids are surprised. Summer bets he’d rather be with her mom.

jack tea and talk marchetti yr

Jack says she’s out of town so it’s not an option. Summer asks what happened between her, Diane and Phyllis. Jack clams up and takes off upstairs.

Summer complains to Kyle. He asks her not to blow this out of proportion. She agrees to try to sit back and let it play out. They smooch.

summer kyle smooch yr


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