Chloe Cautions Chelsea Against Admitting She Poisoned Rey, While Adam Reveals Himself to Rey

This is the Canadian Y&R day ahead recap from the Thursday, May 6, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Friday, May 7. Yesterday’s episode had Kyle picking his best woman for his wedding and in today’s episode, Nate agrees to do the surgery, knowing Adam’s the possible donor, Sharon thanks Nick and Adam for all they did for Faith, and Chelsea starts to squirm.

At the ranch, Victor’s impressed that Nick pulled off finding Adam and making it out of the house cave-in due to the tornado. Nick’s leg hurts but he insists he’s fine and is glad Adam stepped up to the plate. Nick appealed to him as a father and they bonded over being parents. Adam misses his kid. Nick promised he wouldn’t be arrested at the hospital and if need be, Nick will help him escape arrest. Victor thinks they should fly Faith and Adam to a private clinic to do the kidney transplant. Nick and Nikki worry that her condition could worsen. They first need to know if the test results make him a viable candidate. Nick saw another side of Adam in Kansas but still isn’t sure he’s ready to forgive. Nikki trusts Adam. This is about Faith. The men agree. Nate arrives. They tell him the potential donor is Adam. Nate looks surprised. They beg him to help them and overlook that the authorities are looking for Adam. Nate listens to the family and paces. He agrees to do the procedure. They fall all over themselves saying that they owe him. He goes and Nick takes off. Nikki says that something could still go wrong with Adam’s escape. Victor’s well aware. If the person who is responsible came forward and confesses, he wouldn’t have to jump through the hoops. “Yeah like Chelsea would suddenly develop a conscious,” Nikki drawls. Victor considers there may be a way. Nikki asks what his plan is. Victor tells his wife that Connor’s the only thing she’s committed to. He’ll do anything including keeping him out of the clutches of his unfit mother.

victor tells rey none business young restless

Sharon returns home and calls for Nick but Adam turns up. He tells her that Nick said he might be Faith’s only option at donating a kidney. Adam will do it for Faith and Sharon. When he was trapped with Nick, he did some thinking. There are things more important than the past chasing him. Sharon’s a part of him and always will be. No matter how fast or how far away he runs, she’s right there with him. That’s why he’s there. Sharon says he’s there for faith, “Nothing more.” He knows Sharon has always understood how his mind works. After everything he’s done, Sharon saw him. In a way nobody else has. “Not even Chelsea.” He doesn’t expect anything to come of it because he knows nothing can come of it. Adam says as soon as this is over, she can move on with her life with Rey. Sharon looks away. He assumes Rey’s upset that Adam’s Faith’s only chance at survival. Later, Adam’s in the shower when Nick turns up. Sharon learns Nate’s getting everything ready at the hospital. When Adam’s approved, they’ll do the surgery and sneak Adam out of the hospital. Sharon tells him that Rey knows Adam’s the potential donor and that Nick went to find him. She couldn’t lie to him, but he plans on arresting Adam after. Nick will worry about that later. He asks her to prepare Faith for the good news. She thanks Nick for tracking Adam down. She heads to the hospital.

adam will donate for faith and sharon young restless


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At the office, Billy finds a note on his desk. “Solve all the riddles if you want to find the treasure. Follow the clues and your reward will be pure pleasure. Let the games begin.” He’s intrigued. He finds another and winds up at his suite. He looks in the bathroom and returns with another note. “West as the crow flies a perfect place for sunrise. Rosy illumination.” He takes off.

riddle young restless

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At home, Chelsea is in a panic knowing that Victor could make good on his threat to get custody of Connor. Chloe tries to calm her down but Chelsea worries Victor already has Connor. Maybe he took his phone away or pulled him out of school. Chloe says it’s impossible to do that without her consent. Chloe worries she’s thinking of admitting she poisoned Rey. Chelsea’s not sure she thinks she can outrun Victor Newman.

chelsea nervous young and restless

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Billy turns up at Crimson Lights. He has news about Adam. He spills the tea that Nick took the Newman jet to find Adam and bring him back to test if he’s a viable live donor for Faith. Rey can’t discuss an ongoing investigation. Billy knows and he promises not to discuss it. “So why are you talking to me about it?” Billy feels he can speak freely with him. They’re all worried for Faith but he knows Adam will try to get off the hook for what he did to Rey. Billy would hate to see that happen. He plans on keeping this out of the media at least until after Faith’s okay. Billy tells Rey about his romantic treasure hunt after their chat.

Billy finally finds Lily at Society. She’s dressed for romance and says she loved the New Orleans night and wanted to do something special. Billy tells her she makes him a better man and then she turns on some tunes and they dance. Later they have champagne and he tells her he felt empty when he didn’t find her in his suite. His life would feel empty without her in it. When he wakes up, he thinks of being with her. He’s been fantasizing about coming home with her. He asks her to get a place together. She smiles. She loves the idea. They grin wildly at each other.

lily dance billy young restless

Sharon arrives at Faith’s bedside in the hospital. She tells her kid what’s going on with Adam and the possibility that he’s her donor. Nate arrives and tells her he knows she’s afraid but he calls this a miracle of nature. He tries to alleviate her concerns and she wishes he was doing the surgery. Nate does too but his injury won’t allow for that. Faith wishes anyone other than Adam was giving her their kidney. She worries he’ll change his mind or that he’s playing them.

faith waits for kidney young restless

Rey knocks on the door at Sharon’s. Nick’s there and tells him Sharon’s at the hospital with Faith. Rey figured. He heard Nick went after Adam and can’t imagine he came back without him. Rey threatens Nick not to consider aiding and abetting Adam after the surgery. Nick asks for his word to wait until after the surgery is over and Adam makes himself known.

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